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The perfect boyfriend


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The perfect boyfriend

  1. 1. Brittani RohrigFeaturing: Adam (My Test Subject)
  2. 2. Poor AdamProblem Behavior What’s the Problem? Adam curls his toes very often, and puts a lot of pressure on his toes while he does it. THIS CAN’T BE HEALTHY!! It’s time for behavior analysis
  3. 3. Reinforcement Contingency Adam says he’s been doing this awful behavior since he can remember, so Ihave come to believe that is it s form of Reinforcement Contingency self stimulation. Before: Behavior: After: No feeling Adam curls Feeling of of toes his toes toes curled curled
  4. 4. My OptionsReinforcement or Punishment I chose to use a punishment contingency because:• They have a high success rate• They are rather fast acting Definitions• And social validity isn’t applicable. Punishment contingency: Response because he’s my boyfriend contingent presentation of an aversive condition resulting in a decreased frequency of that response Social Validity: The goals, procedure, and results of an intervention are socially acceptable to the client, the behavior analyst, and society
  5. 5. What’s the Punishment?• Disapproving look?• Not talk to him for 5 minutes immediately after (penalty)?• Force him to watch a scene from Twilight?• Stab his foot with a pencil? Get out your response cards! JKOf course I chose to stab him! What fun!
  6. 6. Baseline It was rather difficultgathering sufficient data because Iwasn’t always with him to do so,and asking him to collect the datahimself would be like askingsomeone to count how many timesthey blinked. The data I was able to collect while he was around showed him curling his toes an average of 16 times per hour!Baseline: The phase of an experiment or interventionwhere the behavior is measured in the absence of theintervention
  7. 7. Punishment Contingency
  8. 8. Pairing Procedure So as it turns out,Adam caught on, and theamount of time he chose tospend with me decreaseddramatically. This is probably because he realized the discriminativestimulus was my presence, so he became an advocate for my absence
  9. 9. Punishment-Based Discrimination
  10. 10. SD vs. S-deltaDiscriminative stimulus (SD):A stimulus in the presence of which a particular reinforcer is reinforcedor punished. My presence. S-delta: A stimulus in the presence of which a particular response is not reinforced or punished. No presence.
  11. 11. Well That just wont do… Now I had to conduct an intervention to make sure he continuescoming over at a regular rate so that I can continue my experiment. I would make him feel horrible every time he had the chance to come over, but didn’t. Yes. I am evil.
  12. 12. However… Because of his efforts to escape the aversive condition, the frequency of him coming over did increase back to where it was before the intervention. Mwahahahaaa…
  13. 13. Intervention #2Punishment Contingency Punishment Contingency Before: Behavior: After: No feeling Stays Feels of guilt home guilty Escape Contingency Escape Contingency Before: Behavior: After: Feels guilty Goes to my Doesn’t room feel guilty
  14. 14. My Personal Reinforcement My plan seems to be working, which is reinforcing me to continuewith the intervention…
  15. 15. The Sick Social Cycle In escaping the perpetrator’s (my) aversive behavior, thevictim (poor Adam) unintentionally reinforces that aversive behavior… This creates a sort of cycleThe Sick Social Cycle…
  16. 16. I don’t have I make Adam I do have Adam’s feel gulty Adam’s presence presence Adam feels Adam goes Adam doesn’t guilty to my room feel guilty I make Adam feel guiltyAdam stays Adam goes home to my room I don’t make Adam feel guilty
  17. 17. Results 5 weeks of intervention and…• There was an instance of recover during second week, when he stopped coming over so much• I implemented my second intervention immediately• After 3 weeks Adam only curled his toes 6 times per hour• On week 4 he curled his toes an average of 2 times in a 5 hour time span• The final week I collected data, I only caught him curling his toes 3 times the entire week, and he caught himself doing it before I said anything So in other words…
  18. 18. That’s What Video Cameras are for…
  19. 19. Our Very First Trial…
  20. 20. That got me in trouble…
  21. 21. Respondent Conditioning A neutral stimulus acquires the elicitingproperties of an unconditioned stimulus throughpairing the unconditioned stimulus with a neutral stimulus Just for fun…
  22. 22. Reflex Pain ResponseWord “Toe!” Reflex Pain Response Word “Toe!” Reflex Response
  23. 23. My Conditioning Procedure
  24. 24. And the Product of Conditioning:
  25. 25. Disclaimer No blood was shed during this interventionSorry if the sound doesn’t match the video... In case you were unable to see, he has very fast reflexes, its quite satisfying actually…I am NOT a sadist…
  26. 26. Special Thanks toAdam McCormick It really is with love!
  27. 27. Thank You!!!