Marketing Plan


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Marketing Plan

  1. 1. Marketing Plan,3. February 2012 M&TG
  2. 2. MIB Group “A” Monika Baublyte Simon Berger Jean-Marie Carron Anton Mladenov Marco FoubertContents:1. Primary Research2. Secondary Research3. Competition Research and Analysis4. Market Research – Process and Instruments
  3. 3. 1) Primary ResearchPrimary research basically is based on online questionnaire, focus groups and Poll survey.So far we do not have the final results because primary research is still on the process.Basically the questionnaire is set up on Survey Monkey in spread out to potential customers(companies in Germany and France) in three different languages: English, French andGerman. The online questionnaire already gave some responses, but it is still requiringmore time because at the moment there are not enough responses to start a deep analysis.Poll survey is in progress as well (requirement for sending more personal messages becauseso far the percentage of responses is dramatically low). Focus groups are under development for the next week. Since it is not easy to findGerman and French participants, one of the focus group will be set up online using the blog.Second focus group will be started with French and German participants who were foundedas appropriate for the survey. It is important to create a specific set of questions for thepeople who are going to participate in focus group. After the focus group we will be able tounderstand and decide how can we add value to our basic services and customers as well.Basically, we need decision makers in the company such as Human Recourses Managers ordirectors and the information we will use will be collected by approaching German andFrench professionals.2) Secondary ResearchSecondary data is mostly based on Barcelona’s Convention Bureau, Barcelona’s StatisticsDepartment and international statistics websites such as: Ebsco, Emerald and GMID.Additional statistics recourses will be included on during the process. Need to mention thatfor more precise information the meeting is arranged with a person from Barcelona’sConvention Bureau, who responsible for foreign professionals. In this part will be shownmain figures that are related to Business Project our team is doing. Main data will coverthe: origins of tourists in Barcelona; Congress Activity Indicators; World Ranking of Cities bynumber of International meetings.Below in the Congress Activity Indicators table there are all the most important indicatorsthat show how the total number of meetings and delegates hosted in Barcelona city since2007 to 2010. After all, separated parts are explained in more detailed way.Congress activity indicators 2007 2008 2009 2010 Variation 2009 - 2010 (%)Total meetings 1,775 2,482 1,857 2,138 15,1%Congresses 340 383 294 310 5,4%Conferences, symposia, courses N/A 286 215 226 5,1%Conventions and incentives 1,435 1,813 1,348 1,602 18,8%Total delegates 629,704 695,902 576,157 616,833 7,1%Barcelona became a very sophisticated city in last five years and is one of the largestconvention centers in Southern Europe. According to “Barcelona Tourism”, there were 1,775business meetings arranged in 2007; 2,482 meetings arranged in 2008; 1,857 meetings in2009 and in 2010 Barcelona has hosted 2,138 meeting. The number of hosted meetingssince 2009 to 2010 increased by 15,1%.
  4. 4. As it seen form the graph below, the number of events organized in Barcelona citysince 2007 until 2010 is fluctuating depending on different category. The highestnumber of events organized was conventions and incentives. Comparing 2009 and2010 the variation was positive and reached 18,8% what means that demand andcapabilities to organize conventions and incentives in Barcelona is increasing yearby year.There is a big gap in terms of volume of events. Conferences, symposia and variouscourses are unlikely less popular in Barcelona. The number is slightly decreasing inlast three years. The number of conferences organized in Barcelona since 2007 to2008 was increasing, but in 2009 slightly dropped but there was an insignificant inincrease in 2010. All in all, obviously the conventions and incentives are taking themost important place in terms of business events, which are organized in Barcelonasince 2007 to 2010.According to the selected secondary data need to mention that the number of delegateswho are coming to Barcelona to participate in various business meetings since 2009increased by 7,1%. There was a slight decrease in 2009 comparing with 2007, 2008 and2010, but the final percentage is still very promising. In 2007 there were 629,704, in 2008– 695,902, in 2009 – 576,157 and in 2010 616,833 international delegates who wereparticipating in various conventions, congress in Barcelona.
  5. 5. Barcelona is one of the leading European regions in hosting foreign investmentprojects, which were 1,348.3 million Euros in 2009. Leading to this, the largestamount of foreign companies in Barcelona are from France (626), Germany (572),USA (366), Italy (346), Holland (307), The UK (245), Switzerland (188), Japan (98)and other countries (633). It is important to mention that Barcelona is ranked as 5thbest European city to do business according to “Doing Business” survey made byWorld Bank in 2011. Precisely this date gave an idea that France and Germany arethe countries we are going to be focusing on.
  6. 6. 3) Market SegmentationFor the segmentation of our customers we decided to separate them into two maingroups which are agencies located here in Barcelona, only focused on events andactivities in Barcelona and the second group are agencies in Germany and France.Agencies in BarcelonaMost important for customers (German and French companies) is the directconnection with a German or French representative of the company in Barcelona.During the organization of the event they want to feel comfortable and understoodfrom their supplier. Therefore it is important for the agencies to have natives hereon the ground. As shown in the following analysis, only some of them actually have.Main companies here in Barcelona:>YBT Event Producershttp://www.y ourbarcelonateam.comIs a company founded by a German and a Dutch business lady living in Barcelona.They are mainly focusing on the German and Dutch market by providing languageand cultural knowledge.The service is from accommodation to activities, guest speakers and “stars” forconventions, cultural events and furthermore they offer more or less “a tailoredevent” for the customers.“We will operate as a temporary team of your company and we will take care of anyrequirements you have for your stay in Barcelona.We would perfectly fit into their offer and complement their administrative workwith German customers by operating their events with the same knowledge ofthem. Agency and customer could benefit from that and have a responsible andreliable partner.
