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Defining sql server 2008 policies tech republic

  1. 1. Defining SQL Server 2008 Policies | TechRepublic ZDNet Asia SmartPlanet TechRepublic Log In Join TechRepublic FAQ Go Pro! Blogs Downloads Newsletters Galleries Q&A Discussions News Research Library IT Management Development IT Support Data Center Networks Security Home / Blogs / The Enterprise Cloud Follow this blog: The Enterprise Cloud Defining SQL Server 2008 Policies By Tim Chapman October 20, 2008, 10:41 AM PDT Takeaway: You’ve already had a brief introduction to Policy Based Management, a new SQL Server 2008 feature that allows the Database Administrator the ability to define and enforce policies through the database engine.Tim Chapman now shows how you can use SQL Server Management Studio to define your own policies. In a previous article, I gave a brief introduction to Policy Based Management, a new SQL Server 2008 feature that allows the Database Administrator the ability to define and enforce policies through the database engine. In today’s article I’ll look at how you can use SQL Server Btrieve 6.15 Forever Management Studio to define your own policies. Still using Btrieve? So are we! Get the Ultimate Define your Policies Btrieve Patch The most challenging part of creating an effective database policy system is deciding what exactly Google Docs For Business it is your want to create policies for. SQL Server 2008 provides a large range of Facets (objects) Start with 5 GB of Included Storage Get for which conditions and policies can be defined for, so it will absolutely be worth the effort to take Additional 20 GB Just $4/month! some time to map out what Policies you want to enforce. re-lion Builder To define a new Policy, open SQL Server Management Studio and navigate to the Management Leading in easy to use terrain database node in Object Explorer. Before I can define a Policy, I’ll first need to define a new Condition and generation tools can easily do so by right-clicking on the Conditions folder under the Policy Management folder. Keep Up with TechRepublic Five Apps Google in the Enterprise Subscribe Today Follow us however you choose![08/29/2012 3:46:42 PM]
  2. 2. Defining SQL Server 2008 Policies | TechRepublic A Condition is a set of criteria defined on a Facet. A Facet is really nothing more than a SQL Server object that you can involve in a Policy. In the Create New Condition screen, I define a new Condition named NewStoredProcedureNames. I can define the criteria for my new Condition in the Expressions section. Each Facet (Stored Procedure in this case) has a set of Fields for which condition expressions can be defined. For this particular Condition, I want to set criteria so that any new Stored Procedure name begins with usp_, and this is fairly straightforward to do through the Media Gallery editor. PHOTO GALLERY (1 of 15) Curiositys autonomous seven minutes of... More Galleries » VIDEO (1 of 13) Cracking Open: HTC Titan II More Videos » Now that I have my Condition defined, I can create a new Policy. Hot Questions View All Right click the Policy folder and select New Policy. In the Open Policy window, choose the SSL redirection NewProcedureNames check condition we just created. Choose the On change: prevent Evaluation 3 Mode. This mode will evaluate the Policy when a new stored procedure is created, and if the procedure does not start with usp_, an error will be thrown and the new procedure will be 3 Switching from a Job to a career in disallowed. Be sure to click the Enabled box to enable the Policy. the IT field: Need an IT pros advice 2 windows 7 wont shutdown and keeps switching on 2 can anyone suggest if any such software exist with similar functionality? Ask a Question Hot Discussions View All 221 Should developers be sued for security holes? 79 The sitting duck that is open source 27 Five fast Windows desktop search utilities To test my new Policy, I write a script to create a new stored procedure named GetCurrentDate that returns the current date. When I attempt to execute the script, I receive an error message letting me know that I have violated a Policy. For a friendlier message, you can define informative 30 Is the death knell sounding for descriptions with your Policies so that the user is given more instruction as to what condition was traditional antivirus?[08/29/2012 3:46:42 PM]
  3. 3. Defining SQL Server 2008 Policies | TechRepublic violated. Start a Discussion Blog Archive August 2012 December 2011 July 2012 November 2011 June 2012 October 2011 May 2012 September 2011 April 2012 August 2011 March 2012 July 2011 February 2012 June 2011 January 2012 Here is the text of the procedure I attempted to create above. CREATE PROCEDURE GetCurrentDate AS SELECT CAST(GETDATE() AS DATE) Conclusion Today I defined a simple Policy to prevent the creation of any new stored procedure that does not begin with usp_. The great thing about Policy-Based management is how complex you can define your Policies to adhere to your defined database policies. The more you play around with defining policies, the more creative and effective you’ll become at defining your own polices, so take advantage as soon as you can! Get IT Tips, news, and reviews delivered directly to your inbox by subscribing to TechRepublic’s free newsletters. About Tim Chapman Full Bio Contact Introduction to Policy-Based See what process is using a Management in SQL Server TCP port in Windows Server 2008 2008 2 Join the conversation! Add Your Opinion Comments Follow via: Staff Picks Top Rated Most Recent My Contacts See All Comments Initial revenue 0 louren15 11th Jan Votes Plus, if they develop enough of a reputation, they are often given the first version, so[08/29/2012 3:46:42 PM]
  4. 4. Defining SQL Server 2008 Policies | TechRepublic they don???t even provide the initial revenue. They are, in effect, an extension of the marketing machine for... Read Whole Comment + View in thread Thanks for excellent article 0 chintak.chhapia@... 22nd Oct 2008 Votes Thanks for excellent article, but this will not enforce proedure name to start with usp_ only it will enforce usp. Can we specify the except clause on condition value? View in thread See all comments Join the TechRepublic Community and join the conversation! Signing-up is free and quick, Do it now, we want to hear your opinion. Join Login[08/29/2012 3:46:42 PM]