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Kao do promene u životu i samopouzdanja? Englesko izdanje


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Knjiga koja ce vam pomoci da promenite sopstveni zivot i da dobijete na samopouzdanju.
Odlicne i veoma prakticne vezbe.

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Kao do promene u životu i samopouzdanja? Englesko izdanje

  1. 1. Boundless Living Coaching Powered by Inspired Learning, LLC ©2010
  2. 2. Your Boundless Possibilities Workbook Boundless Living Coaching Powered by Inspired Learning, LLC ©2010 2 Welcome! As a Boundless Living Coach and a partner in making sure Bob’s Boundless Living Coaching Program fulfills his intention to serve his clients and to having them experience what’s possible in living the life of their dreams, it’s my honor to have worked with thousands of people as they transformed their experience of living. That’s one of the reasons why, when Bob suggested that we create a gift to provide people with a tool to empower them, shift their level of self confidence and enable them to move through blocks and barriers that seem to be stopping them in this challenging economic environment, I said “Absolutely – Let’s do it!” Bob frequently talks about being present and noticing when you’re not and that is a great place for us to start because when you’re present, you’re in the moment and can powerfully impact YOUR life and the lives of others you care about. My intention in creating this coaching document is to provide you with a powerful tool to enable you to go beyond those familiar or, unfamiliar, barriers that have stopped you in the past. My commitment is that it will show you some areas in your life where you may be unaware of blockages or beliefs that have kept you stuck AND to give you some coaching that will help you get past those barriers – hopefully forever! If you’ve never experienced coaching, and the value it can provide, I’d like to take a moment or two here to give you a few tips for making the most of what’s to come.
  3. 3. Your Boundless Possibilities Workbook Boundless Living Coaching Powered by Inspired Learning, LLC ©2010 3 Making the Most of a Coach So many times, we are inspired to read something new that moves or excites us and we think we understand completely the principles we have read about or studied. Then, as time passes, we wonder why those “understandings” don’t always get translated into action. Often, it’s because understanding and implementing are so different. Like a sports coach, your Boundless Possibilities Workbook will act as your coach and work with you to effectively implement the steps that you intellectually understand and help you to successfully integrate them into your daily life. If you are diligent in implementing the things you read about in this workbook, you will actually begin to see things that you may not have seen in the past. The reason for this is that sometimes, when you are on the ‘playing field’ of life, it’s tough to step outside yourself and see why or where you get stopped. You just know you are not fulfilling on what you think you want. You and I know how frustrating this can be! What do I mean by diligent? It’s really quite simple. For the next 21 days, concurrently, if you will do the exercises and follow the guidance of The Boundless Possibilities Workbook , you will have a breakthrough in your view of what is possible for you. This begins with having faith in yourself and letting go of fear, stress and concern about areas in life where you are finding yourself “stuck.” That means, if you stop or skip one day at any time during those 21 days, you will need to begin again. The reason? Studies show that new habits are formed when you do something consistently for 21 days in a row. So, if you use Your Boundless Possibilities Workbook as it is designed, it will allow you to step back and observe yourself, your actions , and your thoughts – much as a “real” coach would do. You will then be able to see yourself and your “thoughts” much more clearly than when you are “on the playing field” of life. You will see the actions you take much more clearly, and, most importantly, the thoughts that drive those actions. Having the ability to “step back” and observe your thoughts, behaviors, emotions and assumptions in this way can actually allow you to make the course corrections in your life; and by performing these actions for 21 days, you will form new, more empowering habits. You could say that when you are in the midst of your challenges and barriers, it’s like standing in the middle of a forest, unable to see the beauty of the giant, sheltering tree, standing high above you because you’re so confronted by the bushes, brambles and thorns that seem to surround you everywhere else. Once you can step back and – as if from a coach’s point of view – you can see where you are, that the sun is shining, that there is a safe path through the thorns, bushes and branches, and you can begin to awaken to the sheltering trees overhead; offering you beauty and a safety you were unable to experience before. For the next 21 days, consider The Boundless Possibilities Workbook as your partner – your coach, supporting you as you create your Boundless Living Life and coaching you to implement some of the tools you have been working on to get past the internal resistance and barriers to fulfillment and success.
