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How to dress up for an interview ?


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How to dress up for an interview ?

Published in: Lifestyle, Business
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How to dress up for an interview ?

  1. 1. Your ProfessionalLook Peoplesometime presumethat the quality ofa person’s work willmatch the qualityof the person’sappearance
  2. 2. Dress Professionally“The best advice isto dress for thenext step—the jobyou want, not thejob you have.”
  3. 3. 1.Two piece matched suit ina conservative color such asnavy, dark gray, or black.2.Long-sleeved dress shirtin white or a light color isalso required.3.Ties are mandatory, andmen are encouraged toselect a conservative tiethat matches the suit.
  4. 4. 4.Shoes should be eitherbrown or black leather.5.Socks should match thesuit and should pull up overthe calves so skin does notshow when sitting down.6.Simple leather belt thatmatches the color of theshoes should also be worn.
  5. 5. 1.Typically a suit ortailored dress in atraditional color suchbrown, beige, or gray.2.Skirt should extendto the Knee or belowand should not havehigh slits
  6. 6. 3.Sleeved blouse in alight color thatcomplements thecolor of the suit.4. Shoes should beclosed-toe, low-heels5.Pantyhose shouldbe skin colored
  7. 7. Attitude is defined asdisposition, feelings,or moods towardthings, circumstances,or people.Positive attitudesattract positiveresults
  8. 8. Smile A warmand confidentsmile goes a longway towardmaking a goodfirst impression