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The Kalaparva


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The Kalaparva is an exclusive ezine celebrating Indian arts & artistes

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The Kalaparva

  2. 2. 2 in |brief• The Kalaparva is an online magazine exclusively dedicated to Indian arts and artists – both performing and visual arts• It is a non-profit initiative aimed to promote the understanding and appreciation of the country’s arts among a larger audience worldwide• As a platform for Indian artists, art connoisseurs and the uninitiated, it intends to  Serve news and listings in the realm of arts  Bring to light the richness of classical and folk art forms  Showcase artistes, and their ideas, creative thoughts, works and contributions  Initiate critical discourse and intellectual discussions on the past, present and future of the art forms  Facilitate knowledge exchange on the theory and practice of the art forms  Provide information and access to resources useful to the art community 1/26/2011 © the kalaparva
  3. 3. 3 the |context the Arts & Print Media space Some periodicals dedicated to Indian arts are known for research driven and intellectual discourses; Commentaries in these publications have gained almost authoritative acclaim; However, only a couple of notable periodicals have wider circulation Most news dailies have not gone beyond providing space for event listings; A few news dailies have special focus on and mandate for covering the art-scape; Artistes look forward to critical mention and coverage in these dailies Regional art publications have been catering to local audience; Reach of such regional publications is limited Reference, biographical and scholarly books in regional languages and English have had niche readers; But such books are far and few; most are coffee table in nature with barely affordable price tags The coverage in the print is  Significantly skewed towards south Indian art forms  Is sporadic on folk art forms Many print publications have issues of reach and sustainability 1/26/2011 © the kalaparva
  4. 4. 4 the |context the Arts & New Age Internet space Online platforms dedicated to Indian arts and artists are far and few Most websites are based around specific visual and performing art forms; Only a few websites have sustained viewership Print dailies have an online presence; But not many have gone beyond making their print articles freely available Many artistes have homepages and active social networking profiles; Most homepages are self-profiles, drawing only occasional visitors A few art blogs and micro-blogs have fan following; Most are not periodically updated hence losing out followers Regional publications and periodicals have still not ventured into this space Event listings and bookings through online is becoming a norm Folk art forms coverage is sporadic 1/26/2011 © the kalaparva
  5. 5. 5 the |gist Art and artistes of the country deserve a much a larger space in and attention by the mainstream Creative works and thought process of many artistes need to be brought to forefront Research driven and intellectual discussions are vital for the field There is an opportunity to  Reach out to larger audience in the art-scape  Cater to synergistic interests of readers across art forms  Engage readers in continuous dialogue Concerted efforts are needed to sustain viewership 1/26/2011 © the kalaparva
  6. 6. 6 the |initiative  The Kalaparva is an online magazine dedicated to Indian arts and artistescore purpose The Kalaparva envisions to celebrate Indian performing arts and artistes through an exclusive online media space. Our mission is to serve premier online content on Indian arts, and be recognized and respected by the Indian art fraternity. 1/26/2011 © the kalaparva
  7. 7. 7 the |initiative  Professionalism Maintaining highest standards of journalistic professionalism (integrity, privacy andcore values objectivity)  Collaboration Partnering with institutions and individuals aligned to our core purpose and channelizing collective efforts  Respect Giving due respect to team, contributors and art fraternity  Excellence Committed to pursuit of excellence through continuous learning from art fraternity 1/26/2011 © the kalaparva
  8. 8. 8 the |founders Priya Raman Priya, a professional Bharatanatyam dancer, has been practicing and performing the art form for last 19 years. She is currently working as an Educational Consultant for the Times of India. She has been writing in both online and offline media for last couple of years. She is also associated with Ananya (Bangalore based NGO) where she volunteers for various art promotion programmes. As a co-founder of Kalaparva she manages the content sourcing for the eZine. She will also continue periodic writing for The Kalaparva. Santosh Srinivas Santosh, a graduate from Indian School of Business, currently works at the Centre for Entrepreneurship Development. As a co-founder of Kalaparva he manages the overall strategy and backend operations. With a keen interest in classical art forms he will also contribute articles for the eZine. 1/26/2011 © the kalaparva
  9. 9. 9 core |content News Syndicated and original news on Indian artscape Commentary Articles that reflect author’s personal experience, opinions, perspectives and insights on a specific topic in the artscape (including overlapping areas with business, philosophy, religion) Conversations Carefully developed in-depth interviews and dialogues with art fraternity; The objective is to reveal artists’ ideas, thoughts, creative processes and work, and also reflect on the past, present and future of the artscape Reviews Objective reviews of concerts, recitals, DVDs and books, with emphasis on experience based point of views Opportunities Information on education/training, career, funding, workshops and others that are resourceful to artistes Goings on Calendar of recitals, concerts and other events in various cities Featured Profiles Dedicated space to celebrate legends, masters, luminaries, promising young and prodigies in the art fraternity;The objective is to recognize these artistes and provide insights into their thoughts, work and accomplishments 1/26/2011 © the kalaparva
  10. 10. 10 the |mentors Padmashri Geeta Chandran Bharatanatyam danceuse Mr Jagannath Prasad Consultant, AT Kearney Dr Raghavendra Founder, Ananya Mr Rajeev Chandran National Information Officer, UN Mr Shameek Chakravarty Founder, Ohana Media 1/26/2011 © the kalaparva
  11. 11. WWW.KALAPARVA.COM We welcome one and all in this collaborative journey of The Kalaparva Thank you1/26/2011 11