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About Aspans

Brief presentation about the Aspans company, its products, cases, challenges and CEO&Founder

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About Aspans

  1. 1. 2020 Cloud automation software
  2. 2. VISION ASPANS is the technology company that builds intelligent products and services powered by ASPANS PLATFORM. Our goal is to help our customers create and easy customize digital ecosystems for their own needs. We develop and maintain industrial automation software for thousands of users who with the help of ASPANS reach their goals and enhance enterprise productivity.
  3. 3. 3 ASPANS (Advanced Systems for Programing Analysis) is a single platform for industrial, business and home use. It is designed to help improve data collection, data processing, make predictive models and analytics and reports, simulate technology processes and create easy to customize cloud applications and algorithms. ASPANS is the technology that enhances DevOps processes and allows to share and install ASPANS software on plug-and-play basis. ABOUT COMPANY
  4. 4. CHALLENGES WE SOLVE 1. Decisions are made based on outdated data 2. Advanced Data management tools are expensive 3. System integration is the problem 4. Business automation is time consuming 5. Lack of suitable solutions on the market OUTDATED DATA PRICE INTEGRATION TIME SUITABILITY
  5. 5. CHALLENGE 1 Decisions are made based on outdated data Challenge of receiving data on daily and hourly basis was the first problem that was solved by our team. Data must have been live, reports and analytics should have been relevant. Our team.. (I) …organized the cloud platform with tools allowing to integrate systems via API and DB connections. (II) … developed the smart tables and forms that has allowed people to supply data manually where automation does not persist. (|||) … developed and integrated BI Reports sub systems with lots of features enabling users to create interactive deep analysis reports ADVANTAGES
  6. 6. CHALLENGE 2 Advanced Data management tools are expensive We’ve never wanted to make our cloud technology dependable on commercial software. Therefore ASPANS has been assembled in-house from open source technology and frameworks available on the market and this allowed us to form price of the platform much lower than available offers on the market. Making this serious software in-house allowed our team to integrate all needed tools for data- management (Python, BI, Smart table, Pivot, Excel data import/export, access segregation, user management, messages management) ASPANS aims to make its technology affordable to every business. ADVANTAGES
  7. 7. CHALLENGE 3 System integration is the problem ASPANS solved the system integration via DB and API connections to the external systems. Aspans allows to pass its accumulated or processed data providing direct DB connection or Excel exports. Additionaly, ASPANS contains features that automate data exchange between systems on the timely basis. ADVANTAGES
  8. 8. CHALLENGE 4 Business automation is time consuming ASPANS is a fast and powerful tool for companies to create its own business automation software that is easy to customize without any coding and at low cost. Built-in ASPANS utilities like Content Management System, BI reports (Business intelligence), Python information processing, Form editor, rich collection of widgets (Smart Grid, Kanban, Dashboards, ets.), customizable database, import/exports of data, exchange instruments with excel and other applications and systems, seamless integration with other ASPANS applications and platforms make ASPANS outstanding tool for process automation. ADVANTAGES
  9. 9. CHALLENGE 5 Lack of suitable solutions on the market Fact that there are no 100% suitable software on the market that could satisfy enterprise needs is not the news for our Team. We’ve made ASPANS elastic to speed up the development process and help developers and customers solve business challenges not IT or data management problems. ADVANTAGES
  10. 10. 10 Easy to learn Easy to customize Interactivity Data-driven reports and analytics Forwad-looking Drill-down Real-time 360 degree Transparency FEATURES ► Integration ► Python processing ► SQL builder ► Messages notification management ► User management ► Content management ► Wiki ► File management INDUSTRY SOLUTIONS ► Automotive ► Mining ► Manufacturing ► Power & Electricity LINE OF BUSINESS ► Production planning ► People / HR ► Customer / CRM ► Tax ► GRC / Risk ALL IN ONE PLATFORM PRODUCT SUMMARY
  11. 11. PRODUCT ARCHITECTURE Laboratory Production Drilling … Extraction and processing Analytics & Dashboards Triggers & Messages Reports and print forms Modelling & Planning Python Database SQL Builder DataExchangerCMS User management User management Notifications & Triggers AppExchenger BPM *** Manual data (Excel) Media Files (Avi, jpeg) Htmls EPC (API, DB connections)
  12. 12. CASE STUDY #1: HSE (1/1) One of our client from uranium industry demanded for cloud tool that would allow its employees to register all events happened within the industrial sites and offices that has the potential to cause, but does not actually result in human injury, environmental or equipment damage, or an interruption to normal operation. Events should be registered by any employees and classified by HSE Engineers. Employees can provide only basic information about the event (short description, photo, first taken measures, place, department, etc.). Events have to be accompanied by notifications, BI reports, and smart tables and trigger process for taking actions with due dates. Closed actions and events should be evaluated to pay engaged outstanding employees bonuses. DEMAND HOW IT WAS BEFORE Before we developed this cloud application. People were filling paper forms and passing them to the responsible person. Information from papers was transformed manually once a day. Later new events were considered by head of the site who was engaging responsible person for taking actions. All information was flowing via email, phone-calls and excel, media attachments. It was the big problem to separate good suggested events from the noise that people were registering. Statistics were biased.
  13. 13. CASE STUDY: HSE (1/2) WHAT WE DID: With the help of ASPANS we generated about 8 DB tables and forms (basic function of ASPANS PLATFORM) – one for registering events, one for actions, one for evaluations, the rest of the tables were designed for reporting purposes. We accompanied registration and task subsystems with the following ASPANS features: -Notification management -Print forms -BI reports -Data export -Python processing (for reporting purposes) IDENTIFIED BENEFITS -Time for development:– 1 month -Client received clean reports and data -System shortened time for required actions – from 1 week to 1 hour -Employee engagement rate has been increased to 95-100% (Everyone in the company knows and uses ASPANS) -Client satisfaction rate – 75-80% Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 For demonstration please contact us
  14. 14. WE MAKE THINGS PEOPLE WANT With the help of ASPANS we easily make customized solutions to solve challenges in many streams for our clients For demonstration please contact us Production planning Well drilling Laboratory HSE Library MAPS Equipment management Extraction Etc.
  15. 15. BUSINESS MODEL Our ideal business model is to work through the partner network. We are aiming to build Franchise network and sell ASPANS cloud software through the partners. We are providing for our partners APP marketplace and partner environment ecosystem powered by ASPANS PLATFORM. One source of support Aspans Vendors Aspans SDK Licencing Documentation Standards Products & Solutions Franchise Education
  16. 16. GO TO MARKET STRATEGY Stage 1. PLATFORM INTRODUCTION – 2019-2022 Stage 2. DEVELOPMENT OF NETWORK – 2023-2025 Stage 3. LOCALIZATION & GOING WORLWIDE – 2026- 2030 During this stage Aspans Team serve clients themselves, establishes standards, prepare documentation, making SDK, get revenue & seek investments ASPANS will open the opportunity for third party developers on fair code license basis. Already built applications, knowledge and experienced will be transferred to partners. Making Aspans affordable for every business, industry and home in the world.
  17. 17. CEO & FOUNDER YERZHAN KADYRSIZOV (DevOps, DataScience) BRIEF RESUME 2006 - 2008 Rochester Institute of Technology, Majoring in Business Technology 2001 - 2005 al-Farabi Kazakh National University, majoring at Physics 2015 – till now, CEO at eCapital LLP, tm Aspans 2012 - 2015 Head of Advanced analytics, Subject matter expert. Samruk Kazyna, group of companies, Sovereign Wealth Fund of the Republic of Kazakhstan Modelling, Python, DataScience, Financial modelling, Industrial Planning, SQL, Database, PHP, Java, JavaScript, Project management, Operational management Experience Education Skills
  18. 18. CLIENTS WE SERVE MINING AND URANIUM INDUSTRY ELECTRICITY GENERATING INDUSTRY Biggest uranium mine in the world Most complex uranium mine in the world The biggest power generating plant City forming heat and electricity generating plant for Nur-Sultan city National Energy Operator All companies operate in Kazakhstan KAZ & CANADA KAZ & CHINA KAZ & RUSSIA
  19. 19. CONTACTS Head Office Arai 25, Office 31, Nur-Sultan Republic of Kazakhstan Email: Tel: +7 701 739 0854, +7 777 214 0081
  21. 21. Benefits •Enabling real-time tracking of operational performance •Reports specific to individual processes •Outcomes which improve the bottom line CASE OF HOW TO CREATE DATA LAKES USING ASPANS ANNEX 2
  22. 22. Benefits •Data is cleaned to identify process optimizations •Testing is possible in a virtual environment •Prediction of process performance DIGITAL DWIN ON ASPANS ANNEX 3