Paris catacombs


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Paris catacombs

  1. 1. Paris catacombs
  2. 2. IntroductionThe paris catacombs is a widely knownburial place in Paris, France and althoughthey are mostly known as "thecatacombs", the official name is "lesCarrieres de Paris", which means thequarries of Paris. The catacombs holdabout 6.7 million Parisians.
  3. 3. People who built itThe use of the quarriesfor the storage of boneswas thought of by thethe Lieutenant Generalof Police, M Thiroux deCrosne and theInspector General ofQuarries, Charles AxelGuillaumo in 1786.
  4. 4. Why was it madePeople in Paris were getting diseases caused bycontamination from improper burials. Anotherreason was that cemeteries got so overcrowdthere needed to be a change. The catacombs werean alternative to cemeteries.
  5. 5. Special SignificanceSo far with my research onthe internet I have found nocultural or religioussignificance of thecatacombs it was really justa place to store deadpeople. But It is quite apopular tourist attraction inParis.
  6. 6. LocationThe Catacombs in Paris (or Catacombesde Paris, French translation) are a mazeof tunnels underneath the city streets ofParis, France.
  7. 7. How is it used nowIt is now used as a populartourist attraction openTuesdays till Sundaysfrom 10-5pm. There aresome other things thatpeople do in their such asmini concerts andsometimes gangs usedthem as meeting places.
  8. 8. How it was usedThe Paris catacombs were originallycreated to store dead bodies fromcemeteries that didnt have enough roomto bury anymore people.
  9. 9. Fun factsThe Catacombs where tours are taken are onlya small portion of Paris’s underground tunnelsystem. There are over 300km of tunnels.It’s underground, so it can get chilly. It’s usuallyaround 14C.There are people that are called cataphilesthat sneak into the catacombs and exploreillegally.
  10. 10. I think even though there are a few catacombs around the world itfeels like theres something different and special about it. Maybebecause it is in Paris. I am amazed that people were able to dig updead bodies and arrange them in underground tunnels in only twoyears. It would have been a very difficult job to complete. I think it isvery smart how they thought of doing this. It just makes it all themore fascinating that they run for miles underneath the city. Toursprobably wont even take you the whole way through. I have alsoseen many, many pictures of the catacombs and in most of them theskulls and femurs are placed in different patterns which wasinteresting. There are also some different objects inside if you havenoticed in some of my pictures. I have always wanted to go to Paristo see the Eiffel tower but now there is a second place on my list.
  11. 11. Thanks for watching By Alyssa