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Clojure + MongoDB on Heroku


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some updates about Clojure and introduction to create web application with MongoDB on Heroku.

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Clojure + MongoDB on Heroku

  1. 1. user=> (use hiccup.core)niluser=> (html [:span {:class "foo"} "bar"])"<span class="foo">bar</span>"user=>
  2. 2. $ sudo gem install heroku$ gem list heroku*** LOCAL GEMS ***heroku (2.4.0)$ sudo port install git-core$ port installed git-coreThe following ports are currently installed: git-core @1.7.0_0+doc+gitweb+svn (active)
  3. 3. $ sudo port install mongodb$ mkdir -p ~/local/var/db/mongodb_data$ mkdir -p ~/local/var/log/mongodbdbpath = /Users/kaku/local/var/db/mongodb_datafork = truelogpath = /Users/kaku/local/var/log/mongodb/mongodb.loglogappend = true$ mongod -f mongod.conf
  4. 4. $ lein new mogomogo$ cd mogomogoweb: lein run -m mogomogo.core$ git init$ git add .$ git commit -m "Initial commit"$ heroku create --stack cedar$ git push heroku master
  5. 5. $ heroku addons:add mongohq:free$ git commit -a -m "Updates"$ git push heroku master