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Kahu 1 2012


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G Tofilau

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Kahu 1 2012

  1. 1. Kahu 1 2012 Georgina Tofilau
  2. 2. My People
  3. 3. Camping at Anzac Day AwhituWatchingSoul Surfer Silo Park My Favorites
  4. 4. My AchievementsThis year I have been awarded the cultural cup and the academicaward from my class.I have stayed alive
  5. 5. My HobbiesPlaying Keyboard ( Piano )Not Doing SitesSketching/Drawing
  6. 6. Next YearNext year I hope to have asmuch fun as I did this yearas well as doing wellacademically this year. Ihope to become even moreconfident which may be achallenge but I do wish to atleast try.
  7. 7. Playing PianoThe have lots of keys going from A-GtheBlack Keys are the notes between two white keysthe treble clef sign comes from the letter GThe Bass clef Sign comes from the letter FThere are types of notes quaver ( half beat ), Crochet ( one beat ), Minim ( Two Beats ), Dottedminim ( three beat ), Semibreve (four beats) .