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My speech 1


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My speech 1

  1. 1. Georginas SpeechStudents shouldnt be allowed to have cellphones in class
  2. 2. IntroductionsStudents work hard at school. The try their bestto succeed in life. What would happen if weadded 1 small piece of technology to this mix ,acellphone. We could have cheating anddistractions from work. This wouldnt be a nicesight. Thats why I believe cellphones shouldntbe allowed in class.
  3. 3. DistractionsStudies show that people 18-24 years of age use about 55texts a day. Then we look at our younger students who are incollege. They use about 110 a day thats double the amountthe older students use. now think about this; when do thesetexts get used? Well some students might not use them atschool however I wouldnt be surprised if some did becauseschool days are usually long so the time that they spendtalking to their friends during class initially stops then frompaying attention to what could be an important lesson.It mayeven affect the people at home when they are needing to dohomework. even if we cant control what people are doing athome we can always stop whats happening in school.
  4. 4. CheatingAs well ad being a distraction cellphones can be used as a toolfor cheating. Now students can text in class instead of passingnotes which is harder to pick up on.75% of parents believe thatthis happens 3% believe that its there child. One of the parentseven said " I believe my kids conscience would prevent themfrom doing it as they are good deep down.". Now 3 years ago itwas reported in the New Zealand herald that 20% of Aucklanduniversity students cheated on a test and 140 students had beencaught in the act. Teddi Fisherman, the director of the center ofacademic Integrity at Clemson University said " the thing aboutcheating with new technology is that its usually the kind of thingweve seen before but just enabled with technology."
  5. 5. ConclusionIn conclusion I think that cellphones should bebanned from the classroom not necessarily thewhole school but more importantly duringlearning time and tests.