  4. 4. Your Boundless Possibilities Workbook Boundless Living Coaching Powered by Inspired Learning, LLC ©2010 4 Of course, unlike an “in person” coach, who actually speaks to you and who literally “holds you accountable” – this “paper coach” requires YOU to pick it up and engage with it. I hope you will take the opportunity to use it to move yourself forward in your Boundless Living Challenge or in any area where you may currently feel ‘stuck.’ While the purpose of this workbook is to empower you to increase your self confidence, these exercises can assist you to create breakthroughs everywhere. Whether you are actively participating in the Boundless Living Challenge, are a member of the Boundless Living Coaching Program or whether you are just considering it, you can definitely use this Boundless Possibilities Workbook to move yourself forward in all areas of life; personal AND business. However, there is ONE more thing - a catch (isn’t there always?)… You must be committed to making these changes, advancing your intentions and to doing the exercises. “The irony of commitment is that it is deeply liberating – in work, in play, in love. The act frees you from the tyranny of your internal critic, from the fear that likes to dress itself up and parade around as rational hesitation. To commit is to remove your head as the barrier to your life.” Anne Morriss When you make a commitment to yourself to read the materials, do the exercises and engage in the reflections required, you will naturally alter your ordinary view and ways of looking at things and begin to expand into what is possible for you. So, take a few minutes now to read the following “Intention Statement” and then get started in creating the next level of your Boundless Living life! Intention Statement “Our Intention is that out of the work you will be doing in The Boundless Possibilities Workbook, you will experience powerful insights that lead you to take life-transforming action and habituate new ways of thinking; leaving you with a whole new view of what is possible for you in life and in business. May your power continue to unfold and may Boundless Living become a reality for you, opening vistas of fulfillment, joy, and success you had not thought possible.” Boundless Possibilities Principles Declare your commitment to “Become an Observer” Be clear what you want and don’t want in your life Honor your word to do all exercises and answer all questions Be open to insights and be willing to take appropriate actions Do your assignments 21 days concurrently (in a row) Start over if you “break” anywhere in those 21 days Prepare to Love your Life!
  5. 5. Your Boundless Possibilities Workbook Boundless Living Coaching Powered by Inspired Learning, LLC ©2010 5 Introduction Your Boundless Possibilities Workbook: Here’s how it works! Your Boundless Possibilities Workbook will provide you with coaching insights in each of the following areas: MAKING THE MOST OF A COACH……… Page 3 INTRODUCTION………………………………… Page 5 SESSION 1………………………………………….. Page 9 Becoming an Observer SESSION 2………………………………………….. Page 14 Your Thoughts SESSION 3…………………………………………… Page 20 Being Present and Creating Confidence COMPLETION………………………………………. Page 26 In order to make sure this Boundless Possibilities Workbook provides you with maximum support, I want to take a moment and show you how it is laid out. Coaching Session Format 1. The beginning of each Workbook Session touches on highlights of what is covered in that Chapter of the Workbook. 2. After each session, there will be an opportunity to evaluate where you are on the “Success Scale” as it applies to what was discussed in that session. You will be using the scale below and the accompanying coaching that follows to guide you as you move forward through the program. Here is what it will look like: Self-Evaluation & Coaching: Session No. ____ Where I am on the Confidence Scale regarding (Name of the Session)  1. I am totally competent in this area  2. I need much more work in this area
  6. 6. Your Boundless Possibilities Workbook Boundless Living Coaching Powered by Inspired Learning, LLC ©2010 6  3. I am totally stopped in this area Here you will “check in” with how you feel you are doing and whether you need coaching on the material you just covered. Check Box 1 if you can consider that you are soaring forward and perfectly clear Check Box 2 if you need clarification on subjects covered in this session Check Box 3 if you want additional coaching to support you to get the most out of this Session 3. After each session, you will also find a series of review questions, comments, or exercises. This is your “Coach on Paper” working with you to clarify and deepen your understanding of the Session. 4. Occasionally, we will re-define a standard word. The definition given will not be directly from a dictionary; it will be the word as used by us as a coaching distinction or way of speaking that may differ slightly from a “generic” definition. It will be bolded in the paragraph where it is used and it will look like this: From the coaching perspective, distinctions give you more power in impacting results because they supply (see example above) otherwise missing information 5. After each session, you will be given a space to write any question that comes up for you that you may want to do some research on your own! Ok – Now you’ve got the picture of how we will be working together. Let’s move forward on your Boundless Possibilities journey! Distinction: Noting differences; a different way of looking at something in order to create a new perspective. For example the difference between saying: “I had a bad hair day” and “my hair was straight, stringy, and flyaway and I couldn’t do a thing with it.”
