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My Ambience Presentation Revised #2


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Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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My Ambience Presentation Revised #2

  1. 1. My Ambience My Ambience is a server based automation control system that utilizes standard Wi-Fi panels, to put full control in your hands. Control lighting, thermostats, audio, security and irrigation. Check the weather or view your security cameras from anywhere in your home or office . Control your whole system with a Laptop, iPad iPhone., iPod or Desktop PC. You’re free to travel.
  2. 2. Lighting & Equipment The lighting section of My Ambience is simple and easy to use. The various light loads within the home or office are organized into "areas". Set Events and timers to control the system. This will help you save energy & utility costs. With detailed control of your lighting system you can save hundreds annually.
  3. 3. Security Cameras My Ambience has the ability to display real time video from your IP based cameras. The system can support multiple cameras. Monitor your locations remotely.
  4. 4. The My Ambience security interface acts just like a keypad to your existing security system. Receive a page when the system is set off. Be notified if there is a water emergency. Instant notification of a water emergency could save you thousands in damages.
  5. 5. Thermostat Control Console Provides complete control for all areas. The control console shows the current temperature, set points and modes. My Ambience also provides energy efficient thermostat programs which can be activated at any time, saving you hundreds annually.
  6. 6. Audio Control Console Wireless touch panels provide full control of all zones from the comfort of your favorite listening position. Adjust the volume, change the source, or step through radio stations. You can even call playlists from your iPod. Control volume in zones at the touch of a button.
  7. 7. Event Control Console  The “Events” section of My Ambience is the heart of the automation controller. Events (or scenes) can be activated by time, sunrise, sunset or a simple press of the button. Sunrise and sunset can be offset, as seen in the example. The “Good Evening” event is scheduled to activate at 20 minutes before sunset. Each processor knows where it lives (by zip code) and calculates sunrise and sunset each day. As the days get longer,
  8. 8. Event Control Console Events can also perform tasks such as opening and closing office procedures. Control all previous control panel features, such as Security, Audio, HVAC & Lighting. This is complete control at your finger tips! Remotely or on site,
  9. 9. My Ambience The My Ambience automation system is an innovative way of handling your daily procedures to allow you to concentrate on your business without the worries of day to day operations while allowing you to save energy, money and labor. Each system is custom designed to meet your operating needs with out breaking your budget.
  10. 10. System Package Onyx Package Gold Package Platinum Package Lighting Control Lighting Control Lighting Control Alarm Console Alarm Console Alarm Console Camera View Audio Console Audio Console Event Control Camera View Camera View Thermostat Thermostat PC Interface Alarm Notification Water Sensors Event Control Alarm Notification PC Interface Event Control UPB Equipment Controls iPad Interface PC Interface