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Ozone: Framework for Securing Peer to Peer Network


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Ozone enables developers to add security to their Peer to Peer file sharing applications.

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Ozone: Framework for Securing Peer to Peer Network

  1. 1. Framework for Securing Peer to Peer Network By Hrishikesh Kale Amol Jagtap Abhinav Kadam Pravin Kalbhor Guided By Mr. Tejas Lagad, Product Manager, Symantec Prof. Rajesh Ingale, HOD Computer Department, PICT Sponsored By
  2. 2. •Worms and Viruses •Data sniffing •Corrupted data sharing
  3. 3.  To develop a framework for building a secured peer to peer network for file sharing application. This P2P network will enable the peers to search and securely download a specific file.
  4. 4. Ozone Ozone
  5. 5. Underlying Network (JXTA) User Shared Folders Database P2P Network D E M O A P P L I C A T I O N Certificate Authority Ozone Framework Tamper Proofing Indexing and Searching Peer Rating
  6. 6.  Certifying the peer by assigning Digital certificate.  File ownership preservation.  Use of third party CA and PKI infrastructure.
  7. 7. Initialize or Reinstall the Certificate Authority Issue Certificate Key Store P2P Network Pee r
  8. 8.  <Peer Certificate>  <Peer ID> urn:jxta:uuid-SAMPLE PEER ID 472 </PeerID>  <Public Key> </Public Key>  </Peer Certificate> Peer Certificate Private Key of CA Public Key of Peer
  9. 9.  <Peer Certificate> </Peer Certificate>  <Item Details> < Relative File paths> </Relative File paths> < File Checksums > </ File Checksums >  < /Item Details > Item Certificate Private Key of Peer
  10. 10. Case 1: Creating Certificates Certificate Authority Peer A Private | Public Key pair Private | Public Key pair
  11. 11. Peer A Peer B Saint anger.mp3 Case 2: Sharing data Public Key CA Saint anger.mp3
  12. 12. Peer B Peer C Saint anger.mp3 Case 3: Ownership preservation Public Key CA Saint anger.mp3
  13. 13. Peer B Peer C Saint anger.mp3 Case 4: Tamper proofing Public Key CA
  14. 14.  Index database  Index Access Permissions  Keyword search
  15. 15.  Item rating  Peer rating  Cascaded Rating
  16. 16. Rating ShareFolder UploadDownload TamperProofing Index Cryptics Database GUI
  17. 17. Commercial Viability  Build a secured P2P network  Secure standalone applications
  18. 18.  [1] Mastering JXTA By Joseph D. Gradecki  [2] Security Programming CookBook for C and C++ By Matt Meissier, John Viega  [3] Malicious Threats of Peer-to-Peer Networking By Eric Chien, Symantec Security Response.  [4] The Stanford Peers References
  19. 19. Demo Application