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Double page spread analysis


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Published in: Design, Education, Technology
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Double page spread analysis

  2. 2. Q-MAGAZINE FEATURES Central Image: PurposeTo show what both pages are about, pull in the reader. Denotationsfour medium shots, members of the arctic monkeys with a caption. Connotationslighting in images used to show how they have been presented in society. The background implemented gives the idea that they have been idolized. Links to audiencestyle of clothing with the use of photo shop and altered appearance between each member linking to the idea that people look up to them for their style of music.
  3. 3. Q-MAGAZINE FEATURES Pull Quote: Purpose- The pull quote has been highlighted within the CVI from Alex Turner giving meaning to both imaging and text Denotations“Writing about girls is where I feel I can flourish” This shows how Alex turner feels about the music that they are making. Connotations- Appeals to the audience giving an honest opinion in a similar way to the way they make music, “flourish” Links to audienceThe quote physically related to a portion of the audience, “girls”
  4. 4. Q-MAGAZINE FEATURES Drop Cap: PurposeAn introductory technique created in photo shop used to draw attention to it. DenotationsThe letter „K‟ with a liquefied background in red for effect from the house style of Q magazine, used multiple times in text. ConnotationsIt relates to the theme of music- movement of background. Photoshop colour. Unusual style so it may draw the reader‟s attention more so than just a regular letter K. Links to audienceIt will link to the audience because of the style that it has been photo shopped in and whether the genre of music appeals to them.
  5. 5. Q-MAGAZINE FEATURES Stand first: PurposeTo give a meaning to the follow text in the article/ a summary of the text. DenotationsA longer piece of text explaining part of the article relating to the arctic monkeys. Offers some information on what the text is about. It has been condensed into a paragraph or two. ConnotationsRelates to the text and it‟s meaning, referring to the arctic monkeys and their music. Links to audienceDraws them in and explains part of the text with a reasonable font and colour. Help the reader interact with the vital points within the article.
  6. 6. Q-MAGAZINE FEATURES Captions: PurposeGives meaning to the images and gives it context towards the reader. DenotationsA list of names relating to the arctic monkeys. (Their identity) ConnotationsPresentation of who they are and what they do. Links to audienceColours /fonts, May want to know the names of the members within Arctic monkeys.
  8. 8. NME-MAGAZINE FEATURES Central Image: PurposeA group shot highlighting the meaning of this section of text whilst drawing in the audience as it covers both pages. The light seems to be coming from the right side of the page. DenotationsGroup shot covering two pages. ConnotationsThe lighting has been used in a way to direct the readers attention to certain people whilst showing what type of atmosphere there is and what type of music is being played. Links to audienceLarge and clear image, relates to a younger audience linking with the style/genre of music.
  9. 9. NME-MAGAZINE FEATURES Byline: PurposeTo show who wrote this article and possibly their intentions in writing it. To also highlight why the article has been written and what it is about. DenotationsThe name of the writer of the article shown below the article in clear white, font in front of the background, CVI.
  10. 10. NME-MAGAZINE FEATURES Stand first: PurposeTo highlight what the article is about and how it may relate to the reader giving a short summary of the article which may depend on whether the reader takes an interest in it. DenotationsA short piece of introductory text, underlined in blue, above the article contrasting from the darker background imaging colour. Connotations- Relates to the meaning of the main body of text and the central image. Links to audienceClear, draws readers attention and will decide whether the reader will take interest in the article.
  12. 12. KERRANG!-MAGAZINE FEATURES Central Image: PurposeTo show what/who the article is about and the purpose behind it and to give the impression of the mood within the text and colours used. DenotationsDouglas Robinson sitting in a chair with a clearly dark background, central lighting focused on him from above towards the floor. ConnotationsStyling of image used to relate to the meaning of the text. Links to audience- Contrast between bright and dark colours used, draws readers attention.
  13. 13. KERRANG!-MAGAZINE FEATURES Pull Quote: PurposeDraws the reader‟s attention to a particular and iconic quote from the section of text. Gives an opinion of something which appears quite dark and graphic. DenotationsA quotation from the article, centrally on the page, contrasting from the background. “Everyone you‟ve ever loved is going to die…” ConnotationsQuite a graphic quote, however it makes you want to read on to find meaning behind it in relation to the rest of the article.
  14. 14. KERRANG!-MAGAZINE FEATURES Drop Cap: PurposeUsed to stylize a piece of text with the rest of the page and is used to help draw the readers attention to a piece of text. DenotationsLarge singular letters at the start of each piece of text used with the house style font to attract reader‟s attention. ConnotationsRelevant to the style of music and what the text is about as well as the style of the background. Links to audienceThis is dependent on whether the audience take an interest in the theme of music/ text meaning.
  15. 15. KERRANG!-MAGAZINE FEATURES Stand first: PurposeTo summarize and to give meaning to the article. Will help to determine whether the reader takes interest. Helps to „advertise‟ the article. DenotationsA short piece of text in black with a red textbox background so that it is visible from the black background of the page with some specific words highlighted. Links to audienceDraws readers attention in relation to the meaning of the article.
  16. 16. KERRANG!-MAGAZINE FEATURES Captions: PurposeTo give meaning and purpose to an image in relation to the text. To give context towards the reader. DenotationsMultiple, small pieces of text located below two images to give purpose towards the reader in white with a black text box background. Links to audienceEnables the reader/audience to comprehend the image and it‟s purpose towards the rest of the page and the article.