Kk day 2 pm stream 3 speaker 2 tuason kakaokonek presentation 11 21 12v2


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Kk day 2 pm stream 3 speaker 2 tuason kakaokonek presentation 11 21 12v2

  1. 1. Developing Next Generation Cocoa Farmers: The Farmer Entrepreneurship Program Experiences Kakao Konek Program November 21-22, 2012 Apo View Hotel, Davao City PEDRO TERRY R. TUASON III Agri/NRM Program Manager CRS Philippines Nov 22, 2012
  2. 2. Farming + Business  Farming profitably  Working with markets Capturing more “value” for small farmers from value chains
  3. 3. Farmer Alliance for Resource Strengthening and Marketing (FARM) Launched in 2011 with funding from Food for Progress Overall Goal - attain food security and sustained livelihoods for 32,000 targeted farming households Areas of activity: i) Increasing Agricultural Production; ii) Increase Collective Marketing; iii) Enhance Value Chains. Funded by USDA FFPr 2009 FCC-492-2009/011-00
  4. 4. Farmer Entrepreneurship Program (FEP) Launched in 2008 with funding from 3 organizations. Goal: Improve food security and sustained livelihoods for targeted farming households Major Components: 1.) Agroenterprise Capacity Building (Training, Technical Assistance and Learning Alliance) 2.) Partnership Management (sites, markets and donors) 3.) Information Management 4.) Advocacy and Promotions (knowledge management) NATIONAL LIVELIHOOD DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION
  5. 5. PROJECT AREAS / LOCATIONSILOCOS SURSinait, Vigan, Caoyan(Garlic, Onion) PANGASINAN Farmer Entrepreneurship Program (FEP) Alcala, Bani, Alaminos, Aguilar Vegetables NUEVA ECIJA QUEZON PROVINCE San Jose Alabat Island Onion, Calamansi, Kaong Vegetables BUKIDNON TARLAC Impasugong Tarlac City Vegetables Calamansi AGUSAN DEL SUR Santa Josefa Calamansi DAVAO ORIENTAL Mati Cacao, Coffee
  6. 6. Cacao PROJECT AREAS / LOCATIONS Bukidnon North Cotabato MINDANAO Sultan Kudarat No. of Total numbers of newly planted cacao No. of Site/Partner Local Farmers For Clonal Produced Technicians Total garden locallyNorth Cotabato 8 753 2,000 404,720 406,720Sultan Kudarat 11 923 2,000 242,600 244,600 Bukidnon 20 1,471 4,000 225,156 229,156 Total 39 3,147 8,000 941,476 949,476
  7. 7. Challengeso Land tenure arrangement / agreementso Sourcing quality planting materialso Logistics: transportation of seedlings from nurseries to farmerso Financing production (farm inputs in order to reach optimum yields)o Post harvest facilities for quality beanso Producer-Market relationships
  8. 8. Current Cacao Activities Provision of technical training and market exposure visits Crop improvement activities (starting with what farmers have) Establishing community-based cacao technicians Improving access to quality seedlings Agroenterprise Clustering of cacao farmers Partnership with LGUs, and processors Advocacy and Promotions
  9. 9. Cacao Value ChainFarmer Barangay Agent Poblacion Traders Assembler/ Trader Processors Consolidators Consumers
  10. 10. Agroenterprise Clustering: Participatory process to prepare farmers for markets “A Farmers’ Journey”Eight Steps1. Partnership building and Site Working Group formation,2. Product supply assessment and selection3. Market Chain Study4. Cluster Formation5. Business Planning and Mobilization6. Production and/or Product Supply Organizing7. Test Marketing8. Scale up into regular, commercial product marketers in the food supply chain
  11. 11. The Clustering ApproachHighlight: The innovative method of organizing farmers intosmall groups called “clusters” where the enabling process formarket preparedness & engagement takes place. MARKETS SWG Cluster Leaders LGU/MFI/NGO/ Academe Cluster Cluster Cluster Cluster Leader Leader Leader Leader
  12. 12. Linking Cacao Farmers in Mati to Corporate Markets Partner : Adjesum Foundation, IncProducts:Wet Cacao BeansDried, Fermented Cacao BeansTablea
  14. 14. Collective Marketing # of Total Gross Gross Variance Farmers Volume Income Income Inst (kgs) Local MarketAug 17 17 392.5 P 7,850 P 11,775 P3,925.00Sept 6 18 510 P 10,200 P 13,770 P3,570.00Sept 26 25 724.5 P14,490 P 19,561 P5,071.00Oct 17 25 835 P16,700 P 22,545 P14,246.00 2,462 P49,240.00 P 67,651.00 P26,812.00 Total of 45 individual farmers ranges from 4 kgs – 165 kgs / wet beans
  15. 15. CommitmentReliable ReliableSupply Market PRODUCERS MARKETS Interdependence Value Chain Cooperation
  16. 16. Contact us Dennis Ryan Russell Head of Office - Davao Catholic Relief Services -USCCB 4th floor PhilAm Life Bldg., J.P. Rizal St. 8000 Davao City Pedro Terry R. Tuason III Sr. Program Manager Catholic Relief Services -USCCBAgriculture and Natural Resource Management Program 4th floor PhilAm Life Bldg., J.P. Rizal St. 8000 Davao City