  7. 7. Your Boundless Possibilities Workbook Boundless Living Coaching Powered by Inspired Learning, LLC ©2010 7 Introduction - The Foundation of Confidence Take Control! A house is always built from the ground up – and the integrity of the foundation gives the home stability and strength. Let’s look for a minute at your level of responsibility for your life. When most people hear the question “Are you responsible” usually it is because something has gone wrong and someone needs to be blamed! It doesn’t have to be that way. Here is another way to look at that powerful word “responsibility.” I love the way Bob speaks about this word. Being responsible, he says, is never about being wrong or about blaming yourself for something or not owning up to what is important to you. It’s about knowing that you are the source of your own power and that when you say that “the buck stops with you” rather than allowing the circumstances to determine the outcome of your life, you have much more power to influence what happens to you, rather than the other way around. Like the foundation of your home, it is the place on which you stand to create your present and your future. As you move through this Boundless Possibilities Workbook, keep in mind that your positive ability to respond to less than positive circumstances is a powerful tool in creating your Boundless Living life. Stay in touch with that strength within you and success will be yours. Considering the Boundless Living Coaching Program is a great start to creating the life that you have always wanted. It will give you huge new insights and opportunities to move forward with anything you want to accomplish and to increasing your confidence at lightning speed. Now, let’s take a look at how much time this week you are planning to devote to working in your Boundless Possibilities Workbook - 30 minutes a day? 10 minutes a day? If you’re anything like me, you have a lot of things that could get in the way if you let them. You could be cleaning up the kitchen, working in your office, reading a book, writing a letter, paying taxes – anything you know you “should” do or even really want to do, but somehow, something else, more important at the time, seems to come in between what you said you were going to do and doing it. It’s perfectly natural for other things to get in the way; after all, life continues and things change, moment by moment, even when your intentions are to watch an amazing show on TV. Why, of course you want to be confident and successful. It’s an awesome possibility but… and here’s where life “interrupts” your intentions…there are LOTS of OTHER things you must also do. What follows is Lesson One from your “Coach.” Set Your Intention Right Now! If you haven’t done so – stop right now – and write down your intention for success this week – what success would look like (Describe it completely):
  8. 8. Your Boundless Possibilities Workbook Boundless Living Coaching Powered by Inspired Learning, LLC ©2010 8 ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Great! Now, take a few moments and visualize it happening. Really allow yourself to experience the feeling that comes with having your confidence and success become a reality. How will it show up this coming week and what will be the outcome IF you are more confident? Schedule time each day to spend in your envisioning process and that will make it more and more real for you. Setting your intention and mastering the principles and practices for building confidence is a critical step in living your life truly happy, confident of success and personal and professional fulfillment. Get as clear as possible about what you want and the outcome you want to create, either in life or in your business; design a vision board or some inspiring picture of what you intend to have in your life, and use it to envision that experience. You can then take the actions you will be inspired to take. You’ll discover that the better you get at envisioning what you want, the more easily it will begin to come to you. Create a habit of Focusing on the Solution you are creating rather than the challenges you experience along the way. Identify a person in your life who can be a support for you in keeping your focus on a solution rather than on a problem. Talk with them – ask them what you can do to support them as well so that, together, you can create a partnership in which your mutual intentions can be fulfilled. Guiding Principles Review These guiding principles are the source for the information in this workbook. Keep them in mind as you begin your journey toward self confidence and success Declare A Commitment To Become An Observer Be clear what you want and don’t want in your life Honor your word to yourself Be open to insights and willing to take appropriate actions Do your assignments 21 days concurrently (in a row) Start over if you “break” anywhere in those 21 days Prepare to Love your Life! Now, let’s get started with Session 1
  9. 9. Your Boundless Possibilities Workbook Boundless Living Coaching Powered by Inspired Learning, LLC ©2010 9 Session 1 - Becoming an Observer This Session contains the key to success for this workbook. If you can begin to observe yourself and the actions or reactions you have to circumstances in your life, you will begin to have more power in separating yourself from being at the effect of life and causing your life to go the way you intend it to go. Take this one distinction on, and you will literally transform your life. When you get “outside” your automatic thoughts and begin to see things as if you were an observer, you will see how the stories or interpretations about things can change the way things actually impact you and your life. The following exercises will help you to do that. In the Morning: Take a moment to look at your day today. What kind of attitude are you taking into the day with you? Are you clear there may be challenges? Are you looking for problems (and finding them)? What are you feeling as you first wake up? Then, consider what did you DO about those feelings? What is your energy level and what would support you in raising it? For the most part, we are unconscious of those feelings we wake up “into.” Your job over the next 21 days is to begin to notice those feelings and write them down. This is the beginning of “Observation of Self.” Assignment: Write down your attitude each morning and answer the above questions. Start today (You will definitely need more paper so use this as a beginning and then add to it): ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________
  10. 10. Your Boundless Possibilities Workbook Boundless Living Coaching Powered by Inspired Learning, LLC ©2010 10 ____________________________________________________________________________________ What you will begin to notice as you write down those feelings and emotions each day, is that you have a choice to listen to them – to let your life be determined by those feelings or emotions or to choose to create something different. THAT is a new concept to many people. That they actually HAVE a choice about what they are feeling is BIG news! Is that news to you? Did you even notice you were choosing? At Noon: Consider the statement that “The Universe is Out to Support You!” Once you begin to create a belief that you live in a friendly universe, it can impact everything. This is one of the NEW habits that, if you choose it, will alter your life and the confidence with which you live it. When was the last time YOU consciously made the decision to operate as if you trusted the universe? I remember saying that to a friend and getting a strange look. I think it was when I was trying to decide whether or not to buy a new car – a convertible. My friends told me it was crazy to buy a new car, especially a convertible; there was nothing wrong with my old one – and a convertible was so impractical. I might lose my job and not be able to keep up the payments. The weather in Texas is too hot for a convertible and my insurance would go up…all kinds of things might go wrong. And I said “I trust the universe and if I am meant to have this car, it will all work out” – and it has and I LOVE it! Assignment: Each day make it your business to consciously decide to operate as if the universe is completely your partner in having life be wonderful. Notice what happens on that day – do you feel differently? Are you lighter in spirit? Do your friends seem nicer? Does the day seem brighter? Just take note of it and see if operating as if the Universe is out to support you makes a difference in your level of happiness and satisfaction – and do you feel more confident in your ability to win at life. Remember, you are practicing being an Observer of yourself! - Write down what you notice. __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________
