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Htayg form other major


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Htayg form other major

  1. 1. Complete this form before your BACC appointment with your InstructorStudent Name: Interview Date: Meet With:Current Status: Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior Total Credits Earned: ___ ndCurrent semester Major: 2 major:credits:Minor(s):Cumulative GPA: Raise? Psych GPA: Raise?For most graduate schools in psychology, you will need a minimum GPA of 3.0, with at least a preferred GPA of atleast 3.5. If you think you need help raising your GPA, check out our Self-Management course (PSY 3621). Thisone credit course helps you finish your homework in your other classes and procrastinate less. For more information,check out in interested in Permission to Take Grad courses (PTG)? Yes NoAre you interested in Dual Enrollment? Yes NoPermission to Take Graduate Courses – Taking graduate classes after graduating from undergrad without beingadmitted to a graduate program yet. Could be taken during a semester or year off while waiting to apply (or reapply) tograduate school. Apply for ―Non-degree status‖. See form in the BACC Pack.Dual Enrollment – Taking graduate classes while finishing an undergrad degree. These credits do not count asundergraduate credits. Please see the document ―Dual Enrollment‖ in the BACC Pack or the registrar for moreinformation.Have you been a Teaching Assistant? Yes Teacher:_________ Class: _______ NoHave you been a Research Assistant? Yes Supervisor: ___________________ No Topic: _______________________PSY 3550 is the Teaching Assistant course. To be considered, contact professors you might be interested in workingwith early and fill out any necessary applications. Once you have been accepted, stop by the PsychologyUndergraduate Advising office to fill out an enrollment form. See ―Becoming a TA or Research Assistant‖ in theBACC Pack.PSY 4990 is the Research Assistant course, or you may be able to volunteer in a lab. Again, try to contact professorsyou would be interested in working with early. There may also be psychology postings on bulletin boards aroundWood Hall. Applications for PSY 4990 with Dr. Malott are done through our Behavioral Research/SupervisorySystem (BRSS). BRSS Options include: Thesis (2 semesters, 6 credits) or Non-thesis (1 semester, 3 credits) See ―Becoming aTA or Research Assistant‖ in the BACC PackHave you completed a Practicum/Project? Yes No If so, where? __________________There are many different practicum opportunities available in psychology. A Practicum that Dr. Malott offers is the AutismPracticum PSY 3570 Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. See ―Practicum Information‖ in the BACC Pack.Requirements for a minor in psychologyIntroductory Core (6 credits)PSY 1000 General Grade: When: Honors? _______Super A? ______PSY 1600 Child Psychology Grade: When:Approved Electives (9 credits) Grade: When: Grade: When: Grade: When: Grade: When: Grade: When:See ―Psychology Minor‖ requirements in the BACC Pack, as well as ―WMU Psychology Course Descriptions‖.
  2. 2. General EducationSee ―General Education‖ and ―Gen Ed Guide‖ in the BACC Pack for more information and courses from each area.Are you thinking of applying to grad school? Yes NoWhat subjects are you interested in?Please indicate if you are interested in any of  Applied Behavior Analysis– Fuqua, Van Houtenthe psychology graduate programs at WMU:  Applied Behavior Analysis (autism)Frieder, Malott, Peterson  Organizational Behavior Management/ Industrial - Dickinson, Huitema, McGee  Clinical – Alessi, Damashek, Fuqua, Gaynor, Naugle, Spates, Wright  Experimental Analysis of Behavior - Baker, Pietras, Poling  Other ______________________________There are also many other excellent behavioral programs that can be found by going to the ABAI or BACB websites,or by looking through ―ABA and BACB Accredited Programs‖ in the BACC Pack. WMU’s Psychology Department isbehaviorally based, but if you are interested in another area of psychology, “Areas of Interest in Psychology” in theBACC Pack lists the many different fields. Please note that the graduate program in counseling at WMU is in theCollege of Education and Human Development. If you are interested in graduate school for subjects other thanpsychology, to find out where to start your search ask your professors in your major, look up the professors whoseresearch you are interested in, and/or visit you taken WMU’s GRE/ Grad School Yes NoPrep course?Have you taken the GRE? Yes No Total Score: Verbal: ___ Quantitative: ___The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is an exam required to apply to many graduate schools. It is important tostart thinking about this early so there is plenty of time to study and retake the exam if necessary. For moreinformation about the exam, please visit For more information about the GRE course at WMU, pleasevisit Graduation date: _________ Honor’s College? Yes NoDean’s List? Semester/Year _____/_____ ____/____ ____/____ ____/____Current Job:The Lee Honors Collegewill allow you to be enrolled in smaller classes, build relationships with professors, and writean honors thesis. At the end of each Fall and Spring semester, the Lee Honors College invites current WMU studentsto join. These are students who have maintained a GPA of at least 3.5 or better for two consecutive semesters and willbe enrolled for at least three more semesters before graduation. Those who qualify will receive an email. If you havefurther questions, please visit or email the ―Resume and CV‖ folder in the BACC Pack for tips on how to write your resume and CV, as well as someexamples.
  3. 3. Getting into GraduateSchool (approximate dates) Aug. 1: Study for GRE Aug. 1: Get Behavior Analysis list of grad school: Behavior Analysis (in BACC pack) Aug. 1: Get APA list of grad schools (online) Sept. 1: Schedule & Take GRE ______: Email Kelli Perry to make an appointment with Dr. Malott Sept. 15: Write for Grad school catalogs, program descriptions, and applications. By Dec. 1: (Re)Take Computer GRE (if needed) Oct. 1—Oct. 30: Request letters of rec. (give photo, transcript, personal statement, and deadlines)Be Sure To Fill Out Your Part of Rec. Forms! Nov. 15-- Follow up on letters of recs., applications., (call grad school or professors) Dec. 15 : WMU Psych. application deadline Feb. 1: Write thank-you letters to everyone who wrote you a recommendation May 1: Update Professors. On results.Available Dr. Malott CoursesPSY 1400 Introduction to Behavior AnalysisPSY 3621 Self-ManagementPSY 4010 Graduate School PreparationPSY 4990 BRSS Honors Project PsychPSY 3561 ECDD Preliminary PracticumPSY 3570 Early Child Develop Delays (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced)PSY 3600 Concepts Behavior AnalysisPSY 4600 Survey/Behavior Analytic ResearchPSY 5970 Behavior Analysis and Minority IssuesThough all questions may not apply to you, please answer to the best of your ability Keep this for your records throughout your undergraduate career!