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Ad hw

  1. 1. Good and BadAdvertisementsCathlyn Caballero
  2. 2. Good Print Advertisements Contains three(3) good/creative printadvertisements. Opinionated
  3. 3. The hulk is Band-Aidsmodel in thisadvertisement. Message of this ad:Even the toughest guyneeds protection againstbacterial infection.
  4. 4. Oreo was compared to egg, the worlds most favoritebreakfast. Message of this ad: Oreo can also be worlds most favoritebreakfast since milk can be associated with fried eggduring breakfast.
  5. 5. This ad is more on information commercial. WWF(worldwide fund) is very creative on making this advertisement.They tend to relate animal life to human life. The message of this ad: smoking burns human lungs aswell as destroying wildlife. (cigarettes was made oftobacco leaves, and leaves from this tobacco camefrom large wild/farmed areas)
  6. 6. Bad Print Advertisements Contains three(3) Bad/unpleasing printadvertisements. Opinionated.
  7. 7. This advertisement is so ridiculous. its not pleasing to see theworlds most influential president, Barrack Obama, kiss anotherguy. The message of this ad is about promoting 3rd sex equality(LGBT= lesbian gay bisexual transgender) but then, its stillnot a good example to children and it hurts my eyes.
  8. 8. This advertisement isblasphemous. Theymocked Christiansprophet, Jesus, by placinga throned crown in thatguy/models head but theirpurpose is to promoteplaystations 10thanniversary of passion (butnot passion of Christ). Thisad is very offensive toChristians.
  9. 9. This ad is really not agood example tochildren. Children mighttaught that this baby(inthe ad) is drinking liquor.And another thing is,sodas are not good forbabies/childrenespecially when it comesto health. They might aswell imitate this act. Butthe message of this ad isthey have the mostyoungest customers, ifyoure one, then join thebandwagon.
  10. 10. Good Video Advertisements Contains three(3) good videoadvertisement opinionated
  11. 11. This advertisement is so hilarious and has a great twist. Theyrelated woman who loves reading 50 shades of grey withmother’s day. The message of this ad is, buy what mothersreally need for mother’s day, kindle. “mom what you’rereading? …they’ll never know”.
  12. 12. This Ad is also a hilarious one. Some say it’s stupid, but forme, its really funny and I think they have the point.The message of this ad is: Women shampoo isn’t made formen.
  13. 13. Windows 8 commercial/advertisement. This ad explainshow “fast” windows 8 really is by using metaphor (womenputting make ups.) nice ad.
  14. 14. Bad Video Advertisements Contains three(3) bad videoadvertisements opinionated
  15. 15. Others say this ad is about racism (blacks are always on the“criminal side” while whites are always victims). For me thisad is not even related to their product “mountain dew”.
  16. 16. This is a local commercial(Philippines). Daniel Padilla, a teencelebrity, promotes/endorses a sanitary pad. It’s quite funny thatthis popular heartthrob celebrity endorses a sanitary pad. Theyshould even just pick other guy instead of Daniel. This ad leads himto some “gay issues” in Phil media.
  17. 17. This ad is offensive to fluffy/fat people. It’s like theydiscriminate that fat lady. It’s not funny. This ad’smessage is, they can fix whatever happens to yourcopying machine.
  18. 18. End 