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  • Conventions followed :Colour scheme – Red Black & white – masculine colours, usually associated with rap magazines.Masthead in Primary optical areaTypeface – text is sans serif, masculine font, block letters, Layout – magazine has a small border around the edge of it this is a convention i have followed. Main image – eye contact, manipulated the image Language – buzz words, power of three Selling line under masthead Use of left third – artists names, smaller image Details – barcode, website, issue number, date, price. Bottom bar which is usually seen on magazines. Broken convention: Small image has no eye contact, done so that its almost like he’s too cool to look at the camera.
  • Conventions:Columns which is a convention I have followed, this is very neat and easy to read. Headings – I have small headings separating the contents into sections again neat, helping the reader.Page numbers are on the left hand side in chronological order in each section. Colour scheme has continued onto this page showing unity throughout the magazine. Masthead at the top of the page and use of ”This week” which is a convention I have followed. I have included Statistics which are sometimes used in contents pages. Main image is very bright and attractive for audiences. Broken Conventions:I have chosen a layout similar to the NME magazine rather than a rap magazine such as Vibe I have done this as I thought the rap magazines had very plain layouts in comparison to the magazines which showed a clearer columned layout. There is also no eye contact in the main image ,I have done this again to show represent that the artist is too cool. I have chose a mid shot rather than a long shot which is usually associated with rap magazines this is because I preferred the overall layout similar to NME, also I think this was a better choice due to me not having a studio to take the images in as this would have made the background more busy.
  • Conventions followed: Colour scheme again followed throughout the magazine, showing unity. Title is in the top left – primary optical area. I have a small introduction which says where Beat met the group and the general approach. I have used a pull quote I chose a quote which you wouldn’t expect to be associated with rappers. Used details such as places “Long Island” details which are relevant for the chosen area that the group are based in which is America.Included the album release date at the end of the article, this is a convention which many magazines follow when writing an article. The type face of the article is just a Arial font, at first I tried to see if the serif font would work but I changed this as it was all in capital letters and didn’t look correct. I have included model credits in the top right of the page this is a convention which I have followed. I have dressed the models similar wearing the same pants and hats, this gave the group a group identity which groups usually have. I have manipulated the images changing the brightness and contrast as well as the hue and saturation as the images were took separately so the lighting wasn’t the same in all images. I have added the page number in the corner as a detail. Broken Conventions: I have used negative space on this page to emphasis the group themselves. I also took the pictures separately this would not normally be done, but I did this so I could dress the models in the same clothes.
  • Social Groups Rap and Hip-hop is usually associated with Black African Americans, as many of the idols within this genre are of this ethnicity. Some of the idols are Lloyd Banks, 50cent, Kanye West and P-Diddy.The idols are portrayed as very cool figures who have a lot of women money and sex, therefore the audience idolise them. I have used Coloured Artists names on my front cover and contents, and I have also used 4 coloured people in my images. As well as this the Rappers in the magazine are portrayed as very cool in my pictures as this is how rappers are usually portrayed they usually have a lot of ‘bling’ which suggests they are middle class on the subject of money, However if class is based on values and ideas then they would be classed as working class like the target audience.
  • Target AudienceMy target audience is young males. They will like to spend time with their friends and party. They will not have any particular interest in education as they aspire to make it as an artist, if they do not they will do practical jobs such as plumbing, painting etc. They find women such as Megan Fox attractive as she is a huge sex symbol. They like Eminem as an artist within the rap interest, and aspire to have women money and sex. They like to be surrounded by their friends and spend most of time with them weather this is shopping in their favourite shops such as Adidas and Rivers Island or weather it is going out partying or just chilling. Based on a magazine they like to read the articles within a magazine and find that images are very important for attracting them to a magazine, they prefer the source magazine over XXL and vibe.
  • Addressing the Audience.I have used Eminem’s name on my front cover as my target audience had a keen interest in him as artist. I have taken images of a coloured person due to the genre and this is what the audience expect. I have also got one large image and a smaller image on my front cover as this is what my audience said they would like to see when I carried out my market research. I have used graffiti style text as young males recognise this, this makes my magazine easier to relate to and more personal to them. I have also used a sans serif font as When I carried out my focus group questions they said they like a magazine to be neat with a quirky feel to it, the graffiti gives the magazine that quirky feel. With my audience being young males I have made the magazine seem masculine I have done this by adding texture to the masthead, using block fonts – which also seem modern. The colour scheme is very manly in comparison to pinks and baby blue’s. I have also used yellow as this grabs the readers attention, I tried this without the yellow first but this didn’t jump out.
  • Addressing the audienceLayout – I have a neat layout which the audience said they preferred. Reviews- I have included reviews within the contents as when carrying out my research the audience said that this was what they would read in a magazine.I have made the magazine personal to the audience by including “voted for by you!” section – made them feel involved. Captions- In the captions under the page titles I have included teasers which show the storied are about the artists lives, I have done this as when doing my research the audience said that they would prefer stories about the stars life. I have included upcoming events as this was another detail which the audience wanted to see within my magazine. I have also included 7 different artists on the contents as the audience said that the artist featured within a magazine are the most important feature.
