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Ted becci manson (re)touching lives through photos 2012 se autumn


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Ted becci manson (re)touching lives through photos 2012 se autumn

  1. 1. First Name: ____________ Last Name: ____________ Student #: ____________ Group: ____________ ベッキー・マンソン: 写真修復を通じて人々の人生に触れる Becci Manson: (Re)touching lives through photos Becci MansonPARAGRAPH 1 : Before March, 2011, I was a photographic retoucherWhat was Becci’s job before March 2001?How does the media feel about people who do Becci’s job?What does Becci say about people who do this kind of job?PARAGRAPH 2 : On March 11, 2011, I watched from home, as the restWhere was Becci on March 11, 2011?What organization does she volunteer with?PARAGRAPH 3: On May the 13th, I made my way to the town of Ōfunato.Where did Becci go in Japan?
  2. 2. PARAGRAPH 4 : We pulled debris from canals and ditches.What kind of work did Becci do when she first came to Iwate?PARAGRAPH 5 : For weeks, all the volunteers and locals alikeWhat were people finding and collecting in the debris?PARAGRAPH 6 : Now, it wasnt until this point that I realizedWhat did Becci start to realize about the photographs?PARAGRAPH 7 : At the end of my first week there, I found myself...What was Becci trusted to do at the evacuation center?
  3. 3. PARAGRAPH 8 : Now, it was emotional and it was inspiring...What idea did Becci have while she was cleaning the photographs by hand?Where did she ask friends to help with her idea?PARAGRAPH 9 : This was the very first...What was difficult about repairing this first photo?Was she successful?PARAGRAPH 10 : Over time, more photos came in, thankfully...After two weeks, how many people from around the world were helping with Becci’s project?What were the names of the two other towns that they were also able to help?How did they get the photos to the retouchers?PARAGRAPH 11 : The time it took, however, to get it back...Did it take a long time to fix the pictures?What example of a very difficult project did she give?
  4. 4. PARAGRAPH 12 : Now, all these photos had been damaged by water...What did they have to do before they could digitally repair the photos?PARAGRAPH 13 : Now, we were lucky with our hand-cleaning...What other activity did Wynne compare cleaning the photos to?PARAGRAPH 14 : The lady who brought us these photos was lucky...Why was Becci able to fix the photo of the woman’s husband? (Why was she lucky with her photos?)PARAGRAPH 15 : When she collected the photos from us...Who found the photos of the woman’s husband?What was her husband’s job?PARAGRAPH 16 : The day I gave her the photos also happened to be...Why did this mother want to give the chance to see these photos to her son on his birthday?
  5. 5. PARAGRAPH 17 : After six months in Japan...How many photographs did the volunteers clean in 6 months?How many volunteers from around the world participated in fixing these pictures?PARAGRAPH 18-19 : We take photos constantly...Why does Becci think photos are important for us? (what are her ideas)PARAGRAPH 20 : The projects also made a big difference ...Why was this project important in the lives of the retouchers? How did it change their lives?PARAGRAPH 22-23 : I would like to conclude by reading an email...Why did Cindy really like this particular family picture?