  11. 11. Your Boundless Possibilities Workbook Boundless Living Coaching Powered by Inspired Learning, LLC ©2010 11 __________________________________________________________________________________________ In the Evening: Notice your energy level and where you find yourself at the end of the day. Write down what you noticed about your day and whether it was different in any way than the day before. What did you learn? What improved? What signs showed up that things were getting better? Describe your observations about yourself and how you interacted with the circumstances around you. Then, at the bottom, write at least three things you are proud of yourself for; things that you did during the day. No matter how small or insignificant they appear, each day you will create three NEW things you did that you can observe, take pride in and document at the end of the day. __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ Self-Evaluation & Coaching – Session 1 Where I am regarding my ability to observe myself:  1. I am completely competent in this area  2. I need much more work in this area  3. I am totally stopped in this area If you have selected Box 1, good work! Move on to Session 2! If you have selected Box 2 or 3, take a moment now to address the following questions: 1. Did you take any time during the day to consciously schedule your “moments of observation?” Remember, they will not happen on their own – especially at first since you are creating a new habit. It may require that you actually schedule a specific time to consciously observe how you are doing and how your day is going. It can just be for a moment or two – this does not have to take a lot of time. It is a matter of training yourself to experience moments of clarity and observing yourself - in the present moment.
  12. 12. Your Boundless Possibilities Workbook Boundless Living Coaching Powered by Inspired Learning, LLC ©2010 12 I invite you to go to your calendar now and schedule some time this week to do that…You could find it very helpful. Here are a couple of examples, Monday - Add a note in your calendar at 12:00 PM asking: How many times so far today did I make an optimistic statement? How often did I alter may normal reaction to something by considering an alternative? Tuesday - Add a note in your calendar at 2:00 PM asking Was I more present this morning to acceptance? Did I consider another person’s view of a situation and alter mine as a result? Wednesday - Add a note in your calendar at 4:00 PM asking: Was my experience of life at work satisfying or dissatisfying today? What part did I play in whether my day turned out well? Only when you begin to be aware of those places where you are conscious of being present will you be able to change your experience of life. Putting “course correction” in those places where you are consistently unconscious or thinking about past events or concerns will alter how you feel about yourself and your life. Notice if those moments occur at work. Do they happen when you are at home? Do you experience the ability to observe yourself more during your leisure hours or when you are with certain people? Noticing is half the battle and you will only notice when you are awake to the question. That’s why putting it in your calendar will “wake you up.” Of course, you also want to notice where you are experiencing more enjoyment, more ease, and where you are feeling “lighter.” Make sure you accept where you are today and be kind to yourself as you are waking up and observing that you seem more satisfied and confident in your life every day. Schedule time during the day to visualize the intention you created at the beginning of this workbook. It could be as little as 10 or 15 minutes in the morning or evening; just schedule it and begin creating a habit of noticing what you are doing that is powerful, that is useful and that successfully moves you forward toward what you want to have. 2. What practices have you put in place to confirm or add validity to the statement that the Universe is out to support you? Do this by taking action to shape your thinking in that direction – begin it now and take it one day at a time. For example, each day this week, notice when something goes different than the way you think it should. Consciously shift your thought process and see a value that you derived from it going the way that it did. Do this consistently all week and notice if, by the end of the week, you are beginning to feel lighter and more at ease inside. In doing this, you will begin to take the first step to creating habits that support your Boundless Living experience. As you know from following Bob, the Law of Attraction tells us that we get what we focus on. Take the next few minutes and make a list of everything in your life that is wonderful and that you are grateful you have. As you do this, take a moment to really experience each thing on the list and the joy that it brings you. When you do this every day, you will find, more and more, that you are focusing on and appreciating all that
  13. 13. Your Boundless Possibilities Workbook Boundless Living Coaching Powered by Inspired Learning, LLC ©2010 13 you have. And, because you are doing this, the grateful feelings you are experiencing will increase more and more each day. __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________
  14. 14. Your Boundless Possibilities Workbook Boundless Living Coaching Powered by Inspired Learning, LLC ©2010 14 Coaching Session 2 – Your Thoughts Know what you want and what you don’t want When you are clear that you choose the way you respond to every situation in your life, you can begin to gain power, clarity and confidence. If, after all, we are just victims of our circumstances, being blown in one direction and then in another, we have little to say about how our life goes. It is only when you take ownership of your own happiness, success and confidence and you understand that you have the ability to determine how you respond to circumstances, that you can you begin to direct the course of your life. We all encounter “victims” in life – you may have even considered yourself one – and have seen that they believe that the past is more powerful than the future. This is what keeps them victims. It is only when we see that the power for guiding our life and our direction is in the present – that the past has no power over us and that when we choose the ability to respond powerfully in this moment –our entire life can change in an instant. We lay the foundation for our confidence in directing our life by letting go of being a victim, being clear of what we have that we don’t want, and knowing what we do want. Focusing on solutions, looking for the lesson and the value in everything and discovering the gift in every situation is what allows us to make peace with “thoughts” – both good and bad – and to create a powerful place to stand for ourselves in the present. Getting people to see the power available to them when they take responsibility for who they are and what they create in their lives is such an amazing conversation and one that constantly leaves me, as a coach, inspired by who people can be when they choose their own power. Question Your Thoughts So often, thoughts from the past get in the way for all of us. However, when you can take responsibility for having those thoughts, for questioning or clearing them, for ignoring them or laughing at them, you can begin the process of creating your own happiness and generating confidence in your ability to design your Boundless Living lifestyle. Modern medicine for years has told you that you are what you eat – and it has become even clearer that you are also what you think. Your thoughts control your body; even your unconscious thoughts. Those can be the most powerful if you are unaware that they are there. If, for example, you are unaware that you are being a victim, there is little hope for ever getting past it or for being anything else. That’s why what we discussed in Session 1 is so important. Being an “observer” is an essential, powerful learning tool for anyone interested in making any changes in their life. You cannot transform what you cannot see.
