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Letter of Recommendation Request for Dr. Malott*                                    *you must indicate that you “waive you...
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LOR Request Form


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LOR Request Form

  1. 1. Letter of Recommendation Request for Dr. Malott* *you must indicate that you “waive your right” to access to the letter on relevant formsNAME (include maiden name): Overall GPA: Phone:EMAIL: PSY GPA: Total GRE Score:Minor / 2nd Major: Minor/2nd Major GPA: Quantitative GRE Score:# of math courses taken: Math GPA: Verbal GRE Score:# of writing courses taken: Writing GPA:Names & deadlines of the Schools/Scholarships/Fellowships/Jobs, etc. for which you are applying (attach an extra sheet, if necessary): Name Deadline Add’l forms to complete? Electronic Letter?1) Yes No Yes No2) Yes No Yes No3) Yes No Yes No4) Yes No Yes No5) Yes No Yes No Area of interest (e.g., Autism, DD, I/O, OBM, etc.)?________________________________________________________ Include the following in a file folder or large envelope: Research projects in which youve been involved:________________________________________________________  Photo of yourself ________________________________________________________________________________________________________  Forms (if applicable), complete including your signature Honors youve received from the psychology department or university:____________________________________  Addressed envelopes for ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ letters/forms (USE 2 STAMPS)  Copy of WMU transcript (may beMalott PSY Course Semester Year T.A. Name Grade unofficial)  Resume/curriculum vita (CV) 3600/1000H  Personal statement Super A A  This form  An optional, self-addressed, 4600 stamped postcard we’ll mail to BSAP/Super P you when your letters have been sent 3570 Regular Turn in to Khrystle Montallana at3570 Intermediate either:  Graduate mailbox “M” in Psyc 3570 Advanced Dept. (Wood Hall, 3rd floor) 3980: BRSS  Mailbox “Khrystle Montallana” or door box in BATS lab (Wood 4990: BRSS Hall, room 2536)  Mail to: 1035 Weaver Ave. Grad/GRE Prep Kalamazoo, MI 49006 Self-Mgmt **Please e-mail to notify that materials are complete Pre-Practicum and have been turned in.