Lin at youth for cause dialogue session 10 june 2011


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Lin at youth for cause dialogue session 10 june 2011

  1. 1. Youth C auses C onference HC MC , 10 June 2011
  2. 2. Vision To m ake a d ifference by prom oting equal opportunitiesfor all m em bers of Vietnam ese society.
  3. 3. Individual &Not-for-Profit CorporateOrganization Donors
  4. 4. Mission (Part I) Individual & - C ulture of Philanthropy Corporate - Social Responsibility Donors - Thoughtful Giving H elping Local People to Meet Local Needs
  5. 5. Mission (Part II) - Technical SupportNot-for-Profit - Financial SupportOrganization - M anagem ent Support Promoting equal access to opportunities
  6. 6. ServicesTo the com m unity:• Research & analysis• N etworking & inform ation sharingTo local N PO s:• M onetary grants, up to 27,000,000 VN D• C apacity build ing workshops• Service grants - m atching skilled volunteersTo ind ivid ual & corporate philanthropists:• H igh level volunteer placem ent services• C onsultations and ad visory services• C apacity build ing workshops
  7. 7. Partnership with NPOs • L isten Not-for-Profit • Assess N eed s Organizations • Share Inform ation • C ollaborate Skilled Grants Volunteers
  8. 8. Partnership with Donors Individual • L isten & • N eed s Assessm ent Corporate • Inform ation Sharing Donors • Ad visory Services O rientation Skilled M atching Volunteers Not-for-Profit Support Services Organizations and/or Grants
  9. 9. What is a L IN Volunteer?Som eone who shares his/ professional skills herand / experiences with a not-for-profit ororganization, without the expectation of paym ent.
  10. 10. C ore Values• All people d eserve equal access to opportunities.• To ad vance a m ore efficient philanthropic m arketplace.• We are facilitators not d irect provid ers.• Strive to em power local not-for-profits to help them achieve their goals.• Be willing to take risks that others are unwilling/unable to take. …The rest of LIN’s core values can be found at: www.L IN
  11. 11. 71 -73-75 H ai Bà Trưn g, L ầu 6 | P. Bến N ghé, Q uận 1 | TpH C M + 84 (8) 3824-6091 | info@ L IN www.L IN