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Weather and climate


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Weather and climate

  1. 1. WEATHER AND CLIMATE Pictures and map concepts
  3. 3. HOT CLIMATESEquatorial, Tropical and Desert.
  4. 4. Equatorial climate graphTemp. + 18 ºc mean annual temperaturePrecip. +1500 mm per year. No dry season.Location: Equator, Amazonas, Congo, Indonesia.Rivers: regular flow
  5. 5. Equatorial landscapeJungle. : dense forest of tall evergreen trees with largeleaves.Soil: poor because of the abundant rainfall.Fauna: Monkeys, toucans, anacondas, panthers…
  6. 6. Tropical climatesTemp. + 18ºC.Precip. 750 – 1500 mm per year. DRY SEASON.Location. Between Tropics. Caribbean Sea, CentralAmerica, India, Indochina…Rivers: Irregular flow
  7. 7. TROPICAL LANDSCAPEVegetation: Jungle less thicker, where the rainy season isshorter is savannah (few trees, land covered with grass)Acacias, baobabs. Soil more fertile than Equatorial area.Fauna: elephants, zebras, rhinoceros…
  8. 8. DESERT CLIMATETemp. + 18 ºC mean annual temp.Precip. – 250 mm per yearRivers: wadis
  9. 9. DESERT LANDSCAPEVegetation: cacti, short grass.Soil is poor.Fauna: camels, foxes, scorpions…
  11. 11. MARITIME/ OCENIC CLIMATETemp: Mild winter and cool in summer.Precip. + 800 mm per yearLocation: Northern Europe, west of USA…Rivers: regular flow.
  12. 12. MARITIME LANDSCAPEVegetation: Decidious forest. Beech tree, oak.Moors and heathers.Soil: richFauna. Rabbits, wolves, deers…
  13. 13. MEDITERRANEAN CLIMATETemp: Hot summers, mild winters.Precip: DRY SEASON. 300- 800 mm per year. Dry summers.Location: areas surrounding Mediterranean Sea, California..Rivers:Irregular.
  14. 14. MEDITERRANEAN LANDSCAPEEvergreen trees: holm oak, cork oaks, pines…Bushes: thyme, rosemary, lavender…Soil. FertileFauna: rabbits, pigs, eagles…
  15. 15. CONTINENTAL CLIMATESTemp: Very cold in winters (-3 ºc) hot summersPrecip: 300 – 800 mm. It rains mainly in summer.Location: Central and Eastern Europe, Central Asia…Rivers: irregular.
  16. 16. CONTINENTAL LANDSCAPEVegetation: Coniferous (taiga). Pines, grasslands…Soil: Poor.Fauna: Elks, bears, wolves…
  18. 18. POLAR CLIMATETemp: Very cold, many months below 0ºCPrecip: - 250 mm per yearRivers: glaciersLocation: Both Poles, northern Canada, Groenland…
  19. 19. POLAR LANDSCAPEVegetation: moss and lichens (tundra)
  20. 20. ALPINE CLIMATESTemp. Very cold winter, cool summer.Precip. More than 800 mm. As you ascend rainfallincrease.Vegetation: stepped because of elevation
  21. 21. HOW TO CRATE A CLIMATE GRAPH 1. Draw temperature as line graph in red a. the temperature scale is on the left hand side in °C b. Temperatures are plotted in the centre of the column for each month 2. Draw rainfall as columns which touch each other. a. Shade the columns blue or black b. The precipitation scale is on the right hand side in mm c. Mark a line across the column for each month. The columns join onto each other.
  22. 22. Step 1
  23. 23. Step 2
  24. 24. Step 3
  25. 25. Step 4
  26. 26. Climate Graph
  27. 27. Describing annual temperature rangeAnnual rainfall Descriptionover 1500 very high1000 to 1500 high500 to 1000 moderate250 to 500 lowbelow 250 very low Describing annual temperature range °C Description below 5 small 5 to 15 moderate 15 to 30 large above 30 very large Now you should study all the slides that you have seen
  28. 28. Mean annual temperature: By adding every monthly average and dividing thetotal by 12. In this case: 17.5 ºCPrecipitations: By adding each month´s average. rainfall In this case: 465 mm.Thermal amplitude: By substracting the highest temperature and the lowest one.25 – 11.5 = 13, 5. If it is below 15ºC it means is close to the coast. In this case it isValencia.
  29. 29. Mean annual temperature: By adding everymonthly average and dividing the total by 12.In this case: 14.6 ºCPrecipitations: By adding each month´saverage. rainfall In this case: 351.5 mm.Thermal amplitude: By substracting thehighest temperature and the lowest one.23.7 – 6.1= 17.6. If it is below 15ºC it means isclose to the coast. In this case it is over 15ºC, itis not close to the coast, it is Zaragoza.
  30. 30. Take a look at this website ractive_climate_map/climate_map.html