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Health and wellness resource showcase team evaluation


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Health and wellness resource showcase team evaluation

  1. 1. Health & Wellness Resource Showcase – Team EvaluationThe health & wellness resource showcase was a good opportunity for me to learnand understand about preschool nutrition and how to promote healthy eatingnutrition and encourage them to eat vegetable and how to introduce differentvegetable to their daily routine. My team members have many unique skills whichI believe is a reason why we work well as a team. My responsibility throught theprocess of this assignment was the presentation because I was nervous and shyperson but I try my best to talk to the audience. For next time I think me and my groupwe should practice more often for the presentation so that we feel more confident and havemore time to talk. This assignment was gave me a lot of knowledge on preschoolnutrition for infants as well it was enjoyable working with my team membersbecause of their positive attitudes. We discussed about our work every time how toprepare the assignment accurately.