  15. 15. Your Boundless Possibilities Workbook Boundless Living Coaching Powered by Inspired Learning, LLC ©2010 15 Take the case of the fish: The fish says…”I’m so unhappy - I hate my life…everything is slippery, soggy and smelly all the time.” Then, (if he could) the fish walks up on land and looks back at where he was. He says “WOW, no wonder I felt wet and soggy all the time…I was in water!” That’s what it’s like when we begin to “observe” ourselves. When we are being a victim, for example, it’s hard to see it. It just feels like the way it is in life is that “everything bad always happens to me.” Now, if we step back and see what actually occurred as if looking through someone else’s eyes, we can observe the part we played in having the situation turn out the way that it did. Only then is there some power for us to see that we had something to do with how it turned out. This is the source for creating the new habit of questioning your thoughts. Start creating that habit today and you could actually have fun doing it. You will begin to see how you are causing your life to go the way that it does. Keep in mind that if you focus on what you have that you don’t want, you will continue to attract more of the same because that is the energy you will be putting out, whether you are aware of it or not. That is why it is important to notice those thoughts – and clear them. Dwelling on what is not working and what you don’t want will only get you more of the same. It is only when you can identify those thoughts, find value in what you already have – even what you don’t want, and begin to create what you do want separate and apart from them – that you will begin to alter that kind of negative energy. I think it is important to add here to mention that “finding value” in what you have that you don’t want and “liking it” or wanting to keep it are two different things. If you can see that you can create value in a lesson learned or an experience completed that will help you live more effectively in the present and, therefore, in the future, you can understand that everything that happens to us can have value – and it is what we say about it that creates that value. For example: I may not want that ticket I got for speeding and not wearing my seatbelt; however, I can see the value in being conscious about my safety on the road and protecting myself and my family by now doing what I should have done in the first place; obey the law and wear my seatbelt. That is the value of the ticket and I can create that in my speaking. Now, about shifting your unwanted or unpleasant thoughts… I’d like to share with you a situation that one of my clients shared with me. She said she had thoughts about herself and that, while she understood “intellectually” that she should let go of those thoughts AND that she didn’t believe what she “heard” in her head; that she would never find anyone who would really love her for who she was. BUT, she said, that thought was constantly with her anyway, in spite of the fact that she didn’t believe it, intellectually. She said it felt like the thoughts were thinking her, instead of her thinking the thoughts. This happened especially when she met someone she liked and was thinking about future possibilities with them.
