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Ari Nahmani - Multi Touch Funnels - KahenaCon Spring 2012


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Ari Nahmani - Multi Touch Funnels - KahenaCon Spring 2012

  1. 1. Proving Your Online Marketing Campaign is Worth More:Multi-Touch Funnels & Attribution Ari Nahmani
  2. 2. The ADD Generation
  3. 3. Fickle Window Shoppers
  4. 4. Comparison Shopping
  5. 5. The Days of 1st Visit Conversions Are Over!!
  6. 6. A Common Path To Purchasing Online
  7. 7. The Problem• Most web analytics packages (including GA) attribute a conversion or transaction to the LAST interaction (‘last touch attribution’).• If the number of leads, transactions, revenue or any other KPI is attributed to your efforts ONLY when a user has completed this in their last (most recent) visit to the site, …. your ______ campaign is worth more than you think!!
  8. 8. VIDEO :)
  9. 9. Many people don’t convert on their first visit!
  10. 10. Let’s Make This Work For Our Site
  11. 11. Now Let’s Prove How Much Our SEO Campaign is Actually Worth!!
  12. 12. Compare it to Last Touch Attribution!
  13. 13. But Wait… There’s More!
  14. 14. “Who Helped You With Your Purchase Today?”
  15. 15. How About Those Assistants?
  16. 16. Ari NahmaniCEO / FounderKahena Digital Marketinghttp://www.kahenadigital.comEmail: ari@kahenadigital.comTwitter: @AriNahmani @KahenaDigital
  17. 17. The ADD Generation