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Dmc 2 2.0-training_presentation[1]


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Dmc 2 2.0-training_presentation[1]

  1. 1. Training Josh PeltonKaila Goodrich
  2. 2. • Each course, system, and section is its own “journal”• Each “journal” is comprised of a series of “articles”• Like a blog• You assign categories to your articles, and these categories become linksCheck it out...
  3. 3. • Click on “Login” (upper right)1st years- Kaila provided you with your username and password.If you ever forget either- you can e-mail Kaila or Josh and get a new one.
  4. 4. • Select the section of the site you are responsible for• Click on• This will load the site editor – Several options: • WYSIWYG • HTML • • Pictures Hyperlink Check it out… • Video • Code
  5. 5. Check it out…
  6. 6. 1.) Upload your picture and and put it in your article using WYSIWYG2.) Click on “Resize” and make your picture 175px wide, (it should be approximately square-ish)3.) Click on “Alignment” and make sure the picture is on the left, in-line with the textCheck it out…
  7. 7. 4.) Click on “Save and Close”5.) Back in the Editor, click on “Save”6.) Look at about where the text comes to the bottom of the picture, remember that sentenceCheck it out…
  8. 8. 7.) Switch from WYSIWYG to Raw HTML (upper right drop down menu)8.) Select all of the code down to the last word of the sentence you made note of, and copy it9.) Click on “Summary” (just below the screen) and paste the code10.) Click Save & CloseCheck it out…
  9. 9. • All pictures should be uploaded to the “Pictures” folder
  10. 10. But Josh and Kaila!What if I want to post a document?
  11. 11.• This website allows you to upload your documents or PowerPoints and then gives you an embed code.• This code can then be used to post your document or PowerPoint on DMC• Here is what a PowerPoint will look like on DMC
  12. 12.• I’ve created an account that you are free to use. – Username: WMUBATS – Password: wmubats• Let’s Check out Slideshare
  13. 13.• Step 1: Click Upload• Step 2: Upload Publicly• Step 3: Select the file you would like to upload• Step 4: Once slideshare has finished uploading, it will give you an embed code. Copy this
  14. 14.
  15. 15.• MAKE SURE YOU COPY THE ENTIRE CODE• Step 5: Go to DMC and open the site editor• Step 6: Put your title in• Step 7: Click in the body area
  16. 16.
  17. 17. Slideshare.netPaste the embed codehere- then hit save andclose.
  18. 18.• Don’t Forget to add a category• Add your photo (for the summary) and text for the summary in the body.• Switch to RawHTML- Copy everything you need for summary.• Paste into the summary
  19. 19.• Delete everything from the summary that you don’t need in the body.• Save and close!
  20. 20. Links To Documents (So People Can Download)• Open the site editor• Enter Your Title• Click in the body area• Enter what you would like the link to say – Click here to download LOR Request Form• Highlight that text
  21. 21. Links to DocumentsClick Link Button Click Upload a File
  22. 22. Link To Documents Click BrowseClick Upload Click Documents
  23. 23. DMC Training• I know you may feel overwhelmed• That’s OK• I will send you this ppt.• Kaila and I will always be available to help.
  24. 24. DMC Training• BY 9/26• On your system page- upload a photo of you and your contact information. Update your first years info if needed.• Meet with your 2nd year and submit a document to me of the things that you should have on your page.
  25. 25. DMC Training• Email me if you have questions!