Mod lit minimalism


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Mod lit minimalism

  1. 1. Minimalism by Jillian, Sydney, and KaitlinWhat is Minimalism?•Sets out to expose•Eliminates Trend in architecture, designand literature•Reduces design to necessary elements•Literature focuses on surface description•Foundation for modern artists today
  2. 2. Key Concepts of Minimalism:• Sought to remove metaphors• Simple, geometric forms• Eradication of authorship of piece of artwork• The meaning lay on surface• Simplest possible form
  3. 3. What is happening during this time?
  4. 4. 1964
  5. 5. 1967 & 1969
  6. 6. The Cold War (1945-1991) Bay of Pigs-1961 October 16th 1962 October 17th 1962 October 25th 1962
  7. 7. THE TWIST!
  8. 8. Frank Stella: A Closer Look• Main influence for Minimalist artists• Reacted against abstract expressionism• Used many bright colors• Moved onto third dimension• Nonrepresentational art• Parallel stripes• Color, shape, and composition
  9. 9. Quotes from some of the main artists of The Minimalism Movement:• “A shape, a volume, a color, a surface is something itself. It shouldn’t be concealed as part of a fairly different whole.” –Donald Judd• “I think many gestures artists make, gestures that seem casual and improbable but surprisingly effective in making art, can be made available to architecture.” –Frank Stella• “What you see is what you see.” –Frank Stella• “Art is the exclusion of the unnecessary.” –Carl Andre
  10. 10. Donald Judd• June 3 rd, 1928- February 12 th, 1994
  11. 11. Influences•Stuart Davis and William de Kooning•Marcel Duchamp•Claes Oldenburg and John Chamberlain as well as painters such asJackson Pollock, Barnett Newman, and Piet Mondrian
  12. 12. Untitled, 1962
  13. 13. Untitled,1963
  14. 14. Untitled, 1972
  15. 15. Untitled, 1972
  16. 16. • Influenced by a fellow student• Shared studio space with Frank Stella• Not strictly an artist 1935-Present• Wrote poetry• Influenced by Constantin Brancusi• Preferred sculpture as a medium
  17. 17. Bluewash bluecut wash bluesing cut wash blueword sing cut wash bluecry word sing cut wash blue
  18. 18. Background•Early Japanese architecture•Response to the 60’s and 70’s.•Simplistic attitude toward life•Tadao Ando, Alberto Campo Baeza, John Pawson.Signs of Minimalism in Architecture•Clean lines•Simple and elegant•Intensified by lighting•Natural textures and colors•Geometric shapes•Outlines•Single shapes•Small number of identical shapes