Science equipment


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Science equipment

  1. 1. Science Equipment My Homework
  2. 2. BunsenBurner What is it used for?• They are used to burn stuff. How to use it?You should check if the gas worksand that the air hole is closed thenyou light it .You will need to use a match to light it.If it doesnt light the rubber tubing might beblocked or the gas does not work.
  3. 3. Beaker What is it used for? They are usually used as containers in which to mix various liquids. You can use a beaker to measure volume. How to use it? The use of the beaker is to hold and pour liquids. Theycan also be used to heat liquids. It is really just a round glass container with a flat bottom. They come in manysizes, from tiny ones that only hold 10 mL to giant ones that hold many liters.
  4. 4. Florence Flask How to use it? What is it used for? A glass bottle A florence flask (also known similar to a as a boiling flask) is a type of beaker but the flask. It is a piece of bottom is a laboratory glassware. It can sphere and the hold chemical solutions. top is like a Graduatedcylinder. used to hold liquids.
  5. 5. Peri Dish How to use it?• You put things like bacteria on it to see want it is like in the photo. What is it used for? A petri dish is a round dish with a lid that is used in a lab to grow bacteria cultures.
  6. 6. Pipette How to use it? What is it used for? So in a normal pipette when A pipette is a slender pipe you squeeze the top bit. or tube into which small amounts of liquids. Until you have measured it up to the number you want.
  7. 7. Test Tube • 1 How to use it? • Use tongs to grab your test tubes at the center. Wrap the tongsWhat is it used for? around the center, and hold firmly but not too tightly. Its used to put liqiud in when your testing • 2something such as • Keep the test tube angled awayvinegar and baking from you at all times, in case of any splashing.soda or something that is any kind of • 3 liquid. • When warming the test tube, hold it over the flame at an angle, moving it back and forth gently.
  8. 8. Thanks for watching By: Tanya