Wireless Home Security Systems Provide Increased Value And Safety


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Wireless Home security systems are the next generation of home security systems. They are not disabled by the cutting of the phone line which gives you increased safety and security.

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Wireless Home Security Systems Provide Increased Value And Safety

  1. 1. Wireless Home Security SystemsProvide Increased Value And Safety By James P. Thomas www.saveandmakemoneycenter.com
  2. 2. It is not that everyone lives in a bad neighborhood or thateveryone will have the unfortunate problem of dealing withtheft in their lifetimes. Never the less, crime is a part of thesociety that we live in. Home security systems havebecome a very worthy investment for your peace ofmind and security.Many times people think that the home security systems wereonly for the wealthy, but not any more. Technology has donesome really fantastic things for home security regarding costand increased reliability and safety.One thing that has to be considered when looking into homesecurity is that more and more thieves know that when theycome across a house with a security system, all they have to dois cut the phone lines to the home which are just outside ofthe house in order to disable the security system. This isvery much common knowledge.But with advances in technology that does not have tobe the case anymore. Now you can have a wirelesshome security system. What exactly does that mean? Page 2
  3. 3. Well instead of being physically tied to a phone line that canbe cut, you now have a choice to have a cellular home securitysystem that is tied into the cellular signals. What this doesis make your home security 100% cellular, 100% wirelessand 100% safer.The other well know home security providers are also awarethat thieves know to cut the phone lines to a system in orderto disable it. They too provide wireless home securitysystems but at a very high cost compared to the savings thattechnology has provided. Not only in the monthly fees butwith the installation costs as well.With the GE Front Point Wireless Home Security System,you now have the ability to safeguard your home and familywith a system that the thieves cannot disable.You have 24/7 security monitoring which will notify police,fire and medial authorities in case of emergency or break in.This comes with a variety of door, window, motion sensorsand video monitoring, key chain remotes as well as panicpendants for personal security and life safety monitoring.You also get the ability of fire monitoring as well asenvironmental protection against pipe leakage and floods. Page 3
  4. 4. Also available is remote access and instant alerts to yourBlackberry, iPhone and Android smart phones of emergenciesand break ins; and even secured web access and control.With these capabilities you can arm and disarm your securitysystem as well as, control your lights, door locks as well astemperature of the home.The GE Front Point home security system requires no specialinstallation, is 100% Do It Yourself and is portable. You cantake it with you should you need to move.Great for homes of any size because additional sensorsand key chain remotes can be added, even outdoor sensors;also great for apartments and condos, big and small.It is totally a flexible, portable, dependable security systemthat gives you added safety and security to your homeand more importantly your family. Page 4
  5. 5. To Enjoy The Benefits Of Wireless Home Security And SAVE on 7 Other ServicesThat You Are ALREADY Paying For Visit www.saveandmakemoneycenter.com Page 5