Blending Traditional Marketing Techniques with Social Media


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Create a solid foundation for your social media success. Apply the tried and true marketing techniques of figuring out your key messages, your brand experience, your objectives, your calls to action, the measurements you’ll use, and the way social media fits into your whole marketing strategy. Once these are in place, success is a matter of execution instead of mystery.

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Blending Traditional Marketing Techniques with Social Media

  1. 1. Blending the Best of Traditional Marketing and Social Media Marketing<br />© Kathryn A Gorges<br /> @SocialMktgDiva @kagorges LinkedIn/in/KathrynGorges<br />1<br />
  2. 2. Agenda<br />Social media marketing pitfalls<br />What traditional marketing tools?<br />How can I use them?<br />Why should I use them?<br />How do I know they’re working?<br />© Kathryn A Gorges<br /> @SocialMktgDiva @kagorges LinkedIn/in/KathrynGorges<br />2<br />
  3. 3. Where we run into trouble with social media<br />How do people find me?<br />What do I say to my existing customers?<br />I don’t know what to put on my page…<br />Why will prospective customers care?<br />Why am I doing this?<br />No one is commenting…or retweeting…or anything<br />What is this all about anyway!?!<br />© Kathryn A Gorges<br /> @SocialMktgDiva @kagorges LinkedIn/in/KathrynGorges<br />3<br />
  4. 4. Why the trouble?<br />Unclear about our objective<br />Don’t know why people are interested in us to begin with<br />Used to telling people why to buy from us<br />Not sure how to talk to people: formally, informally, entertaining, serious<br />Confused about how to invest in social media marketing and the expected return<br />Not obvious what we want them to do<br />© Kathryn A Gorges<br /> @SocialMktgDiva @kagorges LinkedIn/in/KathrynGorges<br />4<br />
  5. 5. Let’s look at the 4 p’s of Marketing<br />Product<br />Price<br />Place<br />Promotion<br />© Kathryn A Gorges<br /> @SocialMktgDiva @kagorges LinkedIn/in/KathrynGorges<br />5<br />
  6. 6. Product<br />This means the whole product<br />Social media is:<br /><ul><li> Community
  7. 7. Connection
  8. 8. Contribution
  9. 9. Conversation
  10. 10. Collaboration</li></ul>‘The product’ now includes all of the pieces of social media<br />The entire experience the customer or prospect has of your social media engagement becomes part of your product or service<br />© Kathryn A Gorges<br /> @SocialMktgDiva @kagorges LinkedIn/in/KathrynGorges<br />6<br />
  11. 11. Price<br />One of the keys to pricing is the value to price differential<br />You want to keep your price up<br />Social media can add value if you design it that way<br />You can balance that increased value with promotions: after you think about the tradeoffs<br />© Kathryn A Gorges<br /> @SocialMktgDiva @kagorges LinkedIn/in/KathrynGorges<br />7<br />
  12. 12. Place<br />This is about where and how you get your product to the market – essentially you need to know who and where your customers are<br />In social media this applies when mapping out where you will be present, for whom, and why<br />What are they expecting<br />How do they want to receive your information<br />© Kathryn A Gorges<br /> @SocialMktgDiva @kagorges LinkedIn/in/KathrynGorges<br />8<br />
  13. 13. Promotion<br />Traditionally, this has been the totality of marketing communications: ads, press releases, brochures, documents, posters, direct mail, etc. All one way communication…<br />Social media flips this around into a conversation: including what was once considered one way communication is now up for commenting in places we don’t even easily see without using a search tool<br />© Kathryn A Gorges<br /> @SocialMktgDiva @kagorges LinkedIn/in/KathrynGorges<br />9<br />
  14. 14. Promotion turns out to be tricky<br />80%/20% rule<br />Promotion is implicit<br />Deals can be addictive and not authentically creating community<br />Assume your followers/likes/fans/members are loyal customers and treat them that way<br />Ways to promote (inside the 20%)<br />Examples: before and after, how someone used your product/service, testimonial (posted by the customer), photo/video of results<br />Special events<br />Reminders of offers: buy 3 get 4 – these are gentle reminders in the context of cherishing your loyal customers <br />Calls to action: come in and see us, call today to learn more, email me to find out how you can get those results, what do you do in this situation, share your tips<br />© Kathryn A Gorges<br /> @SocialMktgDiva @kagorges LinkedIn/in/KathrynGorges<br />10<br />
  15. 15. This is all the Brand Experience<br />The complete experience the customer has in learning about, buying, using, fixing, and discarding your product or service – EVERYTHING<br />Hear, touch, smell, taste, see<br />Tone<br />Personality<br />Fun, respect, feel cared for, speed, vocabulary<br />Where they buy from you<br />Value above the price<br />All the p’s are here<br />© Kathryn A Gorges<br /> @SocialMktgDiva @kagorges LinkedIn/in/KathrynGorges<br />11<br />
  16. 16. Putting your social media marketing plan together<br />You’ll be creating your company’s brand experience—in real time, in conversation<br />So laying the ground work is important<br />© Kathryn A Gorges<br /> @SocialMktgDiva @kagorges LinkedIn/in/KathrynGorges<br />12<br />