  16. 16. Your Boundless Possibilities Workbook Boundless Living Coaching Powered by Inspired Learning, LLC ©2010 16 Working with people to be “clear” that they are NOT the thoughts in their head is important, and most important is seeing that those thoughts are not “the truth.” Those “old” negative thoughts that plague all of us from time to time are the reason we need to go beyond the mind and find a way to “let go.” The internet is filled with techniques and methods that are designed to assist you in clearing these kinds of resistance and past limiting thoughts. Some of the most popular are: Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) The Science of Getting Rich Cutting the Cord The Sedona Method These, along with many other tools, can help you clear out some of those old thoughts and decisions from the past and can be extremely useful. I encourage you to test them all and see what works best for you. Whatever you can do that allows you to practice observing yourself and your thoughts and learning to be clear about what you want and what you don’t want will support your ability to be present. What are some of the thoughts from the past that stop you from loving and taking care of yourself? What do you need to do to let go of those self defeating thoughts? Assignment: During the day: For the next 21 days, notice how many times during the day you had the thought that something occurring was a problem and that “it should not be like this.” Write a list of these things and then next to them, write the value in them being that way. What will you learn from them and what you will create going forward in the future that will be beneficial as a result of what you have that you don’t want. __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________
  17. 17. Your Boundless Possibilities Workbook Boundless Living Coaching Powered by Inspired Learning, LLC ©2010 17 Next, write a list of what you do want – What would be fun, exciting and an opportunity for you to have that is NOT a fix for something you don’t want? Be open over the next 24 hours to seeing where these things that you want could show up. Remember to continue to be observant about why you want these things. Is it to fix something? Is it because you think you would be smarter, better, or more appreciated if you had these things? What if you already had everything you wanted and needed? What then would you want? Visualize those things and enjoy in your mind having them. Notice when they start showing up around you! Remember, according to the Law of Attraction, you attract what you focus on. __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ Keep in mind that getting clear, trusting yourself and what you know to be true for you in your conscious mind can allow those negative thoughts to disappear. Self-Evaluation & Coaching – Session 2 Where I am regarding understanding my thoughts & what I want and don’t want  1. I am totally competent in this area  2. I need much more work in this area  3. I am totally stopped in this area If you checked Box 1 in this session, congratulations. Once you begin to know that you are not your thoughts, that you can direct them instead AND that knowing what you want can assist you in having your Boundless Living experience in life, you can use that vision to empower yourself rather than criticize or make yourself wrong. Keep moving!
  18. 18. Your Boundless Possibilities Workbook Boundless Living Coaching Powered by Inspired Learning, LLC ©2010 18 If you checked Box 2 or 3 in this Session, step back for a moment in time and consider a these questions. 1. When you are wondering why you are not getting what you want and the things that you don’t want seem overwhelming, beginning to see value in what you have that you don’t want will go a long way toward lessening the resistance in the universe to you having what you want. Just notice what you have that you don’t want, appreciate the value in it and be grateful for what you do have. Do some visualizing about what you really want – allow yourself to feel and experience what it will be like to have those things and let go of how you think they should show up. 2. Remember when we talked about considering that the universe is benevolent – it wants you to have what you want? Now is the time to remember that and continue to generate thoughts like that instead of why things are not working the way you want them to. 3. Each day, work on valuing what you have - Use clearing tools every chance you get! Understand that you are not your thoughts and you do not have to be “at the effect” of them. Just notice them, let them go. Each night, make a list of everything you are grateful for – each list should have at least 3 new things on it EVERY day. Begin your list below and do it every day from this one forward. __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ 4. The good thing about thoughts we have that seem to tell us how bad things are and how wrong others are, is that “Our thoughts aren’t always true!”
  19. 19. Your Boundless Possibilities Workbook Boundless Living Coaching Powered by Inspired Learning, LLC ©2010 19 Take a moment to notice some of the following: Where do these negative thoughts or feelings occur – mostly at work? Be the observer - notice what seems to trigger them and what can you do to shift your thinking into a different mode. Does it happen when you are at home? Notice if it happens mostly around certain people and notice if you are responding to inner thoughts that are not necessarily “the truth,” but a version of what you believe to be true. What other version could you create? What version would be more helpful? Do you experience concern during your leisure hours or when you are with certain people? This could be an indication of something that you have been ignoring or avoiding. This is an opportunity to consider what you can do to change your way of thinking about. Is it a particular person or place that has you feel that way and can you use it as a chance to practice shifting your thoughts? Noticing is half the battle and you will only notice when you are awake to these kinds of questions. Put it in your calendar so that it can “wake you up.” In this way, you will be more conscious and creating more confidence in yourself and the level of your satisfaction will increase. Our Thinking Reactive Creative Judging Accepting Worrying Trusting Over-thinking Clear Thinking Dwelling on the bad Savoring the good
  20. 20. Your Boundless Possibilities Workbook Boundless Living Coaching Powered by Inspired Learning, LLC ©2010 20 Coaching Session 3 – Being Present and Creating Confidence This is a short Session – and it only takes a few lines. But those few lines can change your life so listen carefully to your coach… Gratitude Studies frequently show that people who are satisfied, content with their lives, and confident about who they are don’t necessarily have more than others have in their lives to be grateful for. They just focus more often and spend more time in the experience of gratitude. What experts know is that your heart is the source for gratitude. There’s a simple equation and it works every time. People who experience gratitude the most are the happiest. In the coaching I have done with thousands of individuals over the years, this is one of the constant truths I’ve encountered. I’ve even asked myself the question, which came first – the gratitude or the happiness? And the answer is always the same. In my experience it is always the gratitude that comes first. Always; no exceptions. When people are grateful, they are happy. Have you ever had the experience of just wanting to jump up and down and say “thank you, thank you, thank you!!!” Of course you have. The last time I did that was when I’d lost my wallet and a stranger returned them to me by taking them to the store “lost and found.” Not only was the wallet returned, but it had every dime and dollar bill still in it! It was a wonderful, rewarding experience! Having something like that happen and experiencing that level of gratitude has the ability to “expand” your heart and your ability to allow happiness and contentment into your life. Here’s a tip - If you want to experience that kind of expansion more often, give it away. That’s right; the more you give away a kind word, a thoughtful deed, a considerate act, the more gratitude and happiness will flow your way. The benevolent universe you are creating for yourself really does work that way. More than anything else you will read or study, focusing on your level of gratitude and satisfaction in life, the more easily you will move forward on your journey to a Boundless Living life. I know that seems just too simple, doesn’t it? It really is that easy - yet we make being happy and satisfied pretty darn complicated. But really, the bottom line is if you release the past, focus on good thoughts, let the bad ones just drift away, and stay present and grateful for being in the moment, you will become very clear that gratitude is the source for being happy and fulfilled. And, when you are happy and fulfilled, you are confident in life. Confident that you can truly create anything that you want – for yourself and for the people you love. Did you notice I said “…stay present and grateful for being in the moment?” Let me review that just in case you are not clear.
