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Captain alatriste - by Spanish Team


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This is one of the presentations made by the Spanish Team in our eTwinning project 'Teen Magazine - getting to know our legends and interests' 2013/14

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Captain alatriste - by Spanish Team

  1. 1. Captain’s Alatriste story The story of Captain Alatriste is related to the War of Felipe III to keep the kingdom of Flanders. The war in Flanders, lasted from 1568 to 1609 and from 1621 to 1648 (Peace of Westphalia), with only a cold interlude with the Twelve Years Truce. That conflict devoured for over 80 years the Royal Treasury at all: the United Provinces became independent of the Empire and were compensated with two more provinces (north of the river Scheldt, which ruined the river out of Antwerp), apart from the colonies had already occupied in the East Indies. Under the reign of Charles II the Bewitched French attacks continued to destroy what was left of the Spanish Flanders. By the Peace of Aachen (1668), returned to Spain to lose seats in the region. Five years later, Louis XIV exchange proposed by Flanders Roussillon and Cerdanya half, lost north of the Pyrenees counties in 1659, but Charles II flatly refused, which meant the outbreak of war again. The Peace of Nijmegen again undermine Hispanic domains, which ended up disappearing in early eighteenth century with the Peace of Utrecht which ended the War of Spanish Succession between Philip V and the Archduke Charles of Austria by the Spanish throne. The Holy Roman Empire was the new owner of Flanders in the future.
  2. 2. Captain alatriste author Arturo Pérez-Reverte Gutiérrez (Cartagena, Murcia, November 25, 1951) is a Spanish writer and journalist, member of the Royal Spanish Academy since 2003. Former correspondent and reporter RTVE featured in various armed conflicts and wars, is the author of the series The Adventures of Captain Alatriste. He was named honorary doctor at the Polytechnic University of Cartagena, the first awarded by that institution of higher education , February 18, 2004.
  3. 3. captain alatriste the book Currently there are seven novels published since 1996 and are based on the adventures of Diego Alatriste y Tenorio, a veteran soldier thirds of Flanders and swordsman who lives badly in seventeenth-century Madrid renting his sword to all who need it.
  4. 4. DIEGO ALATRISTE Diego Alatriste y Tenorio , or just Captain Alatriste (León , 1582-1519 May 1643 , Rocroi ) soldier from the age of 13 in Madrid malvive swordsman hired as running various tasks based mainly on sword clashes . Soldier was Tercio Viejo de Cartagena and fought in the Netherlands. In this campaign the nickname Captain won . After ordering your low as a soldier in the third of Cartagena goes to Naples and enrolled in the third there, fighting the Turks and Venetians. At this time he meets Álvaro Brand and saves his life . Enjoys a good reputation and is set in place, but had to flee after having a problem with the woman he lives . Escape to Seville and Madrid, where he began the job of swordsman for hire. Re- enroll in the old third of Cartagena, and returns to fight in the Netherlands. For his performance receives the rank of sergeant, who then lost to duel with an officer. In Flanders killed his friend Lope Balboa , who asks to be responsible for raising your child . After the defeat and annihilation of the old third of Cartagena, Alatriste returns to Spain , he settled in Madrid and get Inigo Balboa as a page .