Finnish cleantech industry


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Presentation in cleantech seminar as part of the Finnish Prime Minister's and Minister for the Environment's business delegation visit to Beijing on 10 September 2013.

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Finnish cleantech industry

  1. 1. Finnish cleantech industry 芬兰清洁技术行业 Cleantech seminar, Beijing, 10 September 2013 Kaisa Hernberg, Cleantech Finland 清洁技术研讨会,北京,2013年9月1日 盖莎亨博格, 芬兰清洁技术委员会
  2. 2. A key growth industry in Finland 芬兰主要的高增长行业 14631 14082 14553 16145 19186 20145 2949 2876 3646 5291 5451 5782 0 5000 10000 15000 20000 25000 30000 M€ Other cleantech companies Top 10 companies *2011 survey 调查 (n=104) **2012 survey 调查 (n=103) ***2013 survey 调查 (n=115) 其他清洁技术企业 前十位的企业 The turnover figures do not include forestry or energy production. 统计数据不含森林和能源行业的营业额。 17.6 17.0 18.2 21.4 24.6 25.6
  3. 3. Key business areas 主要业务领域 14% 18% 19% 24% 27% 31% 32% 48% 59% Measuring and analytics Air protection Green building Water management and waste water processing Consulting and advisory services Clean processes, materials and products Waste management and recycling Renewable energy (production, transfer, distribution) Energy efficiency % of companies 能效 可再生能源(生产,转化,分配) 废弃物管理和回收 清洁加工,材料和产品 咨询和顾问服务 水资源管理和污水处理 绿色建筑 空气保护 企业所占% 测量和分析 Source: Cleantech Industry in Finland 2013 资料来源:芬兰清洁技术行业2013年数据
  4. 4. China is the #1 market 中国被视为最重要的市场 22% 23% 30% 39% 43% Brazil Sweden Germany Russia China Most interesting cleantech markets for Finnish companies in the near future 今后几年,芬兰清洁企业最感兴趣的市场 % of companies 中国 俄罗斯 德国 瑞典 巴西 Bubbling under: India, USA, UK, France, EU, Baltic countries 其他市场: 印度,美国,英 国,法国,欧盟, 波罗的海附近的国 家。 Source: Cleantech Industry in Finland 2013 资料来源:芬兰清洁技术行业2013年数据 企业所占%
  5. 5. Clean high tech developed in extreme conditions. 清洁高科技 在极端的自然条件下 孕育发展。
  6. 6. Finland has a harsh climate with extreme temperature variations and no natural fossil fuels of its own. We have had no choice but to develop efficient methods and alternative energy sources. 芬兰地处北欧,冬季漫长且气候寒冷;芬兰是一个 无煤无石油无天然气等石化能源的国家。 除了开发提高资源利用率的方法和新能源,芬兰人 民别无他选。 It’s cold (and hot) out there 芬兰气候严寒
  7. 7. It wasn’t always this clean there 那里并非总是如此纯净 Finland is rich in natural resources, such as forests, lakes and minerals. In the past we have had problems, including water pollution and low air quality. 芬兰的森林、湖泊和矿物资源丰富。过去,我们也曾面临过水污染和空气质量差 等问题。 With persistent long-term efforts and public-private-sector collaboration we have succeeded in protecting our nature – and building cutting-edge expertise in solving environmental problems. 在政府、企业和社会的长期共同努力下,我们成功地保护了我们自然资源,并探 究出解决环境问题的前沿知识。
  8. 8. We invest heavily in cleantech 我们大力投资于清洁技术 Despite its small size as a country, Finland is a cleantech superpower. 芬兰是一个小国家,但却是清洁技术强国。 Finland’s share of the global GDP is approximately 0.4 %, but our share of the global cleantech market is over 1 %. 芬兰占全球GDP的0.4%,但芬兰的清洁技术占全球清洁技术市场的1%。 More than than 1/3 of Finnish public R&D investments are made in cleantech. 芬兰超过1/3的政府研发投入在清洁技术领域。
  9. 9. 9 Sustainable economic growth is possible 可持续的经济发展
  10. 10. Sources: Statistics Finland; Finland’s Environmental Administration 资料来源:芬兰统计局,芬兰环境局 Environmental load has been detached from economic growth 环境负荷曾脱离经济增长 GDP Carbon emissions Euthropic emissions Acidifying emissions index
  11. 11. Source: Finnish Forestry Industries 来源:芬兰林业 Finnish forestry industry has succeeded in water protection 芬兰林业实现水资源保护 Finnish pulp and paper industry production and waste water load 1950-2011 Solid material emissions Production of paper and cardboard Biological oxygen consuption (BOD7) Pulp Emissions 1000 t/y Production million t/y
  12. 12. 12 Finland’s key cleantech areas 芬兰清洁技术的重点领域
  13. 13. 13 Energy and material efficiency 能源和材料效率 • Industry consumes 40 % of total world electricity. Finland is among the most efficient countries in the industrial sector. • Company fact: Outotec’s 奥图泰 solutions help to avoid 1.5 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually in global ferrochrome production. Built environment 绿色建筑 • The operation of buildings accounts for 40 % of the world’s energy consumption. • Company fact: Kone 通 力elevators and escalators help to considerably reduce energy consumption in tall buildings. Bioenergy and biofuels 生物能源 • In 2012 23 % of total energy consumption in Finland was from wood-based fuels. • Company fact: Metso 美卓 delivered the world’s largest biomass gasification plant to Vaskiluodon Voima in Vaasa Water treatment and purification 水处理与净化 • The growing global population and scarcity of resources create a greater need to produce more with less. • Company fact: Kemira 凯米拉 provides expertise and tailored combinations of chemicals for water- intensive industries. Finland’s key cleantech areas 芬兰清洁技术的重点领域
  14. 14. Finland’s Key cleantech strengths 芬兰清洁技术的优势 Culture of innovation and collaboration 创新与合作 Hig-level technology expertise 高科技 Quality and reliability 质量与可靠性 Culture of continuous improvement 不断改进 Ability to turn extreme conditions into commercial innovations 极端环境转商业创新 Experience in solving environmental problems 解决环境问题的经验
  15. 15. 15 Beautiful Beijing – Great business opportunities 美丽北京 – 巨大的商机
  16. 16. Benefits for companies 对企业的好处 – A platform for long-term Sino-Finnish cleantech collaboration 一个长期的中芬清洁技术合作平台 – Creates new business and collaboration projects for Finnish and Chinese companies 为中芬企业创造新的商业与合作项目 – Aims for fast implementation of pilot projects 快速实施试点项目 16
  17. 17. Who is involved? 参与者? – Finland: Team Finland effort lead by Tekes and Cleantech Finland for China 芬方:芬兰政府率芬兰创新局和芬兰清洁技术委员会 – China: Ministry of Environmental Protection, Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau 中方:中国环保部,北京环保局 – Leading Finnish and Chinese cleantech companies, scientists and experts 中芬清洁技术企业,科学家和专家 17
  18. 18. 18 Finnish cleantech example: collaboration between Halton and Oilon 芬兰清洁技术案例: Halton 和奥林
  19. 19. 谢谢