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Introduction of a picture book, Guri and Gura by Rieko Nakagawa and Yuriko Yamawaki.

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Guri and Gura @kaizen_nagoya,
  2. 2. adorable field mice • Guri and Gura are adorable field mice. • They walk in the forest. • There is a Giant Egg. • They use to bake a giant sponge cake, not pan cake. • Share the cake with friends, a lion, an elephant, a bear and other animals.
  3. 3. Authors and languages • Story by Rieko Nakagawa. She has worked with her sister, illustrator Yuriko Yamawaki. • English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean and many other language versions.
  4. 4. Song and Reading • If you want a CD, “Guri and Gura” songs, please get “ぼく らのなまえはぐりとぐら―絵本 「ぐりとぐら」のすべて”, not only “ぐりとぐら”. • English, Chinese and Korean dramatic reading in the CD.