  17. 17. Step 1: Foundation<br />First step is to know yourself<br />Get in touch with your value<br />Ask customers<br />Ask prospective customers<br />Strengths, weaknesses, why do they buy, what do they like?<br />Discover what your customers look to you for – what do they count on you to be?<br />© Kathryn A Gorges<br /> @SocialMktgDiva @kagorges LinkedIn/in/KathrynGorges<br />13<br />
  18. 18. 5 key components of irresistible brands<br />Inspiring<br />Focused: single-minded<br />Consistent<br />Multi-sensory<br />Deliver on their promise<br />© Kathryn A Gorges<br /> @SocialMktgDiva @kagorges LinkedIn/in/KathrynGorges<br />14<br />
  19. 19. How do you create a fabulous brand experience?<br />Answer the main question: who are you for your customer? And who do you want to be?<br />What gap are you closing for your customer?<br />Why does your customer need you?<br />Why does your customer want you?<br />What would your customer do without you? Would they miss you?<br />Customer driven or customer focused?<br />© Kathryn A Gorges<br /> @SocialMktgDiva @kagorges LinkedIn/in/KathrynGorges<br />15<br />
  20. 20. Step 2: Product (the tangible deliverable)<br />What is the nature of the content you will generate?<br />What is your customer/prospect expecting from you?<br />What is in alignment with your product/service?<br />What type of personality naturally delivers that type of content? And that your customer/prospect would connect with?<br />ACTION => Describe in concrete terms the personality you will have in conversation across all your platforms: your tone, formality, values, what you wear, what you do, who you are so that you can step into that persona clearly. Identify the types of information that will be included in your content: technical, entertaining, challenging, educational, revealing, sensational, inspiring…<br />© Kathryn A Gorges<br /> @SocialMktgDiva @kagorges LinkedIn/in/KathrynGorges<br />16<br />
  21. 21. Step 3: Price<br />This is about the value of your content and increasing the value/price ratio.<br />What types of content will make a positive difference to your customer/prospect?<br />How do you want them to use the content?<br />What kinds of interaction will be satisfying to them?<br />What thought leadership are they expecting from you?<br />ACTION => Develop a value-driven content calendar with themes, topics, a variety of media, and an integrated set of posts across your online platforms.<br />© Kathryn A Gorges<br /> @SocialMktgDiva @kagorges LinkedIn/in/KathrynGorges<br />17<br />
  22. 22. Step 4: Place<br />Where will your customers/prospects be online?<br />What platforms align with your brand?<br />When will they be there?<br />How frequently do they show up?<br />How frequently are they expecting you to show up?<br />ACTION => Map out the social media platforms you’ll be on, when, and how frequently.<br />© Kathryn A Gorges<br /> @SocialMktgDiva @kagorges LinkedIn/in/KathrynGorges<br />18<br />
  23. 23. Step 5: Promotion<br />What tips, examples, and testimonials are your customers/prospects interested in?<br />What events could you sponsor or create?<br />What special offers can you make that balance the value and don’t create an addiction to deals?<br />When are these important to do?<br />What calls to action are your going to include?<br />ACTION => Develop a calendar of promotion – using the 80/20 rule <br />© Kathryn A Gorges<br /> @SocialMktgDiva @kagorges LinkedIn/in/KathrynGorges<br />19<br />
  24. 24. Step 6: Integrated plan<br />Bring together all the component of the 4 p’s plan for social media marketing in a content calendar that identifies:<br />Source material<br />Events<br />Offers<br />Examples/tips<br />Engagement activities<br />Platform cross-connection<br />Develop a set of tools for remembering your persona<br />© Kathryn A Gorges<br /> @SocialMktgDiva @kagorges LinkedIn/in/KathrynGorges<br />20<br />
  25. 25. Step 7: What game are you in?Measure, measure, measure<br />Create your game rules (business objectives)<br />What and who are you investing? What return do you want?<br />Declare your start (where are you now)<br />Measure at the end of a turn (define your time interval for measurement)<br />Compare (the before/after difference)<br />Win? Lose? (meet objectives? Are the objectives the right ones?)<br />Start the next round<br />And that will tell you whether what you’re doing is working or not.<br />© Kathryn A Gorges<br /> @SocialMktgDiva @kagorges LinkedIn/in/KathrynGorges<br />21<br />
  26. 26. Begin with the end in mind—Stephen Covey<br />Step 7 is really where you begin<br />Doing Step 1-6 will help you figure out Step 7<br />The key difference with social media marketing is the dynamic nature, so your plan is circular and reflects the present situation—so keep the plan updated with what you learn so you will continue to have the structure to support a consistent, coherent experience for your market!<br />© Kathryn A Gorges<br /> @SocialMktgDiva @kagorges LinkedIn/in/KathrynGorges<br />22<br />
  27. 27. Stick with it!<br />© Kathryn A Gorges<br /> @SocialMktgDiva @kagorges LinkedIn/in/KathrynGorges<br />23<br />