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8 ted dan barber how i fell in love with a fish 2012 pp


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8 ted dan barber how i fell in love with a fish 2012 pp

  1. 1. First Name: ____________ Last Name: ____________ Student #: ____________ Group: ____________ ダン・バーバー: 魚と恋に落ちた僕 Dan Barber: How I fell in love with a fish http://www.ted.comPARAGRAPH 1 : So, I’ve known a lot of fish...What did Dan really, really like about this fish? (It’s very best quality, in his opinion.)PARAGRAPH 2 : I was in a relationship with this beauty...The head of the fish company called Dan to ask him to do something. What did he want Dan to do?Why did Dan say yes?PARAGRAPH 3: For the past 50 years, we’ve been fishing the seas...What does Dan compare our way of fishing to?Why is this way of fishing a big problem?What are some of the big problems with aquaculture (fish farms)?What is the feed conversion ratio for tuna?
  2. 2. PARAGRAPH 4 + Don conversation: So here, finally, was a company...When Dan talked to Don he found some problems with the company.Was it true that the company didn’t pollute?What example of a “sustainable” protein did Don give?Is feeding chicken pieces to fish really sustainable?PARAGRAPH 5 : I fell out of love with this fish...After the conversation with Don, did Dan still like this fish?PARAGRAPH 6 : This second fish, it’s a different kind of love story...Where did Dan find the second fish that he loved?PARAGRAPH 7 : Who can make a fish taste good...What is Miguel’s job?Where does Miguel work?
  3. 3. PARAGRAPH 8 : Until the 1980’s, the farm was in the hands of...What did the Argentinian farmers use Veta La Palma for?What did they do to make the land usable for their cows?Why was that not good for the environment?PARAGRAPH 9 : What did they do? They reversed the flow...What did the new Spanish company do with the water?What kind of farm did they make? What animals are on this farm?What does Veta La Palma look like now?PARAGRAPH 10 : I was there not long ago with Miguel...Who did Dan compare Miguel to?What is Miguel teaching Dan about?
  4. 4. PARAGRAPH 11 + Miguel conversation : It turns out...When Dan asks Miguel how he became a fish expert, what does he respond?What does Miguel say he is an expert in?What do the fish in Veta La Palma fish farm eat?PARAGRAPH 12 + Miguel conversation II : Later that day, I was driving...When Dan asks Miguel, “How do you measure success?” what does Miguel respond?Miguel says that the birds are a good thing for the farm. Why?PARAGRAPH 13 : Okay, so let’s review...Where to the flamingos come from?Why do they come all the way to Veta La Palma every day?
  5. 5. PARAGRAPH 14 : I didn’t mention the skin of my beloved fish...Why does Dan usually not like the tase of fish skin?What did the skin of the fish from Veta La Palma taste like?Miguel explains why the Veta La Palma fish taste better. What was the reason?PARAGRAPH 15 : OK. A farm that doesn’t feed its fish...Is the water from the Guadalquivir River clean when it enters the farm?Is the water clean when it leaves the farm?How does the water become clean?What lesson does Veta La Palma teach us?PARAGRAPH 16 : What we need now is...People like Dan enjoy farmers markets, local food, and organic growing... but when they talk about thesethings with other people...sometimes other people are skeptical. They don’t think it can work well foreveryone to buy food like that. What question do these people often ask?
  6. 6. PARAGRAPH 17-18 : Can I be honest? I don’t love that question...What 3 reasons does Dan give for why he doesn’t like that question?1)2)3)Dan lists 4 problems in modern agriculture; ①grain to herbivores (cows can’t process corn withoutadditional medicine), ②pesticides to monocultures (fields of only one type of food need a lot ofpesticide), ③chemicals to soil (growing the same type of food in the same place year after year damagesthe chemicals must be used to help food grow), ④ chicken to fish (unsustainable feedconversion ratio)What does agribusiness (agriculture business) say about these issues?Why does this type of agriculture make Dan angry?PARAGRAPH 19 : Our breadbasket is threatened today...What are the resources which Dan says we must protect?1)2)3)4)
  7. 7. PARAGRAPH 20 : Want to feed the world? Let’s start by asking...What two questions does Dan want us to ask ourselves?1)2)What model does he want us to follow instead of the agribusiness model?PARAGRAPH 21 : Look to Miguel, farmers like Miguel...What four good characteristics of farms does he say we should demand?1)2)3)4)