  7. 7. >Passion Eventshttp://www.passionevents.euPassion Events is a Barcelona located company (Carrer Reina Cristina 1) which isonly focused on events here in Barcelona. This company offers a wide range ofactivities in terms of sports, culture and event organisation. Although they offersome “Sports Camps” they do not focus on very creative or funny events. For mostevents the customer is a pure spectator but no active participant.They do provide German event operators, but generally have no native German intheir company.By adding our services to Passion Events they could more focus on German andFrench markets and widen their spectrum of customers.>Event in Barcelonahttp://www.eventinbarcelona.comEvent in Barcelona is founded in 1992 and located in the area of Vila Olimpica. Theybelong to a bigger organisation (Evento Network based in Hungary) working allover the world and offer several different services. They do not give very detailedinformation on what kind of events but they are active in corporate events, publicevents (congresses, conventions) as well as incentive activities and celebrations likecocktail parties etc.As well as Passion Events they have no German or French speaking person here onthe ground in Barcelona, but of course are able to organize someone guiding andtranslating the events.Here we also can be a “door-opener” for the German and French market, if theycooperate with us and promote us as their cultural link to the countries.
  8. 8. >Barcelona ON-LINE ON-LINE is a local business travel agency which offers all around abusiness trips for its customers. They are located in Carrer València 352 and wasfounded in 1996. They claim to be “the very first interactive City Guide aboutBarcelona on the Internet” and their offer contains from organisation of the flight,accommodation, events and congresses as well as incentive trips. Although theyalready worked with a lot of German and French Customers, they do not havenatives here in Barcelona, but of course can organize them if demanded for theevents.By adding our services to Barcelona ON-LINE they could more focus on German andFrench markets and widen their spectrum of customers.International Agencies>Ssquard (S²)http://www.ssquared.deSsquard is a German based Business travel agency which offers trips, conventions,teambuilding and road shows for their customers. As their homepage is onlyavailable in German, they are mainly focusing on the German, Austrian andSwitzerland market.They have no company member here in Barcelona and therefore could use ourservices to increase their destinations, which is according to their homepage notfocused on Spain.
  9. 9. >EventSpirit EventSpirit was founded in 2006 by a young entrepreneur in Allgäu, Germany. They already worked in 60 different destinations and with over 8400 participants. They are offering both private and business sevents and trips all over the world and join the groups themselves. Therefore the customer can rely on the Germany quality from the planning until the event. EventSpirit does not mention Barcelona as destination on their homepage, but for sure can manage events there. Here we see a chance to add value to their program by acting as a partner here in Spain. 4) Marketing Mix- Product – because of the nature of our service we consider that it’s relevant for the market and the customers, since there is an increasing trend for managers to seek incentive benefits for their employees. We should add value to our service by providing exceptional benefits for employees by means of superior process and execution.- Price – in respect to price we are in an analyzing phase of benchmarking our service with the competition. We position ourselves in the premium price segment because of the added value to the service through cultural understanding and high-class operation and procedures.- Promotion – we are not going to use above-the-line promotion strategy, but will rather participate in events, fairs, conferences, etc. to promote our business among agencies and their associations. We should increase customer awareness of our service by providing all relevant information to clients.- Place – We are going to place our service by using agencies to connect with our clients. In this sense we are dependent on the agencies on how they are going to distribute the requests themselves among the contractors. We should convince the agencies of the superiority of our service so that they can forward the most significant request to our company.
  10. 10. - Physical Evidence – the places will be both indoor and outdoor and they will be clean and visually attractive, contributing for a better service environment. Everything related to the settings will be created with respect to safety, aesthetics and customer preferences.- People – we will be managing our company. If we expand our business the recruitment process will be made by using the most developed selection and assessment instruments. Trainers and event operators will be hired on an event base, not permanently.- Process – the process will be very important aspect of our business. We will count on professionals that are aware of the way the service has to be executed. We will provide a safe and entertaining working environment for our customers. 5) Tactics and Programmes We provide to our customers exclusive events and activities. Our company is understanding needs and wishes in order to offer the best services. We contact agencies directly to make appointments and convince them of the supremacy of our service based on cultural understanding (as we have employees from both France and Germany) as well as the languages skills. We will additionally attend fairs, events, conventions and conferences to familiarize the market with our services, get known and make promotions in order to create relationships with our customers. As Barcelona is the second biggest centre for such events, it will be a great promotional advantage for us. We will manage any working or leisure commitment for our customers in order to provide them exclusive services to turn any incentive in an amazing and successful experience. Our activities include a complete programme of innovative activities to achieve corporate goals and provide to our participants a unique experience. We guarantee the high service support with professional staff for any client’s request.