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Atlantic Highway - Norway


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Atlantic Highway - Norway

  1. 1. The Atlantic Highway (Atlantic Road,Atlanterhavsveien, in Norwegian) is aspectacular way that from the mainlandcoast, jumping from island to island, toreach Averøy on a fantastic journeythrough twisting bridges over the sea inimpossible foreshortening .It is no coincidence that this road is thesecond most visited tourist destination inNorway.
  2. 2. Atlanterhavsveien
  3. 3. Its construction began in 1983and was marked by thestruggle against the elements.During the six-year duration ofthe works were recorded up to12 hurricane categorystorms.They are little more than eightkilometers (about 5 miles) oftravel including eight bridgesover the ocean.
  4. 4. The main milestone of the road isprecisely Storseisundet Bridge, thelongest of all (260 meters = 853 ft),which makes a dramatic curve. 
  5. 5. Such is the importance of this road that the Norwegianschose her as the century building in the country. Inaddition, the British newspaper The Guardian picked itas the best road trip in the world.
  6. 6. Located on the western fjord area and at certain timesof year seals and even whales can be sighted.Fishing is one of the biggest attractions of the area. Somuch so that many people fish in highway bridges, afact with which we should be careful when driving.
  7. 7. Since 2009, the Atlantic Road continuesfrom Averøy to Kristiansund by a tolltunnel named Atlanterhavstunnelen (ieAtlantic Tunnel).
  8. 8. Its construction was extended forsix years (almost 1.5 Km= 0.9 milesper year), but since its opening in1989 has become the second mostvisited coastal road by tourists,going on to win the 2005 award forbest Norwegian construction.
  9. 9. To follow the road it is best to get to Molde andthen take Highway 64, which is precisely theAtlanterhavsveien. The journey from the historiccity of Bergen to Molde has 450 km (280 mi),covering the entire area of the fjords, no doubt aroad trip awesome.Oslo is about 600 kilometers (373 mi).