Canadian Lynx Nature Journal


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This is an exemplar for a nature journal as part of a unit lesson on endangered species.

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Canadian Lynx Nature Journal

  1. 1. The Canadian Lynx A Nature Journal By Mrs. Ahlfeld
  2. 2. The Canadian Lynx It is May in Montana. The Lynx kittens have been born! There are 6 of them in the litter. They were born with their eyes closed. After 2 weeks they will see. Their paws are so big already!
  3. 3. The Canadian Lynx It is Summer. The kittens are still with their mom but they’re just about ready to stop nursing. They are 3 months old now.
  4. 4. The Canadian Lynx It is early fall. We noticed that the kittens have begun to learn to hunt in pairs. Soon they will travel alone except to mate. We are glad they have the tufts of hair on their ears to help them hear when hunting
  5. 5. The Canadian Lynx Winter is coming. We can tell they have been out trying to hunt because we see tracks and we hear their calls they sound like huge cats
  6. 6. The Canadian Lynx They are learning to hunt with rodents and small birds, but soon they will catch the snowshoe hare--the only food they really want!
  7. 7. The Canadian Lynx Winter is hard on the lynx. There are many threats to their survival -- traps, destruction of their habitat and the hunting of rabbits -- their major food source!
  8. 8. The Canadian Lynx Spring comes slowly in Montana, but it is here, and those Lynx kittens are now finding mates to have their own kittens! We must do all we can to help preserve this beautiful species!
  9. 9. The Canadian Lynx My “observations” came from National and Big Cat Rescue. com