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Art of presentation e book


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This is not a theoretical book, it is a LEADERSHIP BOOK. This book will provide you with useful tips and trick, a practical guideline in delivering a speech and doing presentation.

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Art of presentation e book

  1. 1. The Art of Presentation
  2. 2. The Art of PresentationThe Arts of PresentationTips & Trick: Delivering Speech and presentationThis book consists of two main topics, the first part will discuss on deliveringspeech and the second part will discuss on doing a presentation. This is not atheoretical book, it is a LEADERSHIP BOOK. This book will provide you with usefultips and trick, a practical guideline in delivering a speech and doing presentation.Part 1: Tips and Trick Delivering SpeechSpeaking Is Not Just a SpeechIt is HOW TO MOTIVATE, HOW TO INSPIRE and HOW TO LEAD BOOK.When a “GREAT COMMUNICATOR” spoke, people did not sit on their hands. HeMOTIVATED, HE INSPIRED and HE LEAD.This is what we call “THE LANGUAGE OF LEADERSHIP”The difference between BOSS and LEADERSHIP is COMMUNICATION.The Art of COMMUNICATION IS the LANGUAGE OF LEADERSHIP.Speech is an art where you inspire people.
  3. 3. The Art of PresentationFear Is A Friend“Greatest Speaker in History Fainted out of Fear in One of His First Speech”If your knees shake a bit when you get up to talk, it is normal. Welcome to theclub. The biggest club in the world.There are three greatest FEAR in human nature;1) Dying2) Cancer3) Speaking in front of an audienceThe FIRST rank was SPEAKING IN FRONT AN AUDIENCE.You might still get NERVOUS, even with 60 years of experience in giving speechand presentation.Fear is for incentive to us, for us to PRACTICE and PREPARE our self. Fear istelling you to get in GEAR UP.Tips #1: FEAR IS ENERGYTurn those nerve into nervous energy. Turn it into passion. Feel the passion indelivering the speech.Overcome Fear or nervous by taking a deep breath. Make the circulation ofbreathing process slow. Think of something that make you happy. Keep doing it untilyour heart and your body become relax. Then present it.Tips #2: DON’T MAKE EXCUSE“I’m not a very good speaker” or “I didn’t have much time to prepare”If the audience don’t know, don’t give them a hint. Once the audience know thatyou are not ready, they will not ready to listen as well.
  4. 4. The Art of PresentationTips #3: MASTER THE MATERIALDon’t pick too many topic to talk about.Master the Issue you are presenting.Talk on matter that only you know.You won’t get too nervous if you know about the topic, if you know what you want todeliver.Tips #4: CHOOSING A RIGHT TOPICChoose a topic that you are familiar with. Study the topic. Do some homework.Choose a specific topic. Narrow down the topic. Don’t choose topic that aregeneral.General topic: World War 2Narrow topic: A day in a battle fieldGeneral topic: ChinaNarrow topic: Education in ChinaTry to speak on matter that people don’t know.Try to speak on what you know about and they do not know.If you give the audience information on something they doesn’t know about, youhave done all that was expected of you.
  5. 5. The Art of PresentationTips #5:KNOW ABOUT YOUR SUBJECTKnow about your subject than anyone else in the audience.Focus your subject.Don’t talk about loan; talk about loan financed by the equity in a house.Don’t talk about stock market; talk about pharmaceutical stocks.When narrowing down the subject, your are making sure that you know more aboutit rather than anyone else in the audience.How can you be scared when you know better that other regarding the subject?.“THE MOMENT YOU START CARING”Do you remember back then, when you were assigned a report to write?First it was chore than you put off doing. But when you finally got down to it, whatat first seem boring became interesting. The more you read, the more you gotinvolved. The more committed you got, the more you cared about what you wrote.This is the act, when you start CARING.Only then you are ready to speak to an audience. Because audience can beconvinced only when they see you care about what you talking about.“BELIEVING in what you are talking about” “sincerity”It doesn’t matter on how much statistic or facts you know about, if the audiencesense that you aren’t really committed about your speech or presentation.“people don’t care how much you know unless they know how much you care”
  6. 6. The Art of Presentation“A Speech or Talk Is Not an Article or Report To Be Read Aloud, A speech or talkshould be the oral projection of your Personality, Experiences and Ideas.”Extra Tips: EASE TrickAre you worried about making a short talk or presentation when you have no timeto prepare? Relax, use this formula. EASE-Y Trick.ExemplifyAmplifySpecifyElectrifyTrick #1: EXEMPLIFY- paint a picture. Draw a picture in listener mind of thatyuppie buyer, the strench limo, or the housewife shopper.Come up with a story or scenario, that exemplify a problem.Trick #2: AMPLIFY- expanding the problem you describe in EXEMPLIFY.Trick #3: SPECIFY- just state the solution for the problem. Tell the plan or idea.Trick #4: ELECTRIFY- galvanize your audience into action. Turn on the audience.Make them take action.Get more speech and presentation tips and trick in the Art of Presentation E book,get it now at “ ”