Bio assignment 1


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Bio assignment 1

  1. 1. Correlation Between BingeEating Disorder & Kidney Failure
  2. 2. Issue• Binge Eating Disorder Disease • Renal Failure Technology • Kidney Transplant
  3. 3. IssueBinge Eating Disorder
  4. 4. DescriptionBinge eating is basically a condition where aperson consumes an insane amount of food in ashort period of time on a regular basis.
  5. 5. Signs To Look ForThe person would:• Not have control over the amount they eat• Eat unusually large amounts of food• Have severe depression• Eat even though not hungry• Be easily irritated
  6. 6. DiseaseRenal Failure
  7. 7. DescriptionRenal Failure means that the kidney(s) lose theirbasic function of filtering urea and other wastesfrom the blood stream. If left alone, the personwould end up poisoning themselves through thewaste products produced by the food they eat.
  8. 8. Symptoms• Swelling of extremities• Nausea• Potassium build up• Phosphate build up• Darkening of skin• Low volume of urine
  9. 9. Affect on BodyA Renal failure will have drastic consequences ifleft untreated. The body will slowly becomeseptic and poison itself due to the high levels ofurea in the blood. Patients with renal failure willhave to undergo dialysis at least 3 times a weekjust to keep them alive and kicking. If it wasonly an acute renal failure, the kidneys may beable to regenerate and function properly again.
  10. 10. RelationThe relationship between a binge eating disorderand renal failure is an indirect one. The eatingdisorder will provide an imbalance ofconcentration between water and solutes in theblood. That in turn will make it easier for thesolutes to form precipitates in the form of akidney stone. If it slides into the ureter, thepressure caused in the kidney will graduallydestroy the renal substance, leading to renalfailure.
  11. 11. TreatmentKidney Transplant
  12. 12. DescriptionKidney transplant is a procedure where you adda donor’s (dead or alive) kidney into a patientwith renal failure to replace the function of theirdamaged organ. The donor’s kidneys are placedin an area near the groin where doctors will haveeasy access to it in case of future complications.
  13. 13. Developing technologiesThe next in line to take the throne would be stemcells. It is currently the best way to treat mostmalfunctioning organs because it usesunidentified cells from the umbilical cord to fix orrepair the cells. Stem cells are basically the cellswhich formed you in your fetal stages. They werethe ones that magically turned into a heart, liver,kidneys etc. By placing it in the damaged organ,doctors hope that it would grow to become likethe cells around it, repairing the organ.
  14. 14. Please post questions andcomments in the commentssection below and answer thefollowing question.• How else can binge eating affect your life?
  15. 15. Sites/cites• der•• BBC Life & Death series E.3.• Google Images• toms•• ion