  • Addressing the audience I have used slang as the audience are young they can relate to this, with them being working class this is a more casual approach, I have used words such as “Hood” Easy on the eye – I have used negative space so I am not overpowering the page and there is unity throughout my magazine. Neat layout – again i have chosen a neat layout, as the audience said they preferred this rather than a more aggressive approach which magazines like ‘Kerrang!’ take.
  • PhotoshopI have developed skills on photo shop which are basic, for example:Brightness and contrastSelection toolsFree transform tool Arranging layers I have also used a website called to create text for my magazine, I had to print screen this page then copy this onto paint then cut it out and copy it onto Photoshop. Tools I have learnt to use: Shape tool Eyedropper toolQuick selection tool Clone stamp
  • Adding texture Colour overlay Opacity Blogger I have used blogger to upload all my work onto the computer in an organised way. Using blogger was difficult at first but after a week or two doing this I got used to the website and this became easy. Another program I used was slide share this was done by creating a presentation on Microsoft Power point then uploading this to the site.
  • When I compare my ancillary project to my final product I have improved by:Front coverUse of the left third Main cover line Making text stand out more – adding glow Contents Neater layout – better use of columns More informationImage is framed better
  • Newest evaluation

    1. 1. My Evaluation<br />Kaidee Lewis<br />
    2. 2. Conventions<br />Red black white, yellow <br />Masthead <br />Primary optical area <br />Masculine, Block,<br />Sans Serif <br />Selling <br />line<br />Artists <br />Names <br />Genre – Rap (Text, Colours, Model) <br />Main image<br />Manipulation <br />Eye contact<br />Barcode<br />Website <br />Issue Number<br />Date <br />Price<br />Power of three <br />Buzz words <br />No eye contact<br />Crop tool <br />Bottom Line<br />No eye contact <br />
    3. 3. Conventions<br />Conventions<br />Columns <br />Headings <br />Page numbers <br />Colour Scheme<br />Masthead – Top of page.<br />Bright image <br />Typeface<br />This week<br />Statistics <br /> Broken Convention<br />-Chosen layout similar to NME <br /> Rap magazines usually plain. <br />-No eye contact in main image<br />-Mid shot rather than long shot.<br />
    4. 4. Conventions<br />Conventions<br />Colour scheme <br />Title <br />Intro<br />Pull quote<br />Detail<br />Album release date <br />Typeface <br />Model credit <br />Eye contact <br />Manipulation <br />Dressed similar<br />Page number <br />Broken conventions<br /> Negative space<br />Pictures took separately <br />All frames the same, <br />medium long shots<br />
    5. 5. Social groups<br />Ethnicity –rap and hip-hop is <br /> associated with black <br /> African Americans (models)<br />Working class but aspire to be like<br />rappers – money, sex, lifestyle <br />– language is down to earth, not too <br />sophisticated.<br />
    6. 6. Distribution<br />Vibe has a distributor called InterMedia<br />However as my magazine is based in the UK I would use Worldwide Magazine Distribution<br /><ul><li>Global
    7. 7. Part of a conglomerate
    8. 8. Experience with magazines
    9. 9. Know the market. </li></li></ul><li>Target Audience <br />Young males<br />Like to party <br />Like women like Megan Fox <br />Like to read the articles in a magazine <br />Artists featured are very important <br />Images are important <br />Like Eminem as an artist within the industry<br />Prefer the Source magazine over XXL and Vibe <br />
    10. 10. Addressing the Audience<br />Eminem - used Eminem’s name as he is the <br /> preferred rap artist.<br />Images – Taken images of black people, as my <br /> Genre is rap the audience with expect <br /> and relate to this.<br />- Big then a smaller as they stated when <br /> doing market research. <br />Typeface – Graffiti a style which relates to young<br /> Males, they recognise this – makes <br /> it seem more personal.<br />- sans serif, <br /> -young and has a modern element <br /> to it in comparison to swirly typeface.<br />Young Males – Masculine through typeface, images <br /> colour scheme .<br />Yellow box – grabs readers attention, stands out. <br />
    11. 11. Addressing the Audience <br /><ul><li>List of 3
    12. 12. Included upcoming events
    13. 13. Used “You” to sound direct
    14. 14. Included reviews as there was a small interest in these
    15. 15. Included small descriptions of each page – included</li></ul> stories about the artists. <br />
    16. 16. Addressing the Audience <br />Slang -Used slag to seem personal and <br />Audience can relate to it as they are young. “Hood” <br />Easy on the eye – Not overpowering, use of negative pace, unity throughout the magazine- colour, text<br />Neat layout – audience said they preferred a neat layout.<br />
    17. 17. Technologies<br />Developed skills<br /><ul><li>Selection tools
    18. 18. Arranging layers
    19. 19. Shape tool
    20. 20. Quick Selection tool
    21. 21. Clone stamp
    22. 22. Eyedropper Tool </li></ul>Brightness & contrast <br /><br />Free transform<br />
    23. 23. Technologies<br />New skills learnt<br />Adding texture to masthead <br />Colour overlay on masthead <br />Changing opacity of selling line<br />
    24. 24. Preliminary Project<br />Front cover <br /><ul><li>Left third
    25. 25. Main cover line
    26. 26. Text </li></ul>Contents<br /><ul><li>Columns
    27. 27. Layout
    28. 28. Framing of image</li>