Ross Plotkin - Take a Walk on the Paid Side - KahenaCon Spring 2012


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Ross Plotkin - Take a Walk on the Paid Side - KahenaCon Spring 2012

  1. 1. Take a Walk on the Paid Side Insights in Paid Search & Search Retargeting
  2. 2. Think Beyond Match Type Boundaries • Paid Search Challenge:How to (simply) capture the long tail on Google AdWords?
  3. 3. +Modified +Broad +Match• Google Wants to Use You with Expanded Broad Match. Don’t let them.• MBM vs. Broad Match Example • KW = ‘European Vacation Packages’ • KW = ‘+European Vacation +Packages’• Obtains a hold on the long tail in a single move • 25% of all searches are unique • Push research to the negative side
  4. 4. Can’t Measure It, Can’t Manage it. Search Dilemma: How to obtain keyword-level data when aconversion objective is an inbound phone call?
  5. 5. Closing Call Feedback Loops• Problem: Basic conversion objective for both SEM & SEO, inbound call traffic, is not reported in analytics / paid search data (at a keyword level).• Session Based Keyword-Level Call Tracking & Analytics gives: • Keyword-level feedback loop to track and improve performance • Measure and illustrate the quality of leads along with quantity • Provide clients with turn key CRM and call recording capacity Keyword-Level Call Tracking & Analytics for SEM & SEO
  6. 6. Device Targeting Paid Search Insight:What are the basic behavioral differences behind device targeting classes? (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile)
  7. 7. Not All Clicks are Made Equal
  8. 8. Not All Clicks are Made Equal
  9. 9. Next Generation Search Retargeting Search Advancement: Retargeting is everywhere. What’s next?
  10. 10. Adjust Bids by Frequency
  11. 11. Retarget Based on Search Data• Adjust bids based on: • User search query • Search ad clicked • Timing of click• Example: • Search Query: ‘Atlanta Condo’  $1.50 CPM • Search Query: ‘Atlanta Condo Real Estate Agent’  $10.00 CPM
  12. 12. That’s All Folks• Sophisticated Paid Search• Affordable, Keyword-Level Call Tracking• Next Generation RetargetingRoss PlotkinHead of Paid Advertising, Kahena Digital
  13. 13. Exact Match..err…not exactly.
  14. 14. There’s a Good Reason & a Real Reason. Paid Search Insight: Leveraging the Sitelinks Extension
  15. 15. Sitelinks Extensions• The Good Reason: Additional relevant links that users can click on to arrive to specific pages within a site.• The Real Usage: Push away other ads and organic search engine results to take up space and greatly increase CTR.
  16. 16. Venture Beyond the Googlesphere Search Advancement: Paid Search is dominated by Google. How to goabout working with other sources of paid search traffic?
  17. 17. Working with Multiple Publishers• Microsoft adCenter (Bing, Yahoo) standards are incrementally inching closer to mirroring the AdWords API.• Search Syndication Traffic from Secondary Networks is becoming more transparent with the ability to provide network-level targeting. More transparency about partners than Google*.• Kahena builds, manages, optimizes and reports on across multiple publishers simultaneously by tying in respective API’s.