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Science equiptment


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Science equiptment

  1. 1. Science equipment
  2. 2. What is a Bunsen burner used for? • A Bunsen burner is used to heat substances for experiments and scientific studies. A Bunsen burner can also sterilize things as it can reach temperatures of around 1500 degrees.
  3. 3. How is a Bunsen burner used?• A Bunsen burner uses a flame (usually methane) in a laboratories to carry out scientific experiments.
  4. 4. What is a beaker used for? • A beaker is used to hold and pour liquids. They can also be used to heat liquids and mix chemicals, and other things together.
  5. 5. How is a beaker used?• A beaker is used by putting liquids and chemicals into it and mixing them together for experiments and to pour things out.
  6. 6. What is a Florence flask used for?• A florence flask or the boiling flask is used as a cup to hold and store different kinds of liquids.
  7. 7. How is a Florence flask used?• Because of the flasks round bottom you can use it to easily swirl liquids for mixing and by using the flask over a flame the heat gets evenly distributed over the bottom for heating or distilling liquids.
  8. 8. What is a petri dish used for?• A petri dish is a shallow cylindrical dish used in laboratories to allow bacteria to grow.
  9. 9. How is a petri dish used?• A petri dish is used by biologist by keeping the bacteria.
  10. 10. What is a pipette used for?• A pipette is a chemical dropper to measure and move fixed measurements of chemicals.
  11. 11. How is a pipette used?• A pipette is used by chemist to adjust the volume of liquid transferred.
  12. 12. What is a test tube used for?• A test tube is a thin glass used to store, hold, mix or heat small measurements of different chemicals.
  13. 13. How is a test tube used?• A test tube is used by chemist in a laboratory by holding various chemicals and a carrying out experiments.
  14. 14. Keynote presentationdone by Paige Robinson
  15. 15. Credits• Google images• Wikipedia• Doodle pad• Drawing pad