  21. 21. Your Boundless Possibilities Workbook Boundless Living Coaching Powered by Inspired Learning, LLC ©2010 21 If you've spent any time at all studying the metaphysical or the Law of Attraction, you will hear the expression "being present" quite often. Being Present: Being “awake” to this instant, this “now” moment; there is no past in the way and no future to fear; you are just in the here and now. Here’s how that relates to gratitude. When you take a moment to be grateful, you are always in the present moment. Can you see that? If I ask you right now - "What are you grateful for?" you will look into your heart – in this moment - and say what comes to mind. It could be "for my children" or "for my wonderful family and home" or "for my talent" – whatever it is, you will be present - and clear, expressing yourself, joyful, experiencing life to its fullest and ready to embrace happiness. When you are grateful you are present…and when you are present, you are happy and confident. That’s the theory - feel free to test it! Now, I’m going to pose a question here that is probably one of the most important you will read in this document. Why would being present impact being confident? I’d say that the answer to this question could possibly be the most important key to your success in this Boundless Possibilities Workbook. Why do you think that is? Because confidence exists as a result of doing everything we have been talking about since you began this workbook. It is essential to be an observer, to be clear what you want and be grateful for what you already have and, finally to being PRESENT; present to yourself and your ability in life. Present to the benevolent universe you have created. Present to the moment with no past in the way and no judgment from the past about what you can and can’t do. I am inviting you to consider that “confidence” is a matter of who you are creating yourself to be in this moment. Consider this. LACK of confidence is a state of mind. It is produced by thoughts – involuntary thoughts – from the past and about the past. It’s as simple as that and while it is simple, it is not easy. We all have thoughts – about ourselves, about our past failures, about our lack of skills in one area and another – HOWEVER, and this is the key – Those thoughts are NOT the truth. They are just past memories or feelings – and they do NOT have to run your life if you choose to let them go. Letting go of the past is a powerful tool to build confidence in the present. Letting Go: To release an attachment to some person, thing, idea, or outcome; to allow whatever happens to happen without judgment or evaluation
  22. 22. Your Boundless Possibilities Workbook Boundless Living Coaching Powered by Inspired Learning, LLC ©2010 22 That is why observing your thoughts is so important. Because only when observing them can you truly separate yourself from them – and see that they are from the past and not useful in the moment. Here is the winning formula for Self Confidence… 1. Observe your thoughts – notice if they empower you or not – if not, clear them or let them go 2. Be present – and grateful for everything you have – and see value in what you have that you don’t want 3. Know what you want and take action consistent with what you want 4. Visualize the experience of having what you want or the action you want to take to get it 5. You can only win – since whether you accomplish exactly what you want or not, you will gain value from it (see number 2) Truly, creating confidence in yourself takes only a moment. The key is that moment must happen in a NOW moment. Assignment: Each day for the next 21, notice your level of power; rate yourself on a scale from 1 to 5 – One being least powerful and 5 being most powerful. Do this in the morning and evening. In the morning, note where you are when you get up and ready for the day. Notice each day if your level of power increases or decreases. If it does not increase, what are the things you are observing about yourself that take away your power? What conversations are you having in your head that tell you are not powerful? Not confident? Not capable? YOU created them and YOU can stop them. __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________
  23. 23. Your Boundless Possibilities Workbook Boundless Living Coaching Powered by Inspired Learning, LLC ©2010 23 In the evening, notice what you say about your level of power before going to bed. Did you accomplish what you wanted – are you clear that whether you did or not, YOU are the one who gets to say what your level of power is. Will you have your successes AND your failures empower you or let them disempower you. Remember, YOU get to make that determination, not your thoughts. ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ Self-Evaluation & Coaching – Session 3 Where I am regarding Being Present and Confident  1. I am totally competent in this area  2. I need much more work in this area  3. I am totally stopped in this area If you checked Box 1, good work – stay in the flow and keep growing! If you checked Box 2 or 3, engage in the following activities, designed to clarify your experience of this session. 1. This week, when you are in the grocery store, look behind you. Does someone have fewer groceries than you and look like they are in a hurry? Offer to let them ahead… Notice how their face lights up – notice how good you feel. The next time you encounter someone giving you a service, look them in the eye and thank them; really thank them for serving you, notice the difference it makes – for both of you. 2. The next time you notice someone having some kind of difficulty that you know how to handle, do it. 3. Over the next 21 days, begin to take your focus off of you and put it on someone else. Notice what your experience is of doing this. I promise you will become much more aware of your own value and what you bring to the world – this can ONLY create confidence. 4. Notice as you go through your week how often you are grateful. 5. Try something you have never tried before. Acknowledge yourself for the results you produced whether you have thoughts about it that say you did not do a good job. Create a list of what you learned from any failures you had this week. Observe any thoughts you are having about failure or what you think is failure and then come up with an alternate explanation about it that has it NOT be a failure but a learning lesson.
