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5 ted joshua klein crows spring 2011 pp


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5 ted joshua klein crows spring 2011 pp

  1. 1. First Name: ____________ Last Name: ____________ Student #: ____________ Group: ____________ Joshua Klein on the intelligence of crows Joshua KleinPARAGRAPH 1 : How many of you…1) What did he make for the crows?2) When did he get the idea? (where / how long ago)*crow=PARAGRAPH 2 : And I’m sure…1) What did Joshua Klein think was really annoying?2) What did he spend the next 10 years doing?annoying=PARAGRAPH 3: And as I started looking…1) What are crows extremely adept at?2) Joshua Klein says, “So I thought, let’s build something mutually beneficial.” What does mutuallybeneficial mean?*adept= *mutually= beneficial=PARAGRAPH 4 : But the story of the vending machine…1) Where in the world can you find crows?2) Crows usually live within _______km of human beings.
  2. 2. PARAGRAPH 5 : But what was really interesting to me…1) What kind of tool do wild New Caledonian crows use to get insects out of wood?2) What does this crow have for the first time?*wood=PARAGRAPH 6 : Now this is completely…1) What did she do with the wire?2) What was the researchers’ reaction?PARAGRAPH 7 : So it turns out we’ve been…1) According to Joshua Klein, crows brains are really similar to ___________________ brains.PARAGRAPH 8 : On and entirely different…1) What did the students at University of Washington do?2) What happened to the students during the next week?
  3. 3. PARAGRAPH 9 : They were significantly less…1) For how long did the crows remember them?2) What was the moral of the story?*moral of the story=PARAGRAPH 10 : So we know that these crows… Video1) What did the crows drop into traffic?2) How did they collect it safely?PARAGRAPH 11 : (Laughter) (Applause)1) Where did this story happen?2) How long ago?3) How many crows are doing this now?PARAGRAPH 12 : So they’re learning from each other…PARAGRAPH 13 : So we know that there’s lots of…1) What are the two things that come out of the vending machine?PARAGRAPH 14 : So when they get really…PARAGRAPH 15 : And we move on to…1) What happens at first when the crows only have coins?2) Then, what do the crows learn to do?
  4. 4. PARAGRAPH 16 : And when they’re really good …1) Why are crows different from other animals according to the speaker?PARAGRAPH 17 : Crows, on the other hand…1) Where do the crows find coins?2) What do they do next? PARAGRAPH 18 : So what’s significant about this… What are some other things the speaker thinks crows can be trained to do? What does he say is the main point?