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Mobile components for playful cultural resistance @ TWAB 2008

  1. Mobile components for playful cultural resistance Kars Alfrink – The Web and Beyond 2008
  2. Provo
  3. “…the street finds its own uses for things” —William Gibson
  6. Flash Mobs &
  7. “The opposite of play is not work. It’s depression.” —Brian Sutton-Smith
  8. “Play is free movement within a more rigid structure.” —Katie Salen & Eric Zimmerman
  9. Free Running
  10. LED Throwies &
  11. Mario Question Blocks
  12. “Processing data is the very essence of what a computer does. […] Using the computer in a data-intensive mode wastes its greatest strength.” —Chris Crawford
  13. &
  14. “Procedural rhetoric […] arguments are made not through the construction of words or images, but through the authorship of rules of behavior, the construction of dynamic models.” —Ian Bogost
  15. September 12
  16. ?, &
  17. The British UFO invasion of 1967 Images removed due to rights limitations
  19. Zona Incerta
  20. “These things are far too important to take seriously.” —Bill Buxton
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