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Kitchens bp job

  1. 1. By Kaitlin Kitchens
  2. 2.   Answer with Hello this is ____ speaking with Awesome Insurance, how may I help you?  Talk with a smile on your face, this prevents the caller from feeling like you are bored because smiling makes you more upbeat.  When closing a call, make sure to say thank you and ask again if there is anything else you can assist he/she with. Proper Telephone Etiquette
  3. 3.   When leaving a voicemail, state your name, our company, the reason for calling, whom you wish to speak to, and a callback number.  In an email, address the recipient by name, establish your identity, state your purpose clearly, avoid slang and text lingo, and make a proper subject name.  If using speakerphone, advise the person you are speaking with that they are on speaker and who can hear in on the conversation.  If you are on a conference call, avoid talking over others but do not not say anything during the call, make yourslef noticed. Electronic Etiquette
  4. 4.   Do not take advantage of the copy machine.  Only print as many as you find necessary.  If there is a jam or other problem, report it immediately.  Do not use the copy machine for leisure use, it is purely professional Copy Machine
  5. 5.   Before making an international call, make sure you are speaking with someone that is fluent in English.  Be polite and pleasant, they may have different customs, so be respectful.  Be prepared for what you are going to say and have prepared answers as well. International Calling
  6. 6.   Before calling across the country or to other countries, keep in mind of the different time zones.  We do not want our company to be the ones who call in the middle of the night, (which they would not answer). Time Zones
  7. 7.   Be respectful  Think of what you are doing  Ask yourself if you should do this or not  Represent our business well. All in All