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The Great Open Cloud Shootout


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Panel Keynote on Cloud Computing at MySQL Conference 22 April 2009, Moderator Kaj Arnö, panelists Lew Tucker, Monty Taylor, Jeremy Zawodny, Chander Kant, Thorsten von Eicken, Prashant Malik, Mike Culver

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The Great Open Cloud Shootout

  1. The Great Open Cloud Shootout MySQL Conference Santa Clara, California, USA 23.4.2009 Your Moderator: Kaj Arnö VP MySQL Community Relations (formerly MySQL AB, now Sun Microsystems, soon Oracle?)
  2. The Rules of the Friendly Conversation #1 Panelists get up on stage #2 We chart out the basic meteorology of panelists #3 The friendly chat begins #4 You twitter on #cloud
  3. Our Cloud Panelists Lew Tucker Thorsten von Eicken, Cloud CTO, Sun CTO, RightScale Monty Taylor, MySQL Drizzle Geek, Sun Prashant Malik, Cassandra Dude, Jeremy Zawodny, Facebook MySQL hacker, craigslist Mike Culver, Chander Kant, Evangelist, Amazon CEO, Zmanda Web Services
  4. So, what is a cloud anyway?
  5. Who is the cloud for?
  6. Why use the cloud?
  7. Cloud adoption barriers
  8. Are there cloud standards?
  9. Cloud Business Opportunities
  10. Cloud Competition
  11. Databases & Clouds
  12. Audience still awake?
  13. Twitter on #cloud
  14. Thank you! Kaj Arnö <> VP MySQL Community Relations