Professional Profile Kalakaj


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Professional profile of Marcel Kalakaj carrier for the last 15-years at Senior positions

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Professional Profile Kalakaj

  1. 1. 2010 – 1995 Professional Profile 2010 – 2005 Milestones 10-years Responsibilities Marcel Kalakaj Strictly Private & Confidential. Do not copy or distribute.
  2. 2. Now - 2009 Regional CFO, Crisis Manager 2 yrs CS Cargo Management Financials Revenue € 250m, EBITDA +10%, Borrowings € 70m, PP&E € 65m Services Road, Logistics, Freight, Express FTE 2,900 (2,000 in CZ) Market 2,000 B2B customers, largest transport company in CEE Organizational Centralized Management in CZ servicing SK, PL, GE, RUS, HU, NL, SLO, RO Legal 15 legal entities in 9 countries at Holding structure Ownership Two individuals (CZ) Acquisitions Šmidberský (CZ), JTC (CZ), Golem (CZ), Unitrans (PL) at total value € 50m Direct Reports Finance Managers CZ, SK, PL; Finance Controller, Head of Reporting & Planning Processes Change Management, Lean Management, Project Management Reporting IFRS Systems ERP: Oracle e-BS, CRM: y-Track, OSS: Lodis 2Strictly Private & Confidential. Do not copy or distribute.
  3. 3. 2008 – 2003 CFO 6 yrs UPC Česká republika Financials Revenue € 220m, EBITDA 55%, Borrowings € 380m, PP&E € 750m Services Internet, Analogue & Digital TV, VoIP, DTH, B2B FTE 800 Market 1.1m B2C customers, largest broadband provider in Europe Organizational Centralization processes & services in head-office Prague Legal Elimination of 10 legal entities into one, „squeeze-out“ Ownership Liberty Global Co. Denver Colorado, John Malone (USA) Acquisitions Karneval, KTK, Forcomnet at total value of € 400m Direct Reports Finance Management, Accounting, Billing, Collection, General Services, HR Processes Sarbanes Oxley Reporting US GAAP Systems ERP: Sun LLP, CRM: Wizard, OSS: Wizard 3Strictly Private & Confidential. Do not copy or distribute.
  4. 4. 2003–2000 Deputy Shared Service Director CZ & SK 3 yrs Johnson & Johnson, Česká republika & Slovensko Financials Revenue € 150m, EBITDA 5%, Borrowings € 380m, PP&E € 380m Services Medical devices, Pharmaceutical (Janssen Cilag), FMCG (Cosmetics & Baby Care) FTE 600 Market 400 (B2B, B2C) customers, worldwide leader Organizational Shared Service centre for CZ & SK as a model for CEE Region Legal CZ entity managing Slovak legal entity Ownership Johnson & Johnson New Brunswick, New Jersey, +AAA Blue Chip, (USA) Acquisitions DePuy, Vistakon, LifeScan, Neutrogena, LifeScan, etc. Indirect Reports Finance, Accounting, Collection, Central Procurement, Internal Services, IT Processes Process Excellence, Six Sigma Reporting US GAAP, J&J WW procedures Systems ERP: Sun LLP, CRM: Osiris, OSS: un LLP 4Strictly Private & Confidential. Do not copy or distribute.
  5. 5. 2000–1995 Branch Manager, Senior Investment Analyst 5 yrs Raiffeisen Investment AG Vienna Financials Revenue € 200k, EBITDA 80% Services M&A services, Investment Consultancy, Financial Advisory & Analyses FTE 10 Market 50 B2B, B2C, lead investment advisor in CEE Organizational Branch office co-operating with parent company in Vienna and local retail bank Legal Branch office directly reported to RIAG Vienna Ownership Raiffeisen Investment AG, Vienna (Austria) Acquisitions Elektromontážní závody Praha (VA Tech, Austria), Králodvorské železárny (MBO, Germany), ZVU Chemie (Gonschler, Austria) Direct Reports 5 (M&A Managers, Investment Analyst, IPO Specialists) Processes CAPM, EVA, DCF, etc. Reporting IFRS Systems local developed SW 5Strictly Private & Confidential. Do not copy or distribute.
  6. 6. MILESTONES 2010 Optimization of the Company legal & organizational structure Implementation of IAS policies Consolidated Audit for 9 countries, 15 entities, 2,700 employees 2009 Restructuring Leases & Loans Implementation of IFRS Reporting Pack & New Sales Strategy Crisis Management (Change Management, Project Management, Processes) 2008 Upgrade of ERP & OSS Completed two acquisitions at total value of € 50m Implementation of new business B2B 2007 Integration of acquisition Karneval at total value of € 350m Implementation of new SBU Digital Video Centralization of logistic structure for CEE 2006 Implementation of new SBU VoIP Consolidation of 9 legal entities, squeeze-out Implementation of cost savings program reducing cots by 30% 2005 Reorganization and establishment of shared services activities Implementation of new reporting & planning pack on CEE level Rebranding internet product & launching franchise agreement 6Strictly Private & Confidential. Do not copy or distribute.
  7. 7. RESPONSIBILITIES Management Leadership 1. Support CEO & Company Strategy 2. Encourage business organic growth & target potential M&A opportunities 3. Prepare Sale Strategy focusing on customer satisfaction & operational discipline 4. Finance Management as supporting service function for sales & operations 5. Upgrade ERP, OSS, CRM Systems to eliminate manual work 6. Implement efficient functions improving business processes 7. Implement revenue business generating functions 8. Recognize & eliminate business & financial risks 9. Find & implement cost savings programs & synergy effects 10. Loyalty & Team playing Financial Proficiency 1. Prepare & implement policies according to local legislation 2. Managing annual Capex investment process 3. Financial Management (Internal & External Audit) 4. Planning (Y-Budget, Q-Forecasts, LR Planning) 5. Financial reporting & controlling (CZ GAAP, IAS, US GAAP) 6. Revenue Assurance, Collection & Anti-Fraud Management 7. Cash Flow & Tax optimization 8. Centralized Billing, Logistic, Procurement, HR, General Services (Facility, Fleet, WH) 9. Implement Process Excellence in Finance 10. Get right people on right positions at right time 7Strictly Private & Confidential. Do not copy or distribute.
  8. 8. THANK YOU Strictly Private. Do not copy or distribute. 8