Ted ramesh raskar imaging at a trillion frames per second se autumn 2012


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Ted ramesh raskar imaging at a trillion frames per second se autumn 2012

  1. 1. First Name: ____________ Last Name: ____________ Student #: ____________ Group: ____________ ラメッシュ・ラスカー: 毎秒一兆枚の高速度カメラ Ramesh Raskar: Imaging at a trillion frames per second http://www.ted.com NamePARAGRAPH 1 : Doc Edgerton inspired us with awe and curiosity...When did Doc Edgerton shoot this photograph that surprised the world?Doc Edgerton’s camera was shooting at 1,000,000 frames per second. Howfast is Ramesh’s camera?PARAGRAPH 2 : I present you a new type of photography,What is this new type of photography called?What can we see slow motion videos of with this camera?PARAGRAPH 3: Now if I take a laser pointer and turn it on and offRamesh compares his packet of ph_ _ _ _ _ with the b _ _ _ _ _ in doc Edgerton’s photo.What 2 questions was Ramesh asking when he shot his “bullet” of light into the coke bottle?1)2)
  2. 2. PARAGRAPH 4 : Now, theres a lot going on in this movie,Does all of the light stay in the bottle?What does the light that leaked on the table look like?What happens when the light reaches the cap?What happens after several frames?PARAGRAPH 5 : Now, if you take an ordinary bulletHow long would the movie be if you watched an ordinary bullet do the same thing at this speed?What does the light look like as it goes across the table?PARAGRAPH 6 : I thought, this is how nature paints a photo,What happens when the light washes over the tomato?PARAGRAPH 7 : So how did my team at MIT create this camera?What happens if you take a short exposure photo?How much faster does a femto camera go than a normal camera?
  3. 3. PARAGRAPH 8 : And we can take all that raw dataWhat is Ramesh’s team trying to do now with their camera?PARAGRAPH 9 : And its not science fiction. We have actually built it.Were they able to make their camera see around corners?What happens when the photon packets hit the door?What happens when they hit the mannequin?How does the camera know if something is there?PARAGRAPH 10 : And because we have a camera that can run so fast,What are the unique abilities that the femto camera has?PARAGRAPH 11 : By shining one laser, we can record one raw photo, which,If the camera takes many pictures, what can they do with the data?
  4. 4. PARAGRAPH 12 : Now we have some ways to go before we take thisWhat are a few (2-3) of the examples of things this camera might be able to do in the future?PARAGRAPH 13 : Now, like Doc Edgerton, a scientist himself,What funny (strange) thing is going on in the photos?PARAGRAPH 13 : It turns out, because were recordingWhy are they having strange effects in the photos?Who would have really liked to see these photos? (according to Ramesh)Ramesh’s team have open-sourced their data (meaning anyone can see and use it). Where can we findtheir data?