  24. 24. Your Boundless Possibilities Workbook Boundless Living Coaching Powered by Inspired Learning, LLC ©2010 24 6. Notice your level of power each and every day. Look for it to improve each day and what is missing when it does not. Notice where you made yourself or someone else wrong because they did something that doesn’t appear to be working. Create a new explanation about the value of what they did that makes it worth having happened; no matter how bad it appears at the beginning. Start observing your conversations and where they are empowering and where they are not – for you AND for others. Then shift the way you are speaking so that your confidence level is increasing daily. __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ 7. Describe the last time YOU wanted to jump up and down and say “Thank you, thank you, thank you!!” – create a moment or two every day to express that kind of gratitude in your life. __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ 8. Make a gratitude list below. List everything you are grateful for right now. Make a new list every morning or evening – list at least five things you are grateful for and don’t repeat anything. Include notes on your experience of doing that and how you feel when you are done. __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________
  25. 25. Your Boundless Possibilities Workbook Boundless Living Coaching Powered by Inspired Learning, LLC ©2010 25 __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ Congratulations for taking this on – If you have come this far, you have done great work! Regardless of where you are – whether you completed all exercises or stopped after Session1, there is value to be seen if you look for it. Now, let’s look at completion…
  26. 26. Your Boundless Possibilities Workbook Boundless Living Coaching Powered by Inspired Learning, LLC ©2010 26 Completion Before we close, I’d like to say a few last words about Completion. “Completion” is a coaching distinction that can powerfully impact your life. Completion: A declared state; the experience of everything addressed; all issues settled and nothing unsaid or un-communicated. No obligations are due and freedom is all that is present is being present. Completing something is quite different than finishing it. For example, you may have finished reading this Coaching Workbook, but have you completed it? Have you done all the exercises you intended to do? Are you clear that you got everything you wanted out of it? Do you understand everything you want to understand? Are you truly “complete” with it? If you have fallen short of what you intended, you can still be complete! Many times we think we are complete but we have thoughts and feelings remaining. So, I would like to take this opportunity to be complete with you. When something is incomplete it saps energy, leaves old thoughts rattling around in our brains, and creates dissatisfaction. Old stories, broken friendships and relationships, old careers family arguments; all those things that have stopped us in life; things that we’ve walked away from but have not completed – That is one of the greatest values of coaching. So here’s what’s I need to say to be complete. In producing this manual, my wish for you is that you experience all the happiness, joy and self confidence in living that is possible. That your life continually unfolds as an amazing adventure and that you continue to grow and prosper, traveling the path of those who are living Boundless Lives! Bob and his entire Coaching Team know that possibility is in your hands and that there is no better time than the present moment to make that happen. If you have ever thought about having a coach, now is the perfect time! I invite you to consider working with a coach – whether it’s with Bob and his team or somewhere else. Working with a coach can increase enormously the velocity with which you move forward in life! With a coach at your side, there is nothing standing between you and having complete and utter personal and professional success.
  27. 27. Your Boundless Possibilities Workbook Boundless Living Coaching Powered by Inspired Learning, LLC ©2010 27 We encourage you to find out about Bob’s Boundless Living Coaching Program. Just go to and find out what is possible for you in working one-on-one with a coach, whether it is in the personal or business area of life. Time after time, we witness extraordinary results as people express what they have created out of working, one- on-one with their coach; gaining wisdom, direction and guidance; and you, too, can create those same kind of results if that is what you are committed to. It is only when you take action and step out in the world that you will begin building your self confidence level and break down your personal barriers to success. Each one of us has amazing gifts to share with the world and only when we are actively participating in life, can they show up. Now is definitely the perfect the time to take charge of your own success, raise your self confidence and overcome the barriers that have stopped you from taking your life to the next level of happiness and fulfillment. Warmest personal regards, The Boundless Living Coaching Team! P.S. As you consider what is next for you in pushing your life and your business to the next level of productivity and profitability, consider strongly the fact that Bob uses and is benefited by a powerful partnership with his coach and the Boundless Living Coaching Team. We all look forward to hearing from you at !