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Status Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) in Cardiovascular Perfusion


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EBCP accredited since november 2014
Kalaidos University of Applied Science
Marianne Schärli, Course director

Published in: Education
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Status Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) in Cardiovascular Perfusion

  1. 1. Departement Gesundheit
  2. 2. Departement Gesundheit Status Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) in Cardiovascular Perfusion EBCP accredited since november 2014 Marianne Schärli, Course director
  3. 3. Folie 3 M. Schärli MAS Cardiovascular Perfusion Course Director Marianne Schärli, MSc, reg. instructor/teacher, MAS eLearning & Knowledge Management First course 1308: start aug. 2013, end 2016 2nd course 1510: start oct. 2015, end 2018 third course 1805: start mai 2018, end 2021
  4. 4. Folie 4 M. Schärli Cooperation §  Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Perfusionstechniken (SGfP) -Swiss Perfusion Society §  Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Herz- und thorakale Gefässchirurgie (SGHC) - Swiss Society for Cardio-thoracic Surgery §  Kalaidos University Department of Health
  5. 5. Folie 5 M. Schärli Kickoff July 2015 Cooperation MAS CP
  6. 6. Folie 6 M. Schärli Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences Facts Department of Health §  Accredited by Swiss Government 2014 §  310 plus Students §  Accreditation BScN 2009 and MScN in 2014 §  Successfully operating in the market since 2006 §  Campus in Zurich since 2012, before in Aarau §  The study programs include §  Bachelor Degree program in Nursing Science in Health, §  Master Degree program in Nursing Science in Health §  Executive Master`s Degrees (MAS) offered in German, MAS CP in English since 2015. §  The study programs follow the AKAD methodology and are framed within a blended learning structure which combines self-study and classroom lectures. This allows for a high degree of flexibility for the students.
  7. 7. Folie 7 M. Schärli Mission of an accredited University §  Education apprenticeships and further education §  Research Careum F+E: research and development incl. implementation, presentations and publications §  Services services for third parties
  8. 8. Folie 8 M. Schärli Further Education Course §  Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) §  Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS) §  Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) §  Single modules 8
  9. 9. Folie 9 M. Schärli Entry Criteria MAS Cardiovascular Perfusion §  RN HF/FH (or equivalence) §  further education in anaesthesia or intensive care (or equivalence „sur dossier“) §  ability to comprehend English literature §  obtain acknowledgement of a position for apprenticeship training  §  complete the admission interview at the University Kalaidos-FH
  10. 10. Folie 10 M. Schärli §  to carry out an extracorporal circulation. §  to monitor extracorporal circulation on adults and newborns. §  to contribute to adult and paediatric diagnostic cardiology investigations. §  to provide technical support in minimal invasive heart surgery. §  to provide technical support for pacemaker therapy. §  to carry out all measures for processing and retransfusion of autologous blood components. §  to carry out intra-operative haemofiltration/haemodialysis. §  to assume responsibility for tasks in organ transplantations. §  to contribute to research projects. The MAS CP enables the students:
  11. 11. Folie 11 M. Schärli Empiricism and Evidence!
  12. 12. Folie 12 M. Schärli MAS Cardiovascular Perfusion (MAS CP) Total 90 ECTS over three years §  60 ECTS theory based modules (1800 course study hours) §  30 ECTS practical (~ 900h Perfusion,~10h Medical Engineering, ~10h Dialysis) §  Admission module: Investigation: Research and Analysis §  9 theory-based modules Perfusion, Medicine, Medical Technology §  2 practice modules - following logbook and practical training concept §  3 modules MAS-Thesis
  13. 13. Folie 13 M. Schärli Education Programm Theory Modules Practical Modules Entwicklung May 15 May16 June 17 MAS CP - 36 monthsResearch -module MAS-Thesis Academic Committee Board of Management Nov 17 Sept 18Sept.15 EBCP
  14. 14. Folie 14 M. Schärli Alignment / Passerellen Programme with at least 30 ECTS For: - trained perfusionists with ECCP - trained perfusionists without ECCP Next start: NOW, Module 001 Medicine in March 2016
  15. 15. Folie 15 M. Schärli MAS CP Course Plan 2015-2018
  16. 16. Folie 16 M. Schärli Modules Research and Findings 2016 New Module in English in 2016, if at least 5-6 students, translation and transformation till April 2016 3 days at school, rest guided self study
  17. 17. Folie 17 M. Schärli Programme One theory-based module: §  150 study hours = 5 ECTS §  4 or 5 days school (= 40 lessions) and 110 hours self-study §  time frame: two months o §  module-exam: written, online and/or oral. O o o o .o o
  18. 18. Folie 18 M. Schärli Sample Curriculum Syllabus o Module Program o module descriptiono LMSo incl. Practical concept , Logbook, ePortfolio
  19. 19. Folie 19 M. Schärli Committees of MAS CP §  Committee of Course Management § Marianne Schärli, MScN with Mira Klein ECCP, MAS cand.; Jolanda Consiglio, ECCP; José Appolinario, ECCP §  Steering Board Kalaidos § Prof. Ursina Baumgartner, Director/dean Kalaidos University Dep. Health § Andreas Greulich, MSc, University Hospital Zurich § Mira Klein, ECCP, MAS CP cand., Hirslanden § Jolanda Consiglio, ECCP, Inselspital Bern § Dr. Diana Reeser, Heart Surgeon, delegate SGHC § Marianne Schärli, MScN, MAS, Director MAS CP, Kalaidos University § ??, delegate SGfP
  20. 20. Folie 20 M. Schärli Professional education that works Practical Combines practical experience and research. Competent Experienced and scientifically qualified team. Individual, in-service training, flexibility Study and employment combined
  21. 21. Folie 21 M. Schärli Kalaidos Fachhochschule Gesundheit Pestalozzistrasse 5 CH-8032 Zürich Further Information
  22. 22. Folie 22 M. Schärli Thank you for your attention
  23. 23. Folie 23 M. Schärli