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2 ted tinkering school spring 2012pp

  1. 1. First Name: _______________ Last Name: ______________ Student #: _______________ Group: _______________ ゲーバー・タリーが工作を通じて教える人生の教訓 Gever Tulley teaches life lessons through tinkering www.ted.com Gever Tulley PARAGRAPH 1-2 : This is the exact moment… What did the mother say to her son (on screen) that caused Mr. Tulley to create Tinkering School? What is the purpose of Tinkering School? PARAGRAPH 3 : When the kids arrive… What kinds of stuff do the kids see when they get to the school? How long do the kids stay at Tinkering School? What is the goal of Tinkering School? PARAGRAPH 3: Nothing ever turns out as planned… What happens to all projects? What is the heart of the experience? What does “success” mean at Tinkering School? What do children learn about failure and problems at this school?
  2. 2. PARAGRAPH 4 : When faced with particularly difficult…What do children do when problems get really difficult?What happens when the children take a break to decorate the unfinished project? (What happens in theirminds?)PARAGRAPH 5 : All materials are available…What did the children make out of plastic grocery bags?Ending Segment: Video: Three, two, one…What project did the 7 year olds make?
  3. 3. トム・ウージェック:塔を建て、チームを作る Tom Wujec: Build a tower, build a team http://www.ted.com/talks/lang/jpn/tom_wujec_build_a_tower.htmlPARAGRAPH 1 : Several years ago…1. According to the speaker, why does he do the “marshmallow challenge” atdesign workshops?PARAGRAPH 2: So, normally, most people…1. What do most people think about first…the sticks or the marshmallow?2. What do people think about last?3. Why is this a problem?PARAGRAPH 3 : So there are a number of people…1. According to the speaker, who produced the WORST and LAMEST structures?2. Who produced the BEST and MOST INTERESTING structures?
  4. 4. PARAGRAPH 4 : So the question you want to ask is…1. According to the speaker, who produced the WORST and LAMEST structures?2. Who produced the BEST and MOST INTERESTING structures?PARAGRAPH 5 : So the capacity to play in prototype…1. The engineers and architects did REALLY well. The speaker says it’s becausethey have “specialized skills”. What kind of “specialized skills” do engineers andarchitects have?Hint: they understand tri…2. An executive administrator (boss) also helped the team a lot. What “specialskill” does an executive administrator have?PARAGRAPH 6 : And I tried something interesting…1. What happened when there was a $10,000 prize?2. Why did this result happen?
  5. 5. PARAGRAPH 7 : So, you might ask…1. What is the value of this experience?PARAGRAPH 8 : And those of you who are interested…1. Where can you go for more information about the marshmallow challenge?PARAGRAPH 9: And the fundamental lesson…1. What do we need to do to be successful at design?New Vocabulary Japanese 使い方 How it was used...1)2)3)4)5)6)7)8)9)10)