Changing the name of your sql server tech republic


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Changing the name of your sql server tech republic

  1. 1. Changing the name of your SQL Server | TechRepublic ZDNet Asia SmartPlanet TechRepublic Log In Join TechRepublic FAQ Go Pro! Blogs Downloads Newsletters Galleries Q&A Discussions News Research Library IT Management Development IT Support Data Center Networks Security Search Home / Blogs / The Enterprise Cloud Follow this blog: The Enterprise Cloud s Changing the name of your SQL Server By Steven Warren September 22, 2007, 9:13 PM PDT Have you ever had to change the name of a server that has SQL Server installed on it? If you anwered yes, did you know that you also have to change the name in SQL Server? Here are the steps to perform the change. 1. Open SQL Server Management Studio and click New Query. 2. Type Select @@ServerName to verify that the server name is correct or incorrect. In this example, I changed the Windows 2003 from WIN2K3R2EE to SQL Server. I did not change the MapR Hadoop name in SQL Server 2005. It will still return the old name. Let’s fix it. Download Most Open, Enterprise-Grade Distribution for Hadoop. Try Now. Google Docs For Business Create & Upload Images, Tables, Equations, Drawings, Links & More! Airport operations Airports need to adapt to pressures We illustrate these needs here: Keep Up with TechRepublic A CNET PROFESSIONAL BRAND On TechRepublic: Reporting on security with Microsoft Audit Collection Services 3. Next, type sp_dropserver ‘WIN2K3R2EE’ Your Email Five Apps Google in the Enterprise Subscribe Today Follow us however you choose![08/29/2012 3:22:31 PM]
  2. 2. Changing the name of your SQL Server | TechRepublic 4. You are now ready to add the correct name by typing sp_addserver ‘SQLSERVER’. local Media Gallery PHOTO GALLERY (1 of 15) Curiositys autonomous seven minutes of... More Galleries » 5. Restart sql server and the sql server agent by opening a command prompt and typing net stop mssqlserver and net start msssqlserver. To stop and start the sql server agent, type net stop or start sqlserveragent. VIDEO (1 of 13) Cracking Open: HTC Titan II More Videos » Hot Questions View All 3 SSL redirection 3 Switching from a Job to a career in the IT field: Need an IT pros advice 2 windows 7 wont shutdown and keeps switching on 2 can anyone suggest if any such software exist with similar functionality? Ask a Question Hot Discussions View All 221 Should developers be sued for security holes? 79 The sitting duck that is open source[08/29/2012 3:22:31 PM]
  3. 3. Changing the name of your SQL Server | TechRepublic 27 Five fast Windows desktop search utilities 6. Click New Query in SQL Server Management Studio and type select @@servername to verify everything is correct and you have successfully changed the sql server name. 24 Five speedy Windows desktop search apps Start a Discussion White Papers, Webcasts, and Downloads Webcasts Live Webcast: Succeeding in a World Gone Mobile The mobile revolution impacts every business and every individual, so its Get IT Tips, news, and reviews delivered directly to your inbox by subscribing to TechRepublic’s free imperative you understand SMS, MMS, newsletters. iOS and all the rest. How can location services help? Can apps save you time and money? Watch this webinar to explore a world gone mobile! From Citrix Online Whitepapers Test SQL Server 2000 Storage considerations for Analytics and the Smarter Planet Clustering in VMware virtual desktops From IBM Workstation Webcasts On-demand Webcast: Get from Wow to How with mobile workstyles and cloud services 3 Join the conversation! Add Your Opinion From Citrix Systems, Inc Comments Follow via: Whitepapers Information Assurance Education Staff Picks Top Rated Most Recent My Contacts See All Comments From Regis University RE: Changing the name of your SQL Server 0 Votes Blog Archive blangston1 20th Oct 2009 August 2012 December 2011 Did you ever find out how to do this? July 2012 November 2011 View in thread June 2012 October 2011 May 2012 September 2011 April 2012 August 2011 RE: Changing the name of your SQL Server 0 March 2012 July 2011 Votes[08/29/2012 3:22:31 PM]
  4. 4. Changing the name of your SQL Server | TechRepublic phulchand 11th Oct 2009 February 2012 June 2011 January 2012 hi....thanx man...!!!:) View in thread RE: Changing the name of your SQL Server 0 mrt181 10th Aug 2009 Votes Thank you. Do you have any idea if it is necessary and possible to also change the local user group names and the server permissions. I.e, I have renamed my server from db to db01. The server... Read Whole Comment + View in thread See all comments Join the TechRepublic Community and join the conversation! Signing-up is free and quick, Do it now, we want to hear your opinion. Join Login Search Trending Topics Server virtualization Microsoft Excel SECURITY business analyst router SOFTWARE/WEB DEVELOPMENT IT OPERATIONS Microsoft Windows XP HARDWARE server it consultant Wireless LANs job Project management Featured TechRepublic Pro Downloads Explore Services Blogs About Us Downloads Membership Members Newsletters QA RSS Feeds DIscussions Site Map 500 Things You Essential IT Forms Guide to Mobile Quick Reference: Training Site Help Need To Know To Computing Support Linux Commands Store Feedback Succeed In Your IT Research Library FAQ career Photos Advertise Videos Reprint Policy Popular on CBS sites: US Open | PGA Championship | iPad | Video Game Reviews | Cell Phones © 2012 CBS Interactive. All rights reserved. Privacy Policy | Ad Choice | Terms of Use | Advertise | Jobs A ZDNet Web Site | Visit other CBS Interactive Sites: CBS Cares CBS Cares Go[08/29/2012 3:22:31 PM]