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3 ted aimee mullens spring 2011 pp


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology
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3 ted aimee mullens spring 2011 pp

  1. 1. First Name: ____________ Last Name: ____________ Student #: ____________ Group: ____________ 12 Aimee Mullins and her 12 pairs of legs Aimee Mullins PARAGRAPH 1 : I was speaking to a group… 1. What did Aimee Mullins bring to the museum to show children? 2. According to Aimee, children are naturally _______________. PARAGRAPH 2 : But, of course, that’s the point… 1. What question did she ask the children?
  2. 2. PARAGRAPH 3: And immediately a voice shouted…1. What were some of their answers?PARAGRAPH 4 : So some of you actually…1. What are two kinds of prosthetic legs that Aimee designed?PARAGRAPH 5 : So at the time, it was my opportunity…1. What magazine was Aimee on the cover of?PARAGRAPH 6 : This started an incredible journey…1. People told Aimee “ You don’t look disabled.” What was her response?
  3. 3. PARAGRAPH 7 : So this magazine…1. What kind of legs did she wear for Alexander McQueen’s fashion show?2. Did people think they were legs or boots?3.3. Aimee calls these legs art. Why does she say that’s important?PARAGRAPH 8 : I learned firsthand with my next adventure…1. What are three types of legs that Aimee wore for Matthew Barney?2. She says that she started to question whether human-ness was the only______________ ideal.
  4. 4. PARAGRAPH 9 : Today, I have over a dozen…12. When Aimee came to a party wearing her 6’1” legs, what did her friend say?PARAGRAPH 10 : And that’s when I knew…13. Aimee says that the conversation about “disabilities” has changed. It’s nolonger a conversation about overcoming deficiency. It’s a conversation about___________.People can be the architects of their own ______________.