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  1. 1. Take a trip to Czech Republic with Cold - Hot !
  2. 2. You will fly to Prague, the biggest city in Czech Republic.
  3. 3. You will go by bus to Česká Lípa.
  4. 4. You´ll spend two nights at the Olympia Hotel.
  5. 5. You´ll visit some interesting places in Česká Lípa- Water Castle, Peklo (Natural monument), Špičák Lookout….
  6. 6. Then we´ll take you to Liberec.
  7. 7. In the Liberec Zoo you will see white tigers, elephants, cheetahs, monkeys (orang u tans, macaque s , chimpanzee s ....), seals, giraffes, zebras.....
  8. 8. You will visit the Babylon centre. There are IQ park, Aquapark and Funfair. You will spend three nights at the Babylon Hotel (in the Babylon centre).
  9. 9. You will go shopping to the Nisa shopping centre. There are lots of clothes shop s , toys shop s and restaurants.
  10. 10. After that we´ll take you to Prague.
  11. 11. You will spend three nights at the Hilton Hotel.
  12. 12. You will visit the Charles B ridge, Prague C astle, Wenceslas S quare...
  13. 13. Finally we ´ll take you back to Ruzyně airport.
  14. 14. You´ll fall in love with Czech Republic. You